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Dealing with Difficult Kids

Naughty children – is a protest against you, the essence of a child or an improper education? Children are very susceptible to influence by adults and other children. When your child does not want to do what you tell him to understand the reason for his actions. The reasons can be many: * It feels bad * Its that worried, he is afraid of something, such as babayku and does not want to dress as we take things out of the closet. * Children can not listen to you because you tell them one thing and doing the do on the other. For example, say that it does not scatter their toys around the apartment, though they come home and throwing his things, which then can not find them. Your behavior – that is what is standard of behavior for your child and no words will convince him not to return. If you show respect for your parents, it is no wonder that when your children grow up will do just as well. * Your child does not will listen to their parents if the parents agree between themselves that it is possible and what is not.

Otherwise, your child will quickly realize that he can do whatever he wants. The reasons vary, but you with patience and love to deal with all. There are no bad children, parents are ignorant. Source: The word "impossible" From the moment when the baby took his first steps, we believe everyone in the house for it is dangerous: sharp corners, doorways, forks, buckets debris, etc. Some parents cope with this problem this way: hide all the "dangerous" in their view things from a child or attend a child and taking away from it all, he picks up. But this behavior slows down the development of children.

After smelling, tasting, touching, listening to different objects and phenomena, the child learns the world. And the longer we will protect him from this world, so he later meet him. Sooner or later your child will learn that the chair fall hurt and the fire can burn. If we were able to vigilantly monitor their children, then we drove to restrictions in their psychological prison, suppressing the identity and developing a lot of complexes. Details on

The Detoxification Of The Digestive Tract

Today it is quite common to hear about processes of detoxification for a better functioning of the body. If you are looking for subjecting you to any detoxification treatment, I recommend you begin by detoxification of your digestive tract. This is regarded as the first stage in a process of deep detoxification, already both intestines and digestive tract, turn out to be the final deposits of our body. Everything that is absorbed, is breathed or ingested, is sent to the rest of the body through different filters that we have, such as our liver, our kidneys, our lungs or our pancreas. In this way, the material discarded by these bodies, sent mostly to our intestines, to be then evacuated through defecation. When these wastes accumulate in our kidneys, these returning to our body, doing double work and getting our bodies. Furthermore, it is important to consider that the colon is the body that It is more affected and probably this situation could relate to the fact that colon cancer ranks second in the list of mortality resulting from this type of condition. Therefore, you must ensure clean naturally our intestines at least once daily.

Healing Properties Of Cherries

The Russian company "Dr. Cherry" announced to the market its first product – a linen cushion with cherry pits. Developers pads used the healing properties of cherries, known since ancient times. Pad "Dr. Cherry" – a new product on the Russian market. As noted by representatives of the developer – it will be useful, as it helps in a number of disease states, without being drug. Its use is completely safe, it is offered in a beautiful gift box and can serve as an original and useful gift for everyone, regardless of age, gender and social status.

This product is based on natural ingredients – 100% On flax seeds and cherry growing in ecologically clean regions of Europe. All seeds are carefully selected. After that they go through a special technology clean, dried in special chambers and flow of warm air brought up to the required moisture content, which is needed to use for medicinal purposes. Linen kills microbes, thereby preventing the emergence of fungal diseases and inflammation. In the process of non-yellowing linen socks and virtually no wear. Products linen perfectly kept, well-tolerated temperature drops and many washings. Cushion of "Dr. Cherry" you can always take a business trip, vacation or effective use of the house.

Its main secret – it's the unique properties of cherry to accumulate and retain heat or cold. Bruises, sprains, nosebleeds, headaches or high temperature enough to cool pad in the refrigerator and make a painful place. The positive effect is not long to wait. Heated in microwave cushion with cherry pits will be the salvation for muscular pain, tension, spasms, fatigue, back pain, etc. How to tell the developers of the product for a pillow, "Dr. Cherry" gathered a team of associates have been involved experts in the field of medicine, designers, experts on stone fruit and tissues. Together, they chose the best technology for processing cherry pits, designer developed an interesting design fabrics and packaging. As a result, was made a beautiful, stylish and, most importantly, a useful accessory that will help everyone if the pain would find off-guard.

