Although Ricardo

The sly and mysterious youngster uses of caresses, while he impels to continue it among dark and desolate ways. In such a way we find two estrias in one same story: a romantic and innocent estria, that if develop in first plan, and a tragic one, at as a moment, but not less important, and that it provokes all interlacement of the tram in surprising way. The story possesss innumerable ambiguities, that go since the structure of construction of the text, the feeling of the personages. Read more here: christopher ridgeway stone clinical. Ricardo convinces Raquel to enter in one abandoned cemetary, with the excuse of that they will be able there to attend the put-do-sun prettiest of the world. Although Ricardo still declares to love Raquel, what it really wants is to avenge itself of it.

The outcome of the story is tragic, Raquel is locked and abandoning in one catacumba that Ricardo said to be of its familiar ones. The narrator presents indications of that he has something of shady in the story, but, at the same time, disfara such indications so that the reader does not distrust of the outcome. 3.EXPLORANDO the DEFINITION OF the MYTH, AND ITS REPRESENTATION OF the WORLD AND the MAN Many people understand the myth as false histories, but what it makes she is to transmit one meaning to a phenomenon that occurs in the land and with the human beings. Plato and Aristotle had said that the myth became a common point of view between the philosophy and the religion and was with the myths that the philosophers had initiated its reflections. According to Mircea Eliade, the attempt to define myth is the following one: ' ' The myth is extremely complex a cultural reality, that can boarded and be interpreted in perspectives complementary multiple and.the myth counts a sacred history, tells an event that had place in the primordial time, the fabuloso time of the starts the myth counts thanks to the facts of the supernatural beings, a reality that started to exist, wants either a tetal reality, the Cosmos, wants only one breaks up, an island, a vegetal species, a human behavior, is always therefore a narration of a creation, describes as a thing was produced, as it coeou to exist ' ' (ELIADE, 2002, P.

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