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Industrial Property

We detach that stories or related boardings had not been found in scientific publications the pomada one, what strengthens the importance of this study. Credit: Rick McKenney-2011. 2. 3 the pomada Vov Peter In what it refers to the Pomada Vov Peter, although ignored for the scientists, has indications and stories of that the pomada one alliviates diverse afeces. To if analyzing its label, the item is verified ' ' distribution gratuita' ' , as well as the indications for ' ' Varicosas Afeces of the skin, ulcers and wounds in general; mutilations of hansenase; reumatismo; pains in the column; bronchitis; burnings; uterine inflammations; hemorroidses; alrgicas rinites; herpes; vaginal tumors; pains in general ' ' The Pomada is registered in the National Institute of Property Industrial since 1977 with the process of number 818165112 under aloptico, homeoptico, dermatological, oftlmico and otolgico the medicine category. However, he does not have register in the Health department, although to have responsible Druggist. Its packing is a bottle of photographic film, acquired gratuitously in houses of photographic revelation e, it sings left is written ' ' Formula Spiritual of property of the Manipulative Pharmacy Kahena' '.

It has other instructions such as: to softly apply three times to the day in heaves (from top to bottom). In accordance with Mayan (1997) the received formula ' ' mediunicamente' ' for the Mdium Mayan Nunes Joo by means of one ' ' esprito' ' of a doctor who lived in century XVIII, Franz Anton Mesmer is based on the medicinal plants: prpolis, grass-of-peak, ip-purple and condurango. As it is observed of empirical form, does not have stories of collateral effect. One hears information on its emollient effect, anti-inflammatory cicatrizantes and. Beyond alliviating and curing diseases of for the one of the type ulceraes and wounds, exactly of burnings.

The pomada one is not found in pharmacies, but only in Espritas Houses that take care of of the distribution. According to data of the Esprita Society Nunes Maria (SEMAN, 2007), they are produced 1,5 million of pots of pomada to the year. The first formularization was made in an old pan of pressure in 2,5kg. In hospitals diverse formularizations exist, that are used as emollient and cicatrizantes of wounds of the skin, but the Pomada Vov Peter never were seen in hospital institutions, but probably gift in diverse residences becomes. It is important to observe that the ingredients of the pomada Vov Peter as the prpolis have principle ativ

Muscle Stimulation

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE LONG LIFE (LONG LIFE) Structural simplicity of equipment and products software (auto, manual control of the program) allows you to receive the procedure at home without the involvement for the purpose of medical workers. McLean Hospital does not necessarily agree. Conversations preferably take place continuously and regularly, every day from 1 up to 3 times a day for 30-50 minutes, at intervals of not less than 4 hours. Long Life can be used for the recovery of all age groups. Rational use of Long Life in the home year-round program basic sanitation dramatically reduces the time required for these purposes, as well as save the family budget. Reaction of the organism possible unpleasant reactions of the organism and the discomfort is temporary. Their occurrence and intensity depend on the physical state of the organism, the presence of any diseases, especially of human thinking. Such reactions as constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, rash caused by the positive changes in the activity of the organism, the activity of individual organs and tissues of the human body, weakened by a polluted environment, toxic and hazardous substances.

All these reactions – to improve. They do not need fear. They need the right attitude, and not to interrupt the healing sessions on the equipment LONG LIFE. Contraindications to the use KRORVATI Massager ‘ChoYang’ last stages of pregnancy. Relative contraindications – state after spinal surgery (a year), marked osteoporosis. In these cases it is not recommended to use only the mechanical effects of internal projector, but shows the use of additional Ceramic Change and the external projector. CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR THE USE OF LOW Muscle Stimulation massage complex ‘ChoYang’: pregnancy; the presence of an implanted pacemaker; exacerbation kidney stone disease and gallstones; mental disorders; alcoholism, drug addiction; Flu, viral diseases; cardiovascular disease; cancer.

NOT RECOMMENDED USE Myostimulation: on sites with inflamed skin, an open, wounds, cuts, on uchastkae which was carried out surgery, if not from the time of surgery was 9 months, in areas affected by phlebitis (Inflammation of the veins), thrombophlebitis, with varicose veins. WARNING! If you have chronic illnesses are advised to consult with your doctor. With stimulation of the abdominal muscles to refrain from taking food for 1.5 hours before and after the session. Use a temperature not lower than 50 , over time, gradually increase to about 65-70.


The narratrio is, thus, the symmetrical one of the narrator and for esteposto in scene in diegese. It discloses-seem to personal pronames of the second person to who the narrator if he discloses. Estecrtico considers the narratrio, as the narrator, is a danarrativa personage (despite some times are only present in the formaimplcita text), and that it does not have to be confused with exterior entities to the text. Grard Genette in Speech of the Narrative, (1972), distinguishes two types denarratrio: the intradiegtico and the extradiegtico, as it belongs or not diegese. Being that, the intradiegtico narratrio is assigned pelasmarcas of second person, existing in the text. In this manner, they are detected emromances for letters having demonstrated the correspondent to epistolar.

The narratrioextradiegtico, by the opposite can be seen as the virtual reader, that is, being able to dissimulate not to direct itself to somebody, being indefinite. ‘ ‘ The one is a curious history that I go to count to it, my cousin. Mas a history and not a romance. It has two years more than, would be six hours datarde; I directed me it the Rocio to take the bus of Andara. It knows that I am homemmenos prompt that have in this world; between my immense defects and minhaspoucas qualities, not story the pontualidade, this virtue Dos Reis and this maucostume of ingleses’ ‘. (Idem, ibidem, CAP. I, p.1) While the existence of the narrator is evident, the donarratrio is less visible. It is that the narrator always discloses its presence, through speech that elaborates (if exists a narration, it is daresponsabilidade of somebody), while the narratrio can be explicitamenteidentificado by the narrator, or, what it is more frequent, to have only implicit umaexistncia. Normally, we do not find throughout the donarrador speech no reference to the addressee of the speech (narratrio), queleva to believe that its existence frequent is ignored.


