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Healing Effect

Phytotherapeutic medicines relieve muscle pain alternative medicine is an area which years was considered a supplement to the classic medical procedures. In recent years, such medicine as a serious branch of medicine has been proven however. Sports-active people often complain of muscle pain. If you want to take any allopathic medicines, so they can take so-called phytotherapeutical medicines, which quickly and effectively relieve pain and have no side effects. The phytotherapy or herbal medicine used by people for thousands of years. Highly effective drugs are produced from medicinal plants for a long time.

“Long-the herbal medicine based on experiences in the treatment of diseases. Today many medicinal plants in modern laboratories are already been investigated and analysed with the mechanisms of action of herbal remedies could be researched and confirmed the ancient knowledge, which plant can help the suffering,”, says Tobias Fendt, operator of the sports food Portal Various underlying causes muscle pain. Also sports active people occasionally have problems with it. Muscle soreness, so tiny muscle barrel cracks, are the most common type of muscle pain. The highly stressed muscle bulks up and it comes to stretching pain. Often, Myogelosis occur on unidirectional loaded muscles. Hardening can be caused by a derailment of metabolism in overstrained muscles are,”explains Tobias Fendt.

A hard muscle tension may also occur as a result of overloading. Muscle pain can occur with a flu, after injuries and rheumatic diseases. Phytotherapeutic medicines help to treat muscle pain effectively. Typically, a drug from the range of herbal medicinal products is to relieve muscle pain. This type of medication is applied locally. Complementary therapies such as massage and hydrotherapy are most useful. Essential oils extracted from plants, are suitable for the relief. These essential oils are incorporated into ointments or creams, which are available in every pharmacy as finished products”, says Tobias Fendt. Liniments with creams that contain camphor, pine needle oil or rosemary oil, are also included. An oily extract from the St. John’s wort is particularly effective for massages of the overstrained muscles. After the treatment the skin reacts with St. John’s wort oil increased to sunlight, because the active ingredients are photosensibilisiernd. Therefore an intense sun or UV radiation should be avoided during therapy with St. John’s wort preparations, so Tobias Fendt. Also tea tree oil contains substances, relieve the Verkrampfungne. You can mix Liniments itself by solving 30 milliliters of tea tree oil in 60 ml vegetable oil.This mixture is suitable for the local rub of the aching areas and as a massage oil. Another very effective application is the circulation of a paste of mustard on the aching muscles. As this product is made. interested parties can blog /… read.

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