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Lyncon Johnson

The nurses in the exercise of the local supervision, constantly, frequent, produce, create and recriam the institutions through the times, being at the same time citizens to the historical and contextual determination. (IN SERVICE, 2001). The present work has as objective generality to evaluate the quality of life in the work of the nursing professionals and the results of its supervisions, through the bibliographical revision that as Gil (2002) the bibliographical research allows the investigator if to make familiar to the problem in study beyond allowing consultations of published materials already. LITERATURE REVISION the quality of life was cited for the first time in 1964 by Lyncon Johnson whom it affirmed: ' ' the objectives cannot be measured through the rocking of the banks, them only can be measured through the quality of life whom they provide pessoas' '. (SCORSIN, 2005). It hisses (2000) it appraises the quality of life as an ample concept and being thus, must englobar subjective aspects (feelings, perception, well-being and satisfaction) and objectives (available material resources, wage and career). Specifically, treating to the context of health in the organization, is possible to present some pointers as: satisfaction, auto-accomplishment, motivation, performance, or still, to analyze the absence of the quality of life, as it suggests the existence of some phenomena, between them, Burnout. However Walton (1973 apud HADDAD, 2000) quotation that, so that it has Quality of life in the work it are and inside of the company is necessary some measures: adequate compensation and joust, without worthy wage do not have personal satisfaction; conditions of security and health in the work: adjusted horria and surrounding load in the work; immediate chance for the use and development of the capacity human being; chance for continuous growth and security; social integration in the organization; constitutionalism in the organization of the work; work and the total space of the life; the social relevance of the life in the work.

So Paulo

Identification of Coliformes using the Technique of the Multiple Pipes). 3. RESULTS: The density of coliformes is express as Most likely Nmero (NMP) of coliformes for 100 mL, follows the pictures demonstrating the results gotten in in agreement research the table of the NMP. NASCENTENASCENTE (Conforme NMP) COLIFORMES TOTAISCOLIFORMES FECAISCOLIFORMES TOTAISCOLIFORMES FECAIS 000000000000 (Picture 1. Results of fecais and total coliformes in the spring of the lake). SULESTESULESTE (Conforme NMP) COLIFORMES TOTAISCOLIFORMES FECAISCOLIFORMES TOTAISCOLIFORMES FECAIS 22032021240 (Picture 2. Results of fecais and total coliformes in the medium part of the lake).

LAGOLAGO (Conforme NMP) COLIFORMES TOTAISCOLIFORMES FECAISCOLIFORMES TOTAISCOLIFORMES FECAIS 32023193 – (Picture 3. Results of fecais and total coliformes in the lake). 4. QUARREL AND CONCLUSION according to Infer carried through studies that the water of the Lake of the City Occidental person is not in perfect conditions for leisure of the population. The analysis was of presumptive character and therefore if it cannot affirm that the results total trustworthy must to some occured imperfections during the collection and analysis. The water is the more important natural resources, therefore it must be concern of common citizens, political party, of the medias of governmental mass, institutions and not governmental and at the same time a question of ethics, politics, economic, society, culture, that is, is a problem of the humanity.

5 For more necessary results will be necessary the mobilization of the population together with the representations politics of the city, to carry through more complex studies, and to take attitudes to fight the pollution of this good that the city possesss, so that all can usufruct without are displayed to no type of contamination. 5. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES 1 Available in: 2 Territorial Division of Brazil and Territorial Limites. Institute Brazilian of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) July of 2008.) 3 4 SOUZA, H.B. ; DERISIO, J.C. Guide technician of collection of water samples. So Paulo: CETESB, 1977. P. 8 – 9. 5 WOOD, Rogrio. Caracterizao and Revitalizao Of the Spring Of the Biquinha In the Bromlias Quarter? Timteo? Minas Gerais. Belo Horizonte?

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