Clairvoyant and fortune-teller to try in a state of intense concentration in front of her symbolic display pictures that will help them to describe past and present and interpret, and predict future events and constellations. Soothsayer come here today, mostly from without or with few tools. Either they swing themselves using their voice to the opposite one, or they are trying on personal items like photos make contact with the spiritual, to do so, once fixed, lead to specific responses. Soothsayer go here rarely dogmatic. Some also choose specific tarot decks to carry out their visionary skills to concrete visions or confirm them. The fortune-telling is more versatile than the techniques of classical astrology, tarot, or on its own. Thus, the field of divination and oracular methods such Runenziehen, Bleigieen, observation of animal behavior, dowsing and much more will be assigned. The history of divination, has manyTechniques to support the spirit of the seer. Thus, the ingestion of intoxicating substances is popular especially among primitive peoples variant, which the diviner can bring a wealth of images and symbols. With the experience of centuries, the shamans and medicine men use the drug such a way that they can read out in this state schicksalbezogene events and predict. This form of divination is of course associated with high health risks that drugs can be inexperienced in applying permanent organic damage and even lead to death. In addition, the possession and use of most drugs in Germany will be prosecuted by law. Fortune-telling is not a hoax. It offers the possibility of energy and knowledge from the depths of consciousness disclosed and thus stimulate your life so that a direct positive by bringing things about themselves or other people experience that you had hitherto been hidden.

The Case

In addition, it receives a large number of questionable assumptions, speculations and distortions. United Health can provide more clarity in the matter. So still trust in family courts and their reviewers who have quickly disabused, because arranged Inobhutnahmen as well as in handling procedures some judges from the reviewers want to no objective examination of the case and a neutral based recommendation, but want the confirmation decision, he simply they long have themselves taken. The latter prove undoubtedly numerous evidence decisions “which indicate that the concerned judges from the outset boils want to withdraw the entire custody. So, we can assume that handling procedures often are nothing more than show trials, which are needlessly expensive and considered at length through the use of experts. Also have the quotes, that family matters under Often not to undeniable trains of theatre of the absurd wear lead of German family judges.

The family judge of the family A. Merten decided completely, the undoubtedly poor opinion of the specialist Dr. med. L. from Cologne without objections to acknowledge and to escape the mother custody of her daughter and the partial custody of her son. Other judicial requirements forced the mother of the child during the process instances to delivery a with her daughter Mila in a mental hospital in Hagen, where doctors found a loving contact between mother and daughter and claimed any mental disorders. The current treating medical specialist for Psychiatry in Ennepetal, acknowledged that the Court had no personality disorders and applied for a new neutral review for the mother to present facts but repeatedly adapted and be refashioned should by now very disgruntled social staff. Was also the mother of the child by the family court for a few months in a Mother child home in Ennepetal, spent. When she expressed the desire there for Christmas for a day to go home to want to she arrest 4 weeks from the home line and was allowed only to the door with their children, told the mother.

Allgau Alps

Therefore, hardly any other plants thrive in the environment of rattling pots. Movement the seeds in the fruits look audibly, causing the plant to their Onomatopoeic name came. The Monkshood also settled the Fellhorn. The plant, which belongs to the Buttercup family, is also under the following names: poison – and storm hat, Venus car, Wurgling and goat death. It is in all parts of the most poisonous plant of God’s creation, even if the blue Monkshood healing acts as a medicinal plant. It can grow up to 2 meters tall. The flowers are usually blue, may occur also in other blue variations of deep blue to blue and white. The once is between July and September.

Plants of all possible insects served, preferably from the Hummel on the underside of the flower a good landing place in the petal to find stems with a guide Groove for the Bumblebee proboscis. The cattle of the Alpine world know, intuitively, that brings death to the Monkshood. Even the mere touch leads to numbness of skin contact. If parts of it are eaten and get into the bloodstream, then Cold sensitivity, nausea, irregular heartbeat, paralysis of respiration and as a result the death possible. The poisoning starts with a tingling sensation on the lips and a feeling of numbness on the tongue. Then, the paralysis captured more and more parts of the body, until the heart and the breathing of which are affected. The Monkshood is employed medicinally in turn inflammation and nerve disorders. Due to the extreme toxicity of Monkshood in the past was a common weapon.

This application stopped until the scientific forensics of the police and the judiciary and thus the traceability of the blue Edmonds in the body of the murder victim. Our herbal walk, we finally meet called Bedstraw, also love herb. As the name suggests, there is a pronounced crop for humans and animals. Sometimes, the real lab herb reaches a height of up to 1 meter. The golden-yellow flowers smell of honey and bloom from May to September. The fruits are transported by ants and to be seeded. The plant also produces the so-called rennet that was previously untergemegnt the cheese. Today the Chester cheese, which will give its yellowish Orange coloring. But the cows enjoy the ferment of the krauts of lab animal “bitters” and digestive aid. The Alps Michlattich is obvious. He can be namely about 2 meters high. The flowers close at night and in the rain. Otherwise, preferably bees, Hoverflies and beetles which pollinate the plant can be found on the flowers. The farmers love the Alps Michlattich, because he supposedly drives the cows more milk production. So who loves flowers and herbs, should make a detour in the Allgau Alps in the spring and hike the Fellhorn. A vacation rental in Oberstdorf in the Allgau is found in this season also in the short term. Hans-Peter Etzold

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