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Cats who live entirely in are very different from cats, either semi or street life completely. The practice "natural" instinctive domestic cat to go for "walks" may involve a number of risks and dangers great for this cat to other cats in the area that are not cats and even attacking the health of people. Gradually, the kittens begin their "trips" to go delimiting a territory, when I grow up and be more confident with their environment, will have their own territory for sexual encounters, the search for prey and perhaps a fight with stray cats or other cats household in the neighborhood. The safest thing is to find dogs on walks, people, and cars that can endanger your health. Cats that have always lived within our homes, have a lifetime that can double the stray cats of (sometimes reaching 20 years). These "little walk" through the streets, especially the night, starting from 6 months of life, because that is when starts Cat puberty (this is the same for feral cats and domestic), but they should blame for this, because that was their way of life and has been transmitted genetically for thousands of years. That's why, whether or not feral cats and have the food available at home, can not avoid predatory conduct.

As we all know, those cats are exposed to many dangers, infections, diseases and stroke. Many think that this is a must, as a "test" of nature for the survival of the fittest. This may be true, but the city cat is a cat not entirely free, because it has established a certain relationship with the man, you create links so strong that domestic cats often become part of the family. For feral cats, the world is more "cruel" in some way, because that is not their natural environment where they can survive on their skills, in contrast, is full of hazards to which the cat is not accustomed and for which has not "evolved", as cars, cables, guns, appliances … Another drawback of feral cats referring to belong to somebody, but they like going out, is that the owner has little contact with them and sometimes it's hard to know when it is sick …

and the worst is when these diseases require constant attention and vigilance, but his repeated departures is almost impossible. Feral cats often suffer from eye diseases, hurt the legs and open wounds can become infected. The best thing is that cats "pet" stay more at home than on the street. While it is impossible to get a cat out in the street (as we talked earlier about their genetics) is the responsibility of controlling and preventing human living as feral cats, also carry out veterinary checks, vaccinations and give all especially if a female, be aware at times of heat and if possible to sterilize stray cats not pregnant.

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