Articles from: December 2012

Thai Balinese

Restaurant menu and service are constantly pleasantly surprised and most passionate gourmets: they can acquainted with the exotic Indonesian cuisine, a famous Chinese and Thai cuisine, even elegant French and Italian bars have to Bali in the right quantities. The indigenous people of this island are very welcoming, and their Being surrounded by magnificent exotic landscapes, and their life style, created a century ago, preserved to this day, but it seems impossible in the modern world that changes so fast. The tourist business in the Bali is developing rapidly, he lives quietly next to the Balinese folk traditions and customary way of life, they piously guard and be strengthened. And it shows in everything, even in the handicrafts – in painting, sculpture, articles of pottery. Numerous galleries and shops abound in Bali various goods of the highest quality and the fantastic beauty of things, among them the most outstanding jewels: gold, silver, pearls and diamonds, luxury handmade jewelry – resist this difficult things to do without at least one such new things a lot lose. Fans of golf, horseback riding and scuba diving deem Bali a paradise on Earth. Wonderful golf clubs comfortable tennis courts and gyms, which are often available at hotels, comfortable bicycle paths – in Bali has everything to what is familiar modern man, which allows him to combine leisure and care your body. spa salons, without which the trip to the island simply unthinkable – Pearl Balinese resorts, they offer a variety of types of massage and a wide range of medical procedures, of which everyone can choose the most suitable for him.

Highly trained masseuses are usually traditional Balinese and aromatherapy massage, shiatsu, reflexology. Distinguishes these procedures is that some of them considered unique in its kind: they are based on ancient recipes designed specifically for Javanese and Balinese most August persons. In all the procedures are always used in rare herbs, flower extracts and Precious essential oils. Travel to the island starting from the southern shore of the island, is the tourist business, commerce and development economics is best. This concentration of all the famous seaside resorts and luxury beach Bali It also has an international airport and Denpasar, the provincial capital, where on the shuttle bus can go anywhere in Bali. Luxury vacation at the world-famous, serene and measured, can be found in Nusa Dua. It is in this area are stunning beaches, and in some hotels you can feel the ebb and flow. Not far behind Nusa Dua unique ancient town of Ubud, the center of art, which was chosen aristocrats. Rest here – it's a luxury life in the heart of the island in the upscale hotel is surrounded by stunning scenery.

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