Anorexia And Histeria

Although Fendrik already has spoken of anorxica epidemic between centuries XIII and XIV, in century XIX the concept of nervous anorexy is only elaborated, passing the young sick fasters to be considered. Thus, apud Cobelo can be attributed to the Lasgue, that in 1873 initiated in France an academic work on nervous anorexy, the beginning of the scientific studies of the upheaval in question. The work of the mentioned author definitively dismisses the anorexy of the field spiritual, as she was seen in the Average Age, passing the pathology to be boarded for the similar Medicine and sciences. The related alimentary upheaval passed to be seen under the psychic optics. It can be affirmed that the anorxicas ones had only started to exist as subject to leave of the moment where they had been enrolled in a speech, what, without the contribution of Lasgue, it would not have occurred at the time. In the Psychoanalysis, the first publication where if it observes an anorexy case, is the text of Freud a case of Cure for the Hipnotismo (1892-93), where the case of a mother is presented with difficulties to suckle its children.

To the few, the anorexy is gone becoming object of study in the field of the mental health and the symptoms of the anorxicas ones go gaining credibility in the scientific way, leaving it religious field or the vision of if dealing with a simple lack of appetite. Already in 1895, Freud publishes the case of Emmy Von N., where the patient presented as symptom great rejection to the food. Freud tells that, in the sessions of related analysis of patient, it after affirms that the death of its husband, left to have appetite, summarizing itself it feeding to the mere suppression of a necessity. Emmy does not drink water, affirming that this makes to it badly to the digestion, restricting the ingestion of liquids what it calls thick liquids, that is, milk, coffee or chocolate.

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