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When analyzing the movement of air, is verified that this is influenced directly by rotation of the land, because the atmospheric movements are the determinative ones of the climatic zones. Thus, the different distribution of the solar energy is responsible for the control of the temperatures, because the more far a locality will be of the line of the Equator, little insolation the locality will go to receive, also intervenes with the variation of the pressure, the winds, precipitations and oceanic chains. The radiation proceeding from the sun is responsible for the supplying of energy for all the meteorological phenomena that occur in the atmosphere. The great majority of the solar energy that the land receives passes for the atmosphere, reaching the terrestrial surface and heating it (BLACKSMITH, 2006, p.50). Blacksmith (2006) affirms that, the biggest heating of the terrestrial surface occurs enters the Tropic of Capricrnio (23,5 S) and the Tropic of Cancer (23,5 N), where the solar rays happen directly during all the year. Therefore, the temperatures between these latitudes remain high the year whole number, while in the latitudes highest, the temperature in accordance with varies the incidence of the solar rays. These variations of the temperature intervene with the change of the time. The more used climatic elements to characterize the climate that varies throughout the time are the temperature and the rainfall.

However, the climate nothing more is that the set of states of the meteorological time, and that it is regulated through the dynamics of the atmosphere. Thus, ' ' the distribution of the types of time, throughout the year, in the different zones of the land, characterizes the habitual succession of the atmospheric states or the rhythm climtico' ' (TAVARES, Antonio. Climatic changes. In: VITTE, B.C.; WAR. J.T. (orgs).

Reflections on physical geography in Brazil. Rio De Janeiro: Bertrand Brazil, 2004, P. 50).

State Agents

The efficiency of the action of alquilantes agents already was studied by molecular modeling and other studies of rational planning. These studies evidence the correlation in the distance enter to intramolecular in the distance of the eletroflicos centers of these alquilantes agents and of the nitrogenados nucleotdicos nucleoflicos centers. However, NH2), sulfidrila ( SH) and hidroxila ( OH) in other biological molecules, also alquilvel, explains the toxic effect of these agents (Almeida et al., 2005). The alquilantes agents are antineoplsicos pioneers, therefore, in 1942, the alquilante agent type nitrogenada mustard (mecloretamina) was used successfully to induce transitory tumoral remission in a carrying patient of linfomas. This event marked the beginning of the modern age of chemotherapy of cancer (Rajski and Williams, 1998) .2.4. Complexes metlicosO study of metallic complexes for use in the chemotherapy had great impulse after the discovery of the antitumorais properties of the cis-diaminodicloroplatina (II), cis Pt (NH3) 2Cl2, comumente called ‘ ‘ cisplatina’ ‘ same molecular formula, being that only in 1893 Werner it considered to be the two isomeric composites: the complex of Reiset corresponded to the isomer trans and of cis Peyrone to the form (Sources et al, 2005).

However, the antitumorais composite properties I contend platinum alone had been discovered more than a century after the description of composites of Reiset and Peyrone. In the end of the decade of 60, Barnet Rosenberg, a physicist, then working in the University of the State of Michigam, in the United States, looked for to study the effect of the electric field in a culture of Escherichia bacteria coli (Sources et al, 1997). Rosenberg observed that the cellular division was inhibited, and during the process, the cells of E. coli, as they could not be divided, grew forming prolongated filaments.

Biopsy Of The Cervix

Cervix biopsy is a surgical procedure where a small amount of tissue from the cervix is removed. This test has been completed to collect a tissue sample and look for cancerous or precancerous cells. The cervix is the conduit between the uterus and vagina. A biopsy of the cervix is the actual process of the Elimination of the sample of tissue from the patient. There are three types of cervix biopsy procedures: punch, cone, and curettage (ECC) endocervical.

All three must be performed by a certified doctor, but it cannot be completed in the doctor’s Office or in an outpatient clinic. A local anesthetic can be used, if necessary. Punch biopsy uses a small tool that tightens the tissue and removes a sample of throughout the year. It is very common to pick up two or three samples from different areas of the cervix when using this type of biopsy, since the sample is very localised. Cervical cone biopsy uses a laser to remove a complete layer of tissue of the surface of the cervix.

The cervix is the entire sample with this technique, the supply of enough material to prove the presence of cancerous or precancerous cells. In a process of scraping endocervical, the curette is inserted into the cervix and is used for scraping the lining of the endocervical canal. This area lies within the cervix and is not available for a visual inspection. The curette is a limited instrument to scrape and collect tissue samples. The purpose of a biopsy of the cervix is the detection of cervix cancer or precancerous lesions, polyps, genital warts. This test is usually ordered after a pelvic exam or Pap smear, where abnormal cells are found. A pelvic exam or PAP test is a medical test that must be filled out every one to three years to identify cancer or changes in the reproductive system. Any cells that have an abnormal form are considered pre-cancerous. This term is used to describe cells that yet they are not cancerous. Cancer is the growth and development of cells that do not have the shape and not the proper size. The abnormal development of cells is quite common, but these cells usually die very quickly. The abnormal cells that are able to sustain and multiply are considered cancer cells. To supplement this article by biopsy of cervix and its content I recommend you to read acreca of Cauterization of cervix.

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