Everyone in this life is very important to be understood … other people. For this purpose, all means are good. Blogs, forums, your own page on the Internet, and essays in the newspaper, or writing books … Actually – the one and only pursued time – to be heard.

But, to be heard and be understood – and very different things in each case is pursued their own goal. To other people can understand you, first of all, you have to learn to understand themselves. Learn to understand yourself – others will be easier to communicate with you, and perhaps even more interesting. Clearly, to learn this without live communication impossible. Need to see the reaction of the interlocutor, his eyes, facial expressions, hand movements, hear the tone of voice … Blogs and forums such opportunities denied. There is a feeble attempt to paint the colorful smilies conversation, but, as you know – it's not the same as talking face to face.

In this, the more all on blogs and forums there are totally unfounded conflict. Someone wrote a completely unwilling to offend anyone, but someone did not understand … Why do we need to be understood by other people? Only to flatter own self-esteem? Of course – no. Communication with other people, above all, we need to develop and write a post on his blog, or online – will make sure that you stand for something that someone interesting … or no interest. This also happens. And no one to take offense. Developed, more intelligent, becomes interesting, witty, well-read companion … Social networks are a good cause – reduce the percentage of crime. Everyone who spoke on the network and received a response – can sleep peacefully. It was heard, agreed with him, supported him … At present it is not dangerous. Aggression in humans is manifested only when they see no other possibility explain their thoughts and convey your feelings. There is resentment. Man can not long hold resentment inside, after a while his feelings will burst forth, and the longer the insult lurked, the fiercer will be the manifestation of his aggression. On the blog, or forum with weak moderation – can, in principle, to write anything, and this fact, many certainly are. However, for psychological relaxation no matter what a person writes. Important fact writing as an opportunity to speak out … although, sometimes, unloading a psychological one is due to an injured sense of beauty for those lucky enough to read it all …

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