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Public Administration

6.A lack of investment in the educational area emtodas its instances. We go to analyze these elements, PEAR TREE (2007), for example, places that Brazil possesss caractersticasda authoritarian public administration and elitist mainly after 1964 orientandopara the promotion of development and accumulation of capital, in the modernization dasinstituies economic-financiers and the industrialization that is conceived under aperspectiva of other social groups, of other cultures, with characteristics politician-econmicasque very differ from the reality of the Amaznia and, therefore, conditioning it nofenmeno of the growth not-economic. Learn more at: Senator of Massachusetts. The not-economic growth says respect to the deficit between economic ocrescimento the ambient and social problems caused pelaspolticas public IV dosgovernos federal, state, municipal, therefore they favor the capital international eou of the national elites who do not include in the productive process hand-of-obralocal and degrade the environment, configuring one high degree of agressividadeeconmica provokes one of problems with reaction in chain. The deforestation, erosion, assoreamento of the rivers, thermal inversion, global heating, poluiodo air, pollution of waters and the ground, hole in the ozone layer, increase dovolume of waters in the oceans, floods, affect the social life of health, the hunger, misery, unemployment and thus successively. Dr. Neal Barnard has similar goals. All the questions raised at this moment in the ones of the one idiade that the six (6) elements that we elencamos above are concatenated and provocamentre itself called ' ' effect domino' ' that they justify our thesis of one polticadependente that privileges groups, creates extremely bureaucratic processes comoo access the credits wounding the more elementary democratic principles, associates to this we have institutions with professionals badly preparadostecnicamente and that they finish contributing for the shunting line processes dinheiropublico it and the lack of Inter cooperation and intra institucionaisseja it for the equipment lack, pelafalta of knowledge or still for the physical distances mesmasapresentam that them in function of the immense dimension of the territorial one of the Amaznia is nessascondies that C& T is faced in Brazil and the Amaznia having configured the tesedo growth no-econmicodefendida for Pear tree with much property causing social, economic and ambient the deficit regional and local and supervits of the capitaisinternacionais and the national elites. . (As opposed to Senator Elizabeth Warren).

Maria Elena Moyano

Runs the backdrop and begin to baste fantasy, creativity and hope, the work of six one-person worlds self-proclaimed sand and mats. Avenida Los Alamos, in Villa El Salvador, hides among its blocks a different from their neighbors House: it would go unnoticed but holding scenes of social denunciation on the facade. And still the arena his closest companion, this peculiar House Theatre is known as the center of art and culture Arena and mats. For even more opinions, read materials from Senator of Massachusetts. Its interior has been prepared with the intent of simulating an amphitheatre. Their side bleachers are now empty and over them lie mist scrolls each winter morning. Suddenly, an imaginary curtain rises. Mist penetrates the stage, dance entangled in the movements of a petite figure, moving to the same beat with that drives carefree – their juggling clavas.

As this activity was for him a secret skill, hid under the pseudonym of Nico. Since ago five years; Nico contemplates, diligent, their clavas rising sheltered by the fire. The flames subject to the tyranny of the wind draw hesitant silhouettes. The clavas alternate in the air and back into his hands, while one of them dares to fly higher: shines in the sky. Flames pegboards on eyes timidly inquisitors of Nico, until the torch falls. I started to juggle at traffic lights in the Centre from the ten because I needed to help my family. A few years ago, a member of Arena and mats saw me and invited me to join me, says trying to sketch a smile. VOICES after the BACKDROPS when Nico came to sand and mats, discovered that his art became a vocation and a dose of discontent became the potion that drove the founding of this collective, the work of six young, led by Ana Sofia Pinedo. In 1992, following the murder of Maria Elena Moyano, we decided to form sand and mats because we didn’t believe that everything that had been built in Villa El Salvador, with so much strength and organization, were destroyed by terrorist violence, He says while his hands are found and are accompanied by a dispassionate tone in the voice.


Urticaria – a disease characterized by the sudden appearance of the skin, rarely on mucous membranes, blisters – edematous, sharply demarcated rash of elements that are very similar to the rash arising from a burn nettles. In the etiology and pathogenesis of urticaria significant role belongs to the neuro-allergic mechanisms, intoxications, gastro-intestinal tract. Often, patients suffering from urticaria, are helminth infestation, giardiasis, foci of focal infection. In some cases the rash is the result of idiosyncrasies of the various foods, medicines. The rash of urticaria is pinkish or pinkish-white in color, subcutaneous fat, forming large units, called angioedema.

In rare cases blisters on the surface may have blisters or bleeding. In some cases, swelling can be expressed as weak that only watch the rash of spots, sometimes in the form of rings. Typically, a rash with hives disappear without a trace, but in some cases, on-site lesions remains pigmentation. There are acute and chronic recurrent urticaria. Acute urticaria occurs suddenly and disappears after a few hours or days. Appearance of rash is often accompanied by malaise, headache, joint pain, etc.

