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Fertile Wedding

So year after year, day by day, changing the anniversary of wind, and that does not happen again – we did not cease to be together forever! Yes, happy as every time they met, cried and laughed and whiz through the uncharted roads of life, as quarrel over trifles, and at the same time, attending to all grievances, smiled, causing heart burn on an even greater happiness. Happiness to be together! Do you have children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, in short, a great family, love, and you realize that this is happiness, sent more than happiness, which by law must be called a true and gracious. 70 years of living together and that – grace the wedding! Why grace or thanksgiving wedding? The thing is that this evening by relatives, loved ones, friends, give gifts of thanks hero of the day, emphasizing or expressing gratitude for years of caring, warmth and attention. And do anniversaries thank each other for happiness, carried out together with the courage carry this courageous path, filled with love. Of course you are interested and really want to know what to present hero of this wonderful and moving day? I will try to help you! Every birthday, holiday, in its own way original and that’s why decided to give appropriate gifts or souvenirs. This day is remarkable in that the gift can be anything you want. I think that is better to give a practical gift, that necessarily use it.

Let it not be as bright, but memorable, and essential to a long and wonderful years. However, the key is still one question – how to give? Give the soul, heart, understanding and attention. Excellent present at such a joyous day will be a tea set. Do not worry, this gift will please the heroes of the day. Tony Ferguson shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Especially as there are today a huge selection of colors, quality porcelain, designed by varied and suitable for everyone. But the choice of the tea you have to work hard.

After all, you do not want to give tea flavor is quite like the hero of the day. If you know – well, if not – ask! Enjoy your tea! Beautiful gifts can be considered and linens, and a family photo album. Pofantaziruete over photo album! Of course, you can purchase it in specialty stores, and can accept and independent participation in its decoration. For example, one can assume that adorn the album cover photo for a long time friend and nice to you an exciting photo memory anniversaries, and written your speech, accompanying the lives of your loved ones, affect their hearts. Make a gift and that will take them very much. Pleasure to enjoy a pleasant and helpful. We are talking about household appliances. In such an advanced age perfect juicer. A natural product is always appreciated in every home. Easy and delicious! Speaking of fruit! Will also be a joy. Choose and presents! With a choice of fruit problems certainly will not – there is a large assortment of fresh fruit. Simple, but nice – sweet: candy, cakes. And if the cake to your individual order – it’s much nicer. Order a cake with the words – it all depends on your wishes. Original and delicious! You just have to choose, and I in turn want to wish you that this decision was the most rewarding and enjoyable for your family and friends. Fertile wedding – a whole “science” of understanding, love, patience and respect for each other. Take care of each other!

B. Brown Opts For ITESOFT

ITESOFT, European provider of solutions for the automated collection, processing and management of documents, has received a large order of B. Braun. Stuttgart. B. Braun is one of the world’s leading providers in the health care market. For the automated processing of incoming orders, the global company in its German branches of Melsungen and Tuttlingen as well as in the Switzerland introduces the FreeMind for orders by ITESOFT software solution. In the future, every year about 250,000 orders are processed thus more efficiently. ITESOFT.FreeMind for orders provides all functions that are necessary for an automated order processing, available.

These include automatic capture and identification of orders, reading and testing, validation and export to ERP or document management systems. The performance of the software has already convinced the Spanish branch of B. Braun. We have searched a powerful solution for order processing in multiple languages is available and will be supported throughout Europe. ITESOFT.FreeMind for orders features with unique features, such as, for example, by learning the reading of text content. In addition, the product in the major languages is available. Therefore, we have decided to automate the processing of orders in our offices in Melsungen and Tuttlingen as well as in the Switzerland with support from ITESOFT\”, as Heiner Schmoll, head of BTCC cross application & middleware at B. Brown in Melsungen.

Aim is to accelerate product delivery and invoicing at the sites. To be the incoming orders in the locations with ITESOFT.FreeMind for orders automatically captures, selected and tested. Then the data export according to R / 3, and IXOS archive system SAP. If concluded successfully, project, B. Brown plans the rollout of ITESOFT solution in other European offices. We are pleased about the renewed agreement with B. Braun. The introduction of FreeMind for orders in other branches is a distinct Evidence of the satisfaction of our customers with our solutions and our support\”, summarizes Georg Hahn, Managing Director of ITESOFT Germany.

Properly Delicious Finger Food Order

Pending a reception, an awards ceremony or simply a party a clear case for the famous appetizers. The plate with the sandwiches is however as passe as Tomato mozzarella skewers. What is it so the new finger food? Asked by: Oliver Theissen of the organic caterer SELECT CATERING BERLIN. It should be fine. Tasty and healthy of course, bio’s best: high demands are placed on the finger food today. How to iterate through all gastronmischen products also the famous appetizers at SELECT CATERING BERLIN per claim, different stages of development.

