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Whether open or closed – power-operated Windows, doors and gates must be checked for their safety condition doors, gates and Windows install also for anyone who uses them or happen, opens or closes with a certain hazard potential. Here are possible under circumstances damage or personal injury. Risk analyses have shown that the risk of accidents are taken to squeezing, scissors, pulling, pushing, lifting people, refers to electrical and ergonomic hazards. Best to curb them, should the appropriate door, window or door in perfect and safe condition. Regular inspections and maintenance measures are necessary. First and foremost, it must be clarified what doors and window under the category power operated”count. Every window, door and every door consists of one or more wings. These lock or release the respective opening and are therefore the most important Part of closing facilities. Caused the movement of the door, gate or window wings partially or completely by Prime movers, these are known as power-operated”referred to. Qualified persons of the operator of the appropriate door, window or door system is responsible to appoint a competent person examining. It is specialist who has completed sufficient experience and knowledge in the area of power-operated doors, Windows and gates, as well as a professional training on this topic. In addition, he should be familiar with the State occupational safety and health regulations, accident prevention regulations, as well as guidelines and generally accepted rules of technology, the safe working condition of a power-operated door, to be able to evaluate window or door system. Expert can be for example engineers/engineers or specialists of the manufacturer, delivery or installation company. By using suitable measurement technology, the examiner must always objectively, taking into account the occupational safety Act. Other factors such as economic issues, may not be included in the test result. Testing of Windows, doors and gates before power-operated Windows, doors or gates are put into operation, it must be checked according to the manufacturer’s instructions and comply with the operating instructions to its safe state. After testing at regular intervals should be done through, but at least once a year after modifications or repairs. The set test dates, type and scope of the audit should be based on a previous risk assessment. Externally visible damage or defects must be taken apart from the prescribed tests at any time. All parts which ensure the safe operation of power-operated Windows, doors or gates must be easily accessible for maintenance and testing. Especially the work safety of the plant is assessed in the form of Visual and functional tests. To this purpose is advisable a consult the operating instructions of the manufacturer. The review of a door, a window or door includes among other things the safety gears. These are used when the engine is no longer functional. The catcher then acts on the wings of the closing mechanism and holding it up. Safety devices must be checked for wear, corrosion, damage and binding of moving parts. After determination of the condition of the door, window or door system, the target State must be restored if these differ from each other. In addition to the identified deficiencies, also proactive measures should be taken to avoid major damage expected. All inspection and maintenance results to put in writing in the form of a check book. The records should contain the name of the gate, whose site, test date and the name of Auditor and the audit’s findings. The test manual should on the location of the appropriate door, window or door system are kept, so that an inspection is possible at any time. Marking of tested power-operated door, window or door system for safe use power operated doors, Windows and gates must be permanently marked, inter alia with the following information: manufacturer and supplier built factory number sash weight (in kg) of the wing, lifted to open or lowered are permissible pressure speed of course must, the power-operated Windows, doors and gates after successful verification with a corresponding test notice be provided. The plaques assessed in accordance with p & l-R 1/494 “and tested in accordance with BGR 232” you will find GmbH in the online shop of the brewes. Anja Keller

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