Health And Slenderness

As is widely believed that the positive value of physical exercise on health, it should be noted that physical exercise can also be matched by a series of negative effects, especially when performed in an inadequate way the imprescisi n in the type of exercise, volume, frequency and intensity of your performance and goals we will achieve. Positive value of exercise in the slim body of anelderly Hollywood overtraining, the sharp pressure from the media and advertising in ideal physical appearance, not only reflected in eating disorders in women, such as bulimia and anorexia, but is also affecting the men through a variety of disorders called EDNOS (eating disorder not specified).Also known as “vigorexia” or “muscle strain” the disorder is an obsession with the body that affects most to the men and takes them to exercise excessively in order to tone your muscles more and more without ever to a state of conformity. People affected by this disorder come to feel that exercise is not doing enough and even eat and drugs such as anabolic steroids to achieve the image you want. These people may stop going to events because they do not feel comfortable with your body, come out of their jobs for not wanting to interrupt the exercise and in fact continue exercising even enduring pain and injuries. As happens in anorexia, this condition ultimately affects the image of the person who acquires a muscular appearance but still does not show because he feels ashamed of himself and believes that his body is not muscular enough yet.Generally, to obtain appropriate adaptive responses to exercise in adults it should be noted that minimal stimuli do not produce adaptation, intermediate provide optimal and maximum responses can lead to dangerous situations. The planning exercise should be conducted every respect, but giving preference to the development of resistance, flexibility, coordination and muscle conditioning. It may be desirable to enhance a muscle group deficit at the start of aerobic conditioning. Not adequately rehabilitate the muscles needed can lead to recurrent injury and abandonment of fitness programs. When the individual takes time without doing a sport or have not ever done, caution will be taken at the beginning of conditioning, stress intensities recommending soft, about 3-4 METs, with slight increases every 3 to 4 weeks. Supervision by a trained professional is necessary in this group.Whether the recommendations are made by technical staff to individuals considered in isolation, as if done from public health services through campaigns or health education programs, it is necessary to clearly define the objectives to be achieved, the type of and recommended exercise intensity, frequency and duration. The program always well advised to age, sex, health status, constitution, physical and personal interest. By indicating a program of physical exercise is necessary to consider some key variables in order to the proper conduct of the activity.


Now, any babe will be mine. Now I'll show them all, all of Katya, Masha and Svetik, who ignored me in school and college. For every romantic date, I have them, as it pleases, but if you do not like it – went out of sight, out on the beach of pupae is full of, in my eyelids with excess suffice. However, as glad to see the couples who once crossed on his path of life, somewhere in the beginning, which was not yet fashionable car, a three-storey house in the village and other prichindalov chocolate life, and, despite the absence of all this luxury, converged so that were able to overcome all of life's vicissitudes and together moved to the desired life. Unfortunately, few such pairs, and only a few of them can even years to decide again on a memorable romantic date, as if for shoulders do not have all these endless overcoming thorns, and the feelings are still fresh as it once when both were under the motto of finding a soul mate. And the majority of this is far from smooth and not smooth the road toward easily fulfill their conjugal duties becomes a luxury. And then there comes a time when the rift in our relationship is so great that we did not find features like would not want strengthen our family. And anniversaries and other significant events in our lives is no longer in the original arrange a romantic . We restrict the formal gifts, unless, of course, remember about the time these important dates in our lives.


br WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IS NOT BRUXISMO: Bruxismo already foiatribudo the enfeitiamento for witch, displacement of invasorareprimida energy being able to be it one ncubo, a fluid, a dalibido unconscious repression and other things constituting all variations of the passivista model lunatic human being. A circular incision in calota craniana, so that the energiainvasora spurted for is, such which in a petroliferous well, leaving osdentes in peace is an example stimulant to understand what it is psicoterapiabaseada in displacement of unconscious repression. In the threshold of the new millenium superstitions they had been stops backwards. One knows that bruxismo is not insanity nor unconscious phenomenon. simplesmente a mannering act set in motion by a meganrgica memory oumegane, created for its proper author, which contains the archives of memriaprogramadores of those mandibular movements, without whose archives the denonimado atocomportamental of bruxismo could not occur. PHASES OF SLEEP: Bruxismo can occur eventualmenteem vigil and in all the periods of training of sleep, but it predominates in period of training II egeralmente is absent in period of training IV.

ORIGIN OF THE TERM: Bruxismo comes of the witchcraft, cujosmanuais had been most complete and including studies of sleep until century XV.O central theoretical model of these manuals had so strong influence, quesobrevive until today camouflaged of psychoanalysis, thanks to Freud that, according to eleprprio, copied such models, substituting ncubo for id, porhistrica possessed, pactuao for neurosis, possession for psychosis. (If somebody gostarv not to complain with Freud. It was who spoke. I am only informing) the dream I was produced for one ncubo (Freud would call id) that it penetrated in the brain, it assaulted the deposit of memories, it chose one delase captured the passive imagination (projection), which had that to get over to afazer a theater in accordance with (manifest content) the intentions of the copulador grandeinvasor (content Noerobica -, cujopasso initial is check-up of the cerebral hardware, task that must be cumpridapelo> respective medical or odontolgico specialist.

Corral Del Rey

Later it listens if, however, to give pleasure, I go to tell to my history pra to it you to know itself. I am of the Land of Emeralds, been born in Corral Del Rey; I come of remote plagas, for valleys and mounts I passed; I come to refer to floated, in each curve of road a homesickness I left. Of my life the beauty I remove of this soil; I do not know to live of sadness kept in the heart. I bring in the gesture the nobility, in the voice I have the subtility of cantador of the hinterland. In the period of this andana I knew all the Nation; mine I sing livened up festana, generated rhymes of song. Pra to avivar the souvenir, while the cattle rests is spokesman of the hinterland. The afternoon as of harmonious habit beautiful falls. The Sun already diminishes the intensity of its shining energy, starting to emit brandamente poemetos of purprea luminosity, in a vibratory frequency that slowly goes if reducing.