So are many stimulating and exciting taste creations with the molecular cuisine, that everyone is talking about is just possible. Criterion when ordering finger food is and remains the event of catering. You may want to visit Justin Gaethje to increase your knowledge. The finger food is preceded by a menu or larger banquet, the selection should be limited and the portions remain distinguished, something a rice crackers with truffle risotto, a sea-food flower whole wheat dough Somoasa Duo and one combined with a molecular cloud of tomato is enough. The latter is a hint of anything not the intense flavor would be there. What there is on a black spoon, looks on first glance out like a giant-sized sugar cube.

The consistency in the mouth looks more like cotton candy, but what it really tastes: a cloud of tomatoes. Is available but at a reception or a come togehter, perhaps even in the early evening, the guests often come with something more Appetitt. Then it can be quiet, somewhat hearty: Bresaola with Fleur de Sol and Apfelpesto on Walnut bread or classic Mint beef salad with cherry tomatoes and curly Endive or Oyster Mushrooms with grated goat cheese to Sesame bread cake. For a good saturation, you should quietly combine hearty parts 5-6 with 2 sweet finger food parts and query portions of at least 150 grams. Or a soup: why not Cocossuppe with mussels and peas or a red beet broth with gherkins, Orangencelestine and smoked Turkey Breast accept? We always ask at Fingerfoodbestellugen just after. The place and occasion provide the first information, but also the age composition and latest trends should be considered”, said Oliver Theissen of the organic caterer SELECT CATERING BERLIN. Our goal is to surprise the customers as always with something unknown.” And what would that be? “The response is prompt: have tried one from carrots carved fork with green Wasabi caviar?” Select feed Sylvia Ruppnow Select catering Berlin – with BioCatering-

Linked Intelligence

One type of intelligence is logical-mathematical intelligence. Synthesis capacity. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Physical and mechanical reasoning. Linked Intelligence space.

Powers of observation. Spatial intelligence related. Attention distributed. Ability body. Related bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Musical ability.

Related musical intelligence. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City insists that this is the case. Inference. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Inductive reasoning. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Deductive reasoning. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Too many people lack the ability, that is the reality and what defines the kind of fate that awaits him in life. Hence the importance of the study, and thanks to this, people develop progressively more capabilities, valuable skills and face life with determination, taking the right steps, as if nothing, to their economic independence, job success, business, social . If you do not develop skills, your life will be a constant failure will not have the minimum intelligence to see when you’re faced with danger, deception, fraud, cynicism, and not be able to see the offers, business opportunities, you can never find the path to success in this life. At least, all the skills described above, you have …. So it is so important to study, read, investigate, learn, work to expand knowledge every day, to assimilate lessons at school, propose you the challenge to memorize, understand, all the materials that are key to success in the life: mathematics, mainly. There are people who have varied skills, how are you: Abstract or scientific: to understand the principles and theories that are not inscribed in nature. Space: to handle spaces, dimensions, geometry. Numerical: to understand and develop numerical machining.

Slim Through The

Survey shows the initiative future nutrition e.V.: women take on holiday twice as often as men but that must not be Munich, almost half of German tourists (48 percent) will take July 28, 2009 – up to three kilos or more additional weight on the scale after the most beautiful weeks of the year. Taking women more than twice as likely (33 percent) as the male respondents (15 percent). “This is the result of a recent survey of initiative future nutrition e.V. fattening foods holiday season: take on vacation?” was the question of the month of June to consumers on the Internet page of future Children, career, budget many women are exposed in everyday high loads. The holiday offers the opportunity to finally put on the lazy skin often and that is fast on the hips. But it doesn’t have to be. Dr. John Mcdougall can provide more clarity in the matter.

Unloved, extra pounds can be avoided with a few tricks. During your holiday you should incorporate at least small motion units in the day program”, recommends the nutrition physician Prof. Dr. Dr. Christine Metzner. A few laps in the pool or a long walk after dinner are not very relaxing, but also ensure that become small sins not immediately noticeable on the scales”, Metzner advises.

