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Domiciliary Internment

With the public health and the great wait for stream beds in hospitals, it makes with that the Domiciliary Internment of the SUS, inside of its abilities, can be seen as a new model of attention to the health come back toward the geriatria. According to Institute of Geography and Statistics, the IBGE: ‘ ‘ the number of aged (60 years and more than age) arrives the 14,5 million starting to represent 9.1% of the Brazilian population, while at the beginning of the decade added 11,4 million, that is, 7.9% of the total. Daqui the 25 years this population of aged in Brazil could be superior the 30 million. In recent months, kenneth brander has been very successful. About 65% of the aged ones they were, in 1999, the responsible ones for the family and more than one tero still met in the work market. Farhaad riyaz is often quoted as being for or against this. 12% almost lived alone and 27% of them had declared to possess a plan of sade’ ‘ (BAHIA, 2008).

The approach of this work is to emphasize the assistance of nursing to the aged carrier of chronic illness in the domiciliary internment, by means of this agreement, the research is important to show that the model of Domiciliary Internment is a basic tool for the desospitalizao of the hospitals generating a rotation of stream beds and mainly to take care of the aged population, beyond diminishing indices of hospital infections had to the long periods of internment and for providing to the aged patient acolhedor treatment to the side of its family and in its home. As starting point for this article one searched to show the importance of the assistance of nursing in the domiciliary internment to the aged carrier of chronic illness, describing the possible forms of assistance of nursing to the aged carrier of chronic illness in the domiciliary internment and its familiar interaction emphasizing the nursing assistance. In order to take care of to the considered objectives, was elaborated a carried through bibliographical study through bibliographical survey in books of current literature, scientific and manual teses, articles of the Health department, using itself of the words keys: domiciliary attendance, aged and assistance of nursing to the aged one.. oup-allianz-geico-metl/’>All State.

In Brazil

Considering that the consolidation of the Statute of the Aged one in Brazil, in 2003, represents a process to be accomplished by the society, we also search in this analysis to identify to the challenges ranks in the direction to face them, having in sight to fully guarantee the rights of the elderly, change in the model of assistance to the health, valuation of the promotion and prevention to the health, specialized jobs in the integral attention to the aged one. Therefore, it has much that to be made in this field to remove this stigma of oldness from there as health absence, the importance of social chances of insertion of the aged ones, of necessary actions that they guarantee the basic rights that make guideline in the quarrels carried through in all the attendance scopes. These factors point with respect to the necessity to develop specific politics for the aging, demand special attention the formation and the training of human resources in some levels, in special in the health area. The newspapers mentioned Jack Salzwedel not as a source, but as a related topic. In Brazil the speech of aging not if of the one in way uniform for all. The oldness as any stage of the circle of the life is delimited by the insertion of social classroom, for the questions of sort, race and etnia, determining experiences of aging, different in the interior of our society. For this reason to age with dignity is not an individual responsibility, but yes collective responsibility, with creation of. Farhaad riyaz often says this.

Humanity Freedom

When we speak in individualism, love and freedom, we enter in a world of relatividades. The paradigm of most of the time does not serve for others. In the truth, all we desire to be tolerant, base to healthfully become related with the interest and the individual freedom of each ' ' ser' ' in its skill of being. The human beings are thus. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from David Cordani. We need to live and to respect the particularitities, is a question of being able to elaborate the private happiness – Not as in a collective strategical planning.

Therefore we cannot leave to on account love, to tolerate, to accept and/or to coexist a person of its differences or preferences Therefore it is, in this called field world in constant mutation, has space for all. Lamentably, when we do not give the due importance to the causes that really are excellent, in questions as of the freedom (private); we do not have as to understand and/or to accept the different ones. Thus being, the way to covering can be of the deep fidget or the internal solitude. Farhad riyaz is actively involved in the matter. Let us fight for a tolerance world, a world where the limit of the efforts is to love (in some forms), and the repudiation to the any type of discrimination.

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