The flock of birds congregated in the twigs of the trees raises to the space a cntico barulhento of louvor, each one its skill, being thankful per the day that finishes and greeting the night that already be-comes calmly threshing acinzentados rays, lining the soil before extending its delicate mantle. In the house of the farm, in one radinho of stacks, the young maiden who takes care of of its tasks hears a melody romantic interpreted for a feminine beautiful pair and sharpened voices: I sing in the mouth of the night to awake the stars of the sky; I supplicate they who come to bring me a dream with flavor of honey. I want a love dream me to wake up when dawn; I want to see the dawn with braada of Sun rays to alumiar you. I want to see you smiling in the pretty instant of the dawn. I want to feel itself loved, muse adored of this its life. I try I sing to ameigar it, to wait the enchantment of its to return; to be as the caress of the breeze that passes and the calm flower makes to unclasp. I want to decorate my body with beautiful words said by you; to hear of the orchestra, in the way of the bush, the beautiful serenata it to entardecer.

It knows that my life starts and finishes next to you. I want to adormecer singing, anticipating dreams d? another dawn. I sing it of the children of Mines if it propagates for the rivers, mountains and forests ovacionando the perenidade of this august encantamento. The shades of the night involve with ternura the life that rests while it remakes its indispensable energies. A soft breeze covers the folds of the etreo black veil making to wave it lightly and again to aquietar after each gust. In reinante silence they notice only dripping of the night watchman who permeia the atmosphere; a calm voice that, to the grumbles, concludes one prece singela: ' ' they sleep in peace, children of mine alma' '.

Cat Health

Cats who live entirely in are very different from cats, either semi or street life completely. The practice "natural" instinctive domestic cat to go for "walks" may involve a number of risks and dangers great for this cat to other cats in the area that are not cats and even attacking the health of people. Gradually, the kittens begin their "trips" to go delimiting a territory, when I grow up and be more confident with their environment, will have their own territory for sexual encounters, the search for prey and perhaps a fight with stray cats or other cats household in the neighborhood. The safest thing is to find dogs on walks, people, and cars that can endanger your health. Cats that have always lived within our homes, have a lifetime that can double the stray cats of (sometimes reaching 20 years). These "little walk" through the streets, especially the night, starting from 6 months of life, because that is when starts Cat puberty (this is the same for feral cats and domestic), but they should blame for this, because that was their way of life and has been transmitted genetically for thousands of years. That's why, whether or not feral cats and have the food available at home, can not avoid predatory conduct.

As we all know, those cats are exposed to many dangers, infections, diseases and stroke. Many think that this is a must, as a "test" of nature for the survival of the fittest. This may be true, but the city cat is a cat not entirely free, because it has established a certain relationship with the man, you create links so strong that domestic cats often become part of the family. For feral cats, the world is more "cruel" in some way, because that is not their natural environment where they can survive on their skills, in contrast, is full of hazards to which the cat is not accustomed and for which has not "evolved", as cars, cables, guns, appliances … Another drawback of feral cats referring to belong to somebody, but they like going out, is that the owner has little contact with them and sometimes it's hard to know when it is sick …

and the worst is when these diseases require constant attention and vigilance, but his repeated departures is almost impossible. Feral cats often suffer from eye diseases, hurt the legs and open wounds can become infected. The best thing is that cats "pet" stay more at home than on the street. While it is impossible to get a cat out in the street (as we talked earlier about their genetics) is the responsibility of controlling and preventing human living as feral cats, also carry out veterinary checks, vaccinations and give all especially if a female, be aware at times of heat and if possible to sterilize stray cats not pregnant.

Defense Apply

With this question we initiated this article with a brief reflection of diverse forms to observe, to apply and to feel the martial arts, in diverse occasions we catalogued techniques, styles or teachers, with the efficiency of its arts or schools, when these are not feasible for us we rejected simply them we do and them to a side. Some techniques traditional and modern are designed for certain characteristics of people, when it is desired to apply to a tendency different from other people with different characteristics from the original ones to which they were adapted, can general certain hollows or spaces that can get to form it a little deficient, is for that reason that it is important to obtain a critical eye and to realise it of such form or so that not to modify it, to adapt it to the personal circumstances to correct those technical details that could cost us in the combat. another circumstance that we must take into account is in the form in which the defense is taught, since it is different to train it in dollo, with a mechanical movement where we have companion who already knows beforehand that he happened at the time of the execution of the technique, however or applying it in the real life or any other situation where she can move the opponent in a direction of which we had not anticipated, the surroundings can affect the put application can have a ground of different ways causing that the positions are not the optimal ones or simply changes of direction the attack to you of which or you were mechanized for defenderte of. A martial application within the defense person will depend on as much on the executant as well as on the circumstances to which they appear to him. The best form to as much apply one in the real life as in competition is adapting it to the conditions and modismos of each situation, definitively also counts the opponent to who this facing to him, regularly from its position and its form to take the conflict we occur an idea that as much experience has and that so prudent or reserved is.

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