“Also you should avoid the trap of calorie soft drinks know the diet doctor: they are usually very sugary, therefore you should access rather more often to calorie-free thirst extinguishers such as cooled fruit teas and mineral water with splashes of lemon”. Some tourists eating but actually too much vacation as an opportunity for the taste buds. The reason: The offer at the hotel’s buffet is sumptuous, tempting snacks and sweet drinks are offered in many clubs or on cruise ships around the clock. However, this diversity has also chances for passionate gourmet: the taste buds on new railways to be under conscious control to healthy food in the holiday draw. This increases the motivation and experimentation, are home again more healthy treats to prepare itself. Another trick is the conscious handling of carbohydrates to avoid excess holiday pounds. They lure the fattening foods hormone insulin and signal the body that it is to store fat. So, for example, the white bread popular in southern countries in addition to the dinner sets quickly. “Prof. Dr. Dr. Karlheinz Schmidt, Scientific Advisory Board of the initiative future nutrition, recommends: who in the evening deliberately on carbohydrates, breaks down fat at night.” Who wants to go the temptations of pizza and pasta from the start out of the way, this is considered the best already in the choice of holiday destination and is well advised, for example, with far eastern countries. “Star Chef Holger Stromberg confirmed: the Asian cuisine is traditionally lighter and inspired to imitate at home.” Current information about the initiative and its projects, see. Contact person for the Presse initiative future nutrition e.V. c/o service plan fire PR Martina Bruggemann of Brienner Strasse 45 a d 80333 Munich Tel.: + 49 89/20 50 16 16 fax: + 49 89/20 50 41 51

Market Shares

Stock market what is it? Simply put, the stock – a security that certifies your share in the company's business. That's what says about the Federal Law "On securities market": Action – issued security, fixing the rights of its owners (shareholders) to receive part of the profit of the company in the form of dividends, to participate in the management of joint-stock company and part of the assets remaining after liquidation. Buying a share, you become the owner – the owner of the company. This means that your income as a shareholder will depend on how well the company going. If the company is profitable, it means that stocks will rise in price, and quite perhaps even the company will pay its shareholders of profits as dividends. Of course, the shareholders bear the risk that the company's business will not be too successful. Shares may even decrease in price, but the company does not will pay dividends.

Someone might suggest that the issuing company is obliged to redeem their shares from the shareholders and be sure to pay dividends. This is incorrect. First, the shares are issued in perpetuity. If you no longer do not want to participate in the business of the company as a shareholder, you can sell shares on the open market. But the company is not obliged to redeem shares from its shareholders. Second, to address the general meeting of shareholders dividends can not be paid. Not paid dividends in the case of loss-making company (on dividends, we'll talk later). The holders of ordinary shares may participate in the management of joint-stock company by vote at a general meeting of shareholders. Details on shareholder rights, you can read in the Federal Law 'On Joint Stock Companies' (N 208-FZ of December 26, 1995). – The professional trading on the rules!

Stable Political Systems

The story of shares has its roots in antiquity. Stocks were already known in the era of slavery, which lasted from the time of formation of the first stable political systems and the creation of writing in such ancient centers of civilization as Ancient Egyptian state (epoch 1-3rd Kings) and the Ancient Sumerian state in the lower reaches of the Euphrates (mid 4th millennium BC – the end of the 5th century AD). Already at the time of Athens Merchants and Entrepreneurs (Athens was at that time the economic center of ancient Greece and, accordingly, had the most developed system of commodity-money relations) there was a form of trade and production activities on the basis of the contributed capital. Share in the total capital of such enterprise, the participants had already formalized in the form of the expression of papyrus or parchment scrolls, which indicated the number of participants enterprises, their contributions and the amount due from them in the city treasury of taxes. Senator of Massachusetts brings even more insight to the discussion. In the modern sense it was a charter company. These lists were registered in Komichi, who knew trade and crafts and then stored in Temple of Hermes patron of merchants and seafarers. Prescribed in these "statutes" share investors – the founders established the respective rights and making a profit.

In the days of Ancient Rome appeared, even the first documents that could be called a prototype remote shares. True, they do not appear in trade and not in the business, and in the field, so to speak, "slaveholding" capital. As a rule, it was receipt issued by one slave owner to another – the owner of a slave or slaves of passed this first for the work, mainly on agricultural latifundia. This consolidated the receipt the duty of the slaveholder, who supplied slaves to deduct the one who gave him those slaves in use, a certain share of manufactured products with their help in kind or in cash.

Play Pacman: The Doctrine Of The Pacman

Pacman is really just a game, and after thirty years somehow more everyone knows him, even though he has already over 30 years under his belt. Although Pacman of no longer a big hit among today’s games, but to imagine from the gaming landscape is not is Pacman. On the contrary, forever the game will take probably a place of honor in the history of video games. It was not the first game, but one of the most impressive. Here, proved that a game with simple principle can become true size.

