Articles from: August 2012

Skin Issues

Currently, the modern, active, successful women can not afford to disrupt the rhythm of life for rehabilitation after radical methods of rejuvenation and elimination of defects of skin and body. But to be in harmony with themselves and look your best wishes to everyone. The unique technique Thermage based on radio frequency radiation can achieve the effect of a deep facelift is for one procedure and requires no recovery period. Procedure conducted using the apparatus ThermCool. Thanks to him, in the processing of an electric field. Charged particles in it repeatedly change their direction. Their movement prevents the natural resistance of fabrics, for a parity it is that promote the temperature in the deeper layers. Heated inside the skin is exposed to the cooling of the surface due to sputtering machine coolant.

Such a double effect deep heating and surface cooling provides strengthening and thickening, contraction of collagen fibers. In addition, the formation of new collagen during the six months after the procedure fixes and enhances the transformation of the skin. Radiation exposure may be the face and body of man. Thermage face reduces the nasolabial wrinkles, forehead wrinkles eyes, strengthens and tightens the neck and adjusts the shape of the face, removes bags under eyes. In the area of the body Thermage is effective to tighten the abdominal skin with weight loss after delivery or eliminates the appearance of cellulite, tightens skin and tones it. Often used in the forearms, buttocks, inner thighs. With ThermCool achieve the ideal safe and easy.

Home Interior Design

Stair railings an integral part of an interior stairwell, in any two or more story house or cottage. Due to the rapid development of technology, plenty of stairs and railings to him a great multitude, as the saying goes' on every taste and budget ', in proportion with the increase of grace and beauty. They then create an easy and graceful lines, ease of construction. In ancient times, forged stair railings, made by 'unknown' masters (in order to avoid repetition of someone else) were in every palace and at the same time emphasizing the consistency of aristocratic master. Currently, such fences can afford to order any interested in his unique style. Stair railings fit into any interior, regardless of style, while decorating it, and emphasizing special spirit klassikitsizma.

Another plus of the fence in its resistance to scratches, loss of an elegant form in terms of pollution and simplicity of care. Choosing such stair railings home, you will surely feel the artist who paints the floor is going to paint interior stairs. True course and disadvantages of such stair railings are also available. For example, the pipes do not always correspond to gost requirements and if you install them on the street, often they appear corroded in places welding, or due to mechanical damage. Shade stainless steel tend to darken with time, and if you do go on value, stainless steel loses its brethren. More expensive than can be done only with brass, but it is used very rarely.

Cheaper option would be of black steel fence, which for corrosion protection using powder coating or plating. But both methods are not very durable, unnecessarily time Powder Coating and chrome simply peeling off. It is believed that the fence made of anodized aluminum the best option to protect against any environmental impacts. According to their properties, they are not too inferior stainless steel and the cost of their much lower. Versions of these stair railings can be very diverse with different attachments: mechanical, or stage, the filling guard rail vertical bars or horizontal; injury-glass, etc.

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