The vocabulary trainer for your current vocabulary lesson or seminar vocabulary no, pretending you don’t just own lessons – this app mainly focuses on your current vocabulary that you take for example currently in your classroom / seminar / course. Learning with even less effort is hardly conceivable, because there is no text input necessary – but possible. Already then the microphone recordings use then comfortably this vocabulary lessons lounging by random mode for learning. For this, the app provides three important functions: 1) learn by listening, 2) learning through prompts and 3) learning during a simulated test under time pressure: 1) function “Listen” the questions and answers in random order by text are displayed and reproduced at the same time via speech, similar to a modern, digital recorder. Because any instruction from you is required, this function (with a headset) not only on the Sun on the beach, in the sun before the suitable Ski hut, is jogging, while biking, on the train, in the bus – also ideal when driving possibly via Bluetooth on the car radio. An ingenious way to make use of this time.

(2) with the function “Query” the questions and answers in random order by text are also displayed and played simultaneously by readers, however, have discretion to think over the issue. Only by clicking anywhere on the display is the reply said and spent the next question with another click. This automatic query function can greatly increase your successes. (3) in the function “Test” the questions and answers in random order by text will have displayed and at the same time reproduced, but here via speech output maximum 5 seconds time (adjustable) click to tell, that the answer is known. If this time is exceeded, this leads to a negative assessment. A question is first removed from the random sequence, if they the program known as-click was communicated.

You receive a rating in the form of a note passage performed a completely. Features: For all three functions no eye contact to the iPod/iPhone is necessary to operate because the entire display to a switch was converted for the necessary clicks. Important: For microphone recordings, the earphone headset supplied with the devices by Apple is perfectly adequate. Short summary:-vocabulary TRAINER: app for iPhone and iPod touch – any, their own learning lessons you can easily create – tutorial with the functions suitable for listening, queries and test – for all languages – also for grammar questions and answers suitable – no text input necessary – but possible – voice output for all vocabulary and meanings – ideal support for teaching – ideal for the preparation on the tests of special price: Homepage is 0.79 euro, FREE version free: E-Mail: YouTube video: watch? v = CU2Gzq5fKeg available only in the app Store: itunes.

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