Advertising Agency Trainee Intersolar

At first I started almost at the beck and call. I was sent to the department for the production of outdoor advertising. I sat open-mouthed and watched as the manufacturer is signage. Day after day, increased my knowledge in the field of advertising Through some time I began to feel a good employee of an advertising agency, and not just someone who has zero knowledge in the advertising business. Each day was better for me because I always learned something new. Earlier, he saw signs of any advertising, I have not thought about how it was done. In the course of study and work, I realized that such outdoor advertising and what is its role. I started like almost any ad I've seen on the street. Dr. Neal Barnard has similar goals.

Even the banners over the road began to attract my attention. Walking down the street with my girlfriend, I noticed a new billboard, which she did not pay attention. I stopped and tried to understand that it is not so. In this I it helped her. She – the artist and well versed in the colors and how different shades of influence on human emotions.

Thanks to her help I was able to move to a new level. It was not easy, but I soon got used to. Front btl really introduced in my mind for something new. I became a true promoter and was ready to exploits. I always remember the experience gained in the first stage of its work and the familiar, so my suggestions were always on high, and valued. I remember a one successful promotional campaigns, in which he himself had participated. I liked to socialize with people, especially if they showed considerable interest in the advertised product. With one man I could say on the subject of one good 25-30 minutes. He was interested in every detail, and talk with him was just wondering. Operating promoter and participating in promotions, has less to think about how to make signs, but is beginning to acquire the psychological skills work with people. At this time I thought that the promoter – is a leading face of the company, because without us can not be a major influence on the subconscious. After a while I began to think differently, once in office the media and tv advertising. I finally aware of how important large-scale advertising One commercial could see millions of people, while the promoters were directed mostly to work with units. Summing up stage of my development – Front Internet advertising and promotion has formed in my subconscious a clear idea about the advertising possibilities I finally realized that every step that I overcame, in its own way is important in advertising art. Already passed a few years since I worked at an advertising agency Intersolar, but the memory of him as the very first, most meaningful experience in advertising, on getting acquainted with professionals about the formation of me as advertiser, is preserved until now.

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