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The more likely it is that these people in the future to enter with you, then you show them that if it worked for you. (Please put yourself in the place of them, not to criticize them.) 2. Once this process is finished, get to work in a professional manner. Here begins your business. You already have experience in contact and invite (Assumes that after 100 calls or more, thus must be) If you keep you focused on that is only to learn to accept failure and practice different types of invitations, your first objective has been achieved. CONGRATULATIONS! 3 From now put yourself in the place that corresponds, mentally and emotionally. You’re not a beggar who asks please everyone entering your business. You’re the person to them opening the door to a new quality of life to the and his family.

Therefore, it only invites people who qualify to be part of your team. The key is to learn to contact in a professional way. 4. Who is contact? Here lies the secret, if you learn the difference between contact and invite, input your business will grow, not only in number but also in quality of participants. CONTACT is simply your interest in meeting people and detect if they have any real need that you can help to remedy, offering your support and professional experience to end that may solve your problem. Remember, not your business interest to persons, interested only solve their problems. 5. Already you’ve identified a real need, since then and without letting it breathe, offer your business at the same time.

Please, definitely not. The person is not at the right time to listen to your proposal. Wait 24 to 48 hours. and call it again, interested by the, listen, ask questions, and promise you that if you think of something that can help you llamaras it immediately.


It presents a localization with certain privilege in relation the equidistances to the main urban centers of the coast. Distant of the capital of the State the 62,2 km (approx 49 min.). Perfazendo with a demographic total area of 114.5 hab/Km that composes geographic area of the city of 348.74 km if finds inside of the urban perimeter of the city. With a population approximately of 42.303 hab and limiting with Canguaretama- RN and Old Peter RN. Peter Rgis, and with the cities of River Tinto (7 km), Mataraca (30 km), Capim (9 km), Itapororoca (13 km), from above Corral (23 km) and Jacara (32 km) and Peter Rgis. Thus being, Mamanguape is a located city of the coast more the 35 altitude m, presents a tropical and pleasant climate of annual average temperature of oscillating around 25C.

Its vegetation is Pioneering, De Campos and Mata de Restingas, Manguezais and Humid Mata. Identified in bioma of the Caatinga and of It kills Atlantic. For its fisiogrfico aspect, the city of Mamanguape is inserted in the Geoambiental unit of the Coastal Trays that all folloies the coast of the northeast, presenting an average altitude of 50 the 100 meters. Understanding origin plateaus sedimentary, that present degree of changeable wood carving. Its ground are represented by the Latossolos and Podzlicos in the chapadas and topos topos of residual and by the Podzlicos with Fregipan, Podzlicos Plnticos and Podzis in the small depressions in trays, for the Podzlicos Concrecionrios in dissecadas areas and Aluvial hillsides and Gleissolos and Solos in the fertile valley areas. THE NATURAL RECOVERY OF RIVER MAMANGUAPE-PB I understand that the environment is the set of physical factors, chemical and biticos, daily, I mention myself to the nature as a great natural resources, on which our survival depends and the place that involves in them and in the fence in half dynamic and an extremely healthful one.

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