Allgau Alps

Therefore, hardly any other plants thrive in the environment of rattling pots. Movement the seeds in the fruits look audibly, causing the plant to their Onomatopoeic name came. The Monkshood also settled the Fellhorn. The plant, which belongs to the Buttercup family, is also under the following names: poison – and storm hat, Venus car, Wurgling and goat death. It is in all parts of the most poisonous plant of God’s creation, even if the blue Monkshood healing acts as a medicinal plant. It can grow up to 2 meters tall. The flowers are usually blue, may occur also in other blue variations of deep blue to blue and white. The once is between July and September.

Plants of all possible insects served, preferably from the Hummel on the underside of the flower a good landing place in the petal to find stems with a guide Groove for the Bumblebee proboscis. The cattle of the Alpine world know, intuitively, that brings death to the Monkshood. Even the mere touch leads to numbness of skin contact. If parts of it are eaten and get into the bloodstream, then Cold sensitivity, nausea, irregular heartbeat, paralysis of respiration and as a result the death possible. The poisoning starts with a tingling sensation on the lips and a feeling of numbness on the tongue. Then, the paralysis captured more and more parts of the body, until the heart and the breathing of which are affected. The Monkshood is employed medicinally in turn inflammation and nerve disorders. Due to the extreme toxicity of Monkshood in the past was a common weapon.

This application stopped until the scientific forensics of the police and the judiciary and thus the traceability of the blue Edmonds in the body of the murder victim. Our herbal walk, we finally meet called Bedstraw, also love herb. As the name suggests, there is a pronounced crop for humans and animals. Sometimes, the real lab herb reaches a height of up to 1 meter. The golden-yellow flowers smell of honey and bloom from May to September. The fruits are transported by ants and to be seeded. The plant also produces the so-called rennet that was previously untergemegnt the cheese. Today the Chester cheese, which will give its yellowish Orange coloring. But the cows enjoy the ferment of the krauts of lab animal “bitters” and digestive aid. The Alps Michlattich is obvious. He can be namely about 2 meters high. The flowers close at night and in the rain. Otherwise, preferably bees, Hoverflies and beetles which pollinate the plant can be found on the flowers. The farmers love the Alps Michlattich, because he supposedly drives the cows more milk production. So who loves flowers and herbs, should make a detour in the Allgau Alps in the spring and hike the Fellhorn. A vacation rental in Oberstdorf in the Allgau is found in this season also in the short term. Hans-Peter Etzold

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