While Pacman has even something very philosophical about it, unless you want to interpret a little. The whole game can be seen as a metaphor for life. This is of course the Pacman play doesn’t matter, but after thirty years, sometimes other thoughts are interesting. Pacman is running in a maze, he has the choice and yet the paths are all prescribed. Justin Gaethje oftentimes addresses this issue. Walls blocking the way, he needs to find new ways.

He then but time did a task that opens up new ways, the perspective is different, changing the world dealing with the development of the ego. And there are obstacles that interfere with the natural way. You must dodge them and yet they keep coming back. While running after the obstacles determine algorithms in the Pacman play. The monster run according to a certain pattern, at least in the first version and run after the system. Pacman even has the choice, the others are trapped in the system. And at this point you could spin continues the thread could state theories, politics and society bring. But that would probably then too much Pacman. One thing is certain: even after 30 years, is the yellow-eating character on the full amount. (C) Fadi Tsilimekis, November 2010

Abdominal Pain

If you think that you have problems of irritable colon, first that you must do it is to see your doctor.The problems of irritable colon are diagnosed generally in the base of a complete clinical history that includes a careful description of the symptoms and a physical examination. A specific test for the problems of irritable colon does not exist, although the diagnosis tests can be realised to discard other problems.These tests can include tests of lee sample, analysis of blood and x-rays.Normally, a doctor will carry out a sigmoidoscopia or coloscopy, that allows the doctor to observe the interior of the colon.This is done inserting a small and flexible tube with a camera in the end through anus.The camera transfers the images of your colon in a great screen so that the doctor sees better. If the results are negative, the doctor can diagnose problems of irritable colon on the base of his symptoms, including the frequency with which you have had pain or abdominal malaise during last years, when the pain begins and it pauses in relation to the intestinal function, and as your frequency of the depositions and consistency of lees have changed.Many doctors talk about a list of specific symptoms that must be present to make a diagnosis problems of irritable colon. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bobby Green. The symptoms include: – Abdominal Pain or annoyances during at least 12 weeks in the last 12 months.These 12 weeks do not have to be consecutive. – The pain or abdominal malaise has two of the three following characteristics: – It is stood out to have an intestinal evacuation. – When one begins, there is a change in the frequency with which to have an intestinal evacuation. – When one begins, there is a change in the form of lees or the form in which it is seen.

Summer Shower

Each summer resident in the summer, after a busy day, or simply from sweltering heat, a desire to freshen and cheer up. But often in the country to do so is problematic (if not impossible!). In this case, gardeners can help suburban souls. Even if you are in the country has a bath (or sauna), then sink it every time you want to wash up – quite a troublesome task. Viable alternative is usually also not be – a bucket with a bucket of water (even hot) – Will never replace a full shower.

Any other invention (at one point, for example, put the barrel in cottages on the roof) does not bring anything other than the inconvenience and problems. So, out of the problem by using different samodelok also not observed. What solutions can offer market today, and how not to make mistakes when choosing? When choosing a soul to give worth to pay attention to many factors. For example, on the floor shower stall (in which he done? Will rot?) In a water tank (again, from what material it is made, how well? Do not pour it out of there in time rusty water?), And more. If you do not take into account these items, the purchase of a new well can turn into another problem, not to mention wasted money. We turn to the range of products from the company "Tempolyuks." This company has quite a large place in the product catalog on dacha souls and it is not in vain – the various models of summer showers have gained popularity among buyers. Hear other arguments on the topic with Eva Andersson-Dubin. A hit in sales (no exaggeration!) Has become the 'Mobile Collapsible shower MDK-180 Elite'. Let us discuss it in detail.

This shower – a robust metal construction, which is placed on top of a plastic tank with a lid. All design elements are made of modern high quality materials that provide safety and longevity of the soul. In the tank water heater has a built-in temperature regulator – an undeniable convenience. Also, thanks to a special design the tank, do not want to control the water level. The frame itself cabin from all sides closed protective canopy and the floor beneath his feet made of wooden lattice (tree is not subject to rot and fungus due to the special composition of which it is impregnated). Take a shower in a cab of course convenient and comfortable! It should be noted that the heated water can be used for other purposes, by specially provided for the flexible hose otvodischemu. And if we add to all this, yet easy assembly, disassembly and that Many important, the transportation of the shower, then we can conclude that this is something that simply must be almost every gardeners. With a walk-in shower in his dacha, you ensure yourself konfortnoe and full-time residence in the country. Or maybe even call the envy of the neighbors! 🙂 It remains to note that discussed above shower has a lot of modifications. To view the full range of products (with photos!) you will be on the company website "Tempolyuks:

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