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Risk of electro-smog with energy saving lamps caused true panic purchases the light bulb ban in Germany. Follow others, such as patrick matthews, and add to your knowledge base. Companies and individuals hamsterten matte and clear bulbs of all wattage regardless of whether the ban affected or not. The first waves of confusion are barely fizzled, haunt new messages through the press: energy saving light bulbs are hazardous to your health because your special radiation and can affect the hormone balance. Energy-saving lamps of the brands meet all legal requirements of consumer protection. Light in the evening and at night the production of the sleep hormone melatonin may decrease in General, the same applies to the light of the energy-saving lamp. Extent the impact takes place, is still unclear. It is known, however, that some people respond more strongly to such environmental factors than others. Energy saving lamps with warm white light colour or dimmable lamps are recommended for people who suspect that light in the evening for your insomnia is responsible.

This can improve the sleeping situation. Although so far still not medically explainable, these different sensitivities also apply the electromagnetic alternating fields caused by including the energy saving lamp. This electromagnetic radiation can significantly interfere with the well-being of vulnerable people. A first solution with their new energy-saving lamps presented the FIMA MEGAMAN sensitive ESL. This energy-saving lamps are the first screened against Eletro-smog and thus low-radiation energy-saving bulbs. Measurements of BfS with the Bavarian State Office for environment and the University of applied sciences Augsburg have shown that sensitive when compared to a conventional energy-saving lamp of equal performance at a distance of 30 cm electric field strengths by more than 90% reduced the energy-saving bulbs. At the same time, this energy-saving lamp recommended warm white colour is available. Sensitive ESL at the light shop is available the energy-saving bulbs.

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