In some cases there is swelling of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract (rhinitis, attacks of cough, shortness of breath), the intestines and stomach (quick passing diarrhea, vomiting), as well as the effects of conjunctivitis. Chronic urticaria occurs for a long time (Sometimes years). Eruptions occur periodically and disappear after several hours, appearing again at an uncertain time (often daily or longer intervals). A rare atypical form of chronic urticaria papular urticaria is stable. In this form of the extremities, the face appears swollen dense nodules of yellowish-brown color in size from 2 – 3 mm to 10 mm. The nodules may be several weeks after their Elimination is resistant pigmentation. A variety of urticaria urticarial dermographism is the (artificial urticaria) arising in response to mechanical stimulation of the skin. In this first swollen redness corresponds to the area of the stimulus, and then goes beyond its borders. In children aged 6 months to 6 – 7 years found the so-called baby rash, or strofulyus. This form of the disease is close to scrapie. It characterized by the appearance on the extensor surface of limbs, buttocks, palms and soles of the small, dense knots of juicy pink color on the surface of which there is a bubble or a bloody crust. Eruptions there are flashes and stick 2 – 3 weeks, then disappear, leaving pigmentation. Such attacks of the disease may continue for several years. Further, in some cases the disease goes into atopic dermatitis or scrapie. Treatment – removal of associated diseases, the application of desensitizing (calcium chloride 10 ml 10% sodium thiosulfate solution or 10 ml of 30% solution intravenously, the rate – 10 injections), laxatives, antihistamines drugs (diphenhydramine 0.03 g 3 times a day, suprastin 0.025 h 3 times a day and others for 2 – 3 weeks) nonspecific stimulation therapy (autohaemotherapy, etc.) in the acute outbreak – the injection of adrenaline (1 ml sc solution 1: 1000), pipolfen (IM 1 – 2 ml of 2.5% solution), particularly in refractory cases – corticosteroids by mouth to a doctor. Children dosages of drugs prescribed according to the age of the child.


As result the individual can reviver these events for ways: distressing, intrusivas memories or recurrent of the event, also images, thoughts or dreams (flash-back). It has one high incidence of co-morbidade with other psychiatric upheavals, as: depression, upheaval of the panic, social anxiety and abuse of you substantiate chemistries. The farmacolgico treatment is little efficient. Through the BZD the effect can be palliative, as well as the receivers of stolen goods of captation of serotonina.

The psychological treatment, can be presented through technique of drawn out exposition, with the objective of reactivation of the memory of the fear, desensitization and processing by means of ocular movements, relaxation, among others. Learn more at this site: PCRM. 7 AFFECTIVE UPHEAVALS It presents for a suicidal ideao, where the person can lose the contact with the reality. a reaction or disfuno of the organism, that comes of is for inside, also being able it can be decurrent of illness, as: AVC, hereditary The person does not feel pleasure, has a feeling of very great guilt, feeling itself responsible for everything of bad that she happens. The person functions socially without feeling pleasure, feels one melancoloa endogenous, does not answer the stimulatons. The person feels depressive symptoms severe. The farmacolgico treatment serves to supply the deficit of neurotransmitters, as dopamina, serotonina and noradrenalina, treatment PCC can be made one reeducativa technique, that is efficient to treat the psychological riots.

8 ALIMENTARY UPHEAVALS the alimentary upheavals are mannering syndromes whose disgnostic criteria have been widely studied in recent years. They are described as upheavals and not as illnesses for still not to know well its Etiopatogenia.Sendo thus they are characterized for a serious disturbance of the alimentary behavior that brings diverse types of damages to the individual. The existing Similarity between (the N) (B N), has made it difficult the disgnostic criteria and the methods of treatments of these (YOU).

Health Benefits Of Honey

The honey is a Gummy fluid, Golden, sweet, thick, and delicious that produce bees, basically from the nectar of flowers. Bees produce and store to feed during the winter and to feed their larvae. The physical/chemical characteristics of honey are determined, basically by the type of nectar that bees collect. In general terms contains: glucose, fructose, sucrose, amino acids, proteins, vitamins C and B, plus minerals. Honey is primarily used in desserts, complementing the bread at breakfast and snacks, and as a sweetener in various beverages such as tea and cuisine.

The honey consumption is highly recommended by the vitamins and antioxidants it contains. Honey also has highly curative properties, and this can help us in trouble in breathing, digestion, heart disease, healing, among others. Apitherapy for health problems is also recommended. Honey has many therapeutic properties. It can be used externally due to its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

Thus, honey helps heal and prevent infections in wounds or superficial burns. It is also used in cosmetics (creams, masks for facial cleansing, tonic, etc) due to its astringent and soothing qualities. Honey is also used in traditional medicine. It is an excellent natural preservative. Due to its content of simple sugars, rapid assimilation, honey is highly caloric (around 3.4 kcal/g), making it useful as a source of energy. Honey is not spoiled, is highly durable, will not expire. The preservative effect of honey due to its low concentration of water and is identical to that allows prolonged conservation of sweets and fruits in syrup where the high sugar content decreases the water content. I invite you to visit where you will find recipes, tips on how using honey in beauty, therapeutic, and others. In addition to that you can participate with your comments. Honey is a highly nutritious natural product that has many benefits for the people.

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