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On Friday, the 13th of December, BALLY WULFF had invited his staff to the annual operating and staff meeting games & Entertainment GmbH. Berlin, the 03.01.2014. So 220 of a total of 260 employees and employees came to speak as a representative of the shareholders about the objectives, strategies and results together with the Works Council, the managing team and Ulrich Schmidt. To the operation and staff meeting, Chairman Joachim Weber made the kick-off. So he first reported to 2012 on the newly concluded company agreements, the Commission system in 2014, the halving of turnover and revealed that employees on average are hired and 42.8 years old 8.61 years with BALLY WULFF. Endocrinologist has much to offer in this field. Managing Director Lars Rogge gave an interesting year in review about projects such as the restructuring of the technical hotline, the customer satisfaction survey and product events.

Just because events such as the mini cruise to Oslo or the capital city Club event to Ibiza make it clear that we BALLY Wulff topics Connect product and party in a balanced proportion. The partnership, direct contact here with our customers in the first place!”said Rogge. A consequence of the positive external perception is products also increased sales to BALLY WULFF. To do this, explained managing director Sascha Blodau wallpapers to products and sales and made it clear that BALLY WULFF neat has recorded in recent years to ride and reached a substantial market presence.” After this positive insight, Sascha Blodau informed about internal issues such as the participation of 83 employees to receive training in 2013 and strongly invited all employees, offers of the company such as qualifications, to use appraisal interviews or health and prevention services. Finally, Ulrich Schmidt was the numerous questions of the employees. “This he put a major focus on the relevance of the Development Department, which with their creativity, innovations such as the game burn the sevens” developed and made it clear that the cooperation of colleagues he is very at heart. “Total Ulrich Schmidt was more than satisfied with the development of the company and stated in conclusion: Dear employees we go together in the future and forget it not: we’re really good!”

Nizhny Novgorod Dianetics

25 – 26 September, a group of Scientologists had Nizhny Novgorod Dianetics seminar Hubbard. Its members met with a powerful technique for aid, designed by the renowned scholar and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard and as detailed in his book "Dianetics: The Modern Science of." On the first day of the seminar familiarized with the basic theoretical principles of Dianetics, they proceeded to the practical development of Dianetics techniques. Helping each other to solve specific problems, eliminating the latent effects of past negative experiences, they immediately were able to evaluate this technique on personal experience. And what they have left feedback on the seminar: "Today, I realized that Dianetics for strong and courageous people. If you would like to know more about Senator Elizabeth Warren, then click here. It's not so easy to meet again with a negative incident that once occurred in the past with you. Dianetics – it is work and mutual self-interest of those who applies.

To see how your partner is trying and working, as it improves the condition, to know that helping people – great fun! I'd like to see more people aware and skillful use of Dianetics, "" Passed second day workshops … Felt that it was real, hard, interesting work …. a lot of work not in vain, and the result took place. The mere fact that work has brought results – gives satisfaction. After applying Dianetics and felt the emotional and physical relief, as after heavy physical work for which paid well. … There is a desire to continue training.

Visited by L. Ron Hubbard's delight, that one person could give so many good things to numerous people, "" In Dianetics – L. Ron Hubbard wrote – was discovered only source of psychosomatic diseases in man and the irrationality of his behavior and thinking and was developed a technique that allows to eradicate them with the same success. " To learn more about this, please call: (831) 413-40-33

Orange Revolution

You could say, more cartilago, which after Yon Goicoechea dairy cow of the student political protests in Venezuela began to produce its own, dairy officially having an ideological training centre which could eventually circumvent or camouflage the problems of financing and ideological guidance from abroad. Note that operate over the student wills has been a constant and sustained since 2003 and that is not hidden to the logic that must await the result of the second litter of hard containment. Works to gradually undermine the current year and bring about an explosive during elections in the year 2012, if not sooner, situation to uneducated and juncture of what is currently happening in North Africa and the Middle East. Social networks and media have been organized to channel passions and distort realities, promoting events expected by external managers of the military and political intervention. In general, travels the world with rank of official news release that dictators and human rights violators have been defenestrados of power by his own people. The triumphant revolution of colors list (which is to overthrow dictators, as stated) seems to ask shouts the head of Hugo Chavez, much more how much popular support of this President constituted a serious setback for the conspiracy against her in 2007. Highlight, in addition, to be rounded, that so-called resistance youth Yugoslavian (OTPOR) that overthrew Slobodan Milosevic (where think start this phenomenon coloridisimo) advises in Venezuela since 2005 (see picture above).

And said that, after what the same Milosevic in Yugoslavia, in the revolution of Roses (Georgia, 2003), Orange Revolution (Ukraine, 2004), revolution of the Tulips (Kyrgyzstan, 2005), cedar (Lebanon, 2005) revolution, revolution of los jazmines (Tunisia, 2010), of Venezuela would be renamed revolution of the white hands, supposedly for the coming year. And you don’t have to escape to the concept of this phenomenon, seemingly unbeatable construction analysis in its implementation, with record already 6 Governments overthrown in a decade, in addition to other 5 failed attempts (white revolution, saffron, green, Twitter): the word student (such as women, child, rosa, peace, etc.) belongs to the paradigm of the white, clean, sweet, helpless, progressive, human, as opposed to the stigmatized blackdirty, gross, aggressor, barbaric and inhuman, respectively (Violeta Parra held them with this song: live students!). The forces of law and order (if they do) can do little when to bring order to a country should proceed against a protest by students, (better, if you encintas) women, children or any other conceptual and historical representative of human unrehearsed.


We all love to laugh at funny jokes fresh and funky stories about the various bizarre cases of life. But here we can see that very few people know the story of the origin of jokes, who thought them up and began to tell. Anecdote is the most important element or the main component of almost any company of people. At its core, anecdote – a little story about everyday everyday life, problems and worries, troubles and fun events, and the other hand – this is the subject of agonizing search for the world's greatest philosophers, scientists, linguists and anthropologists. Anecdote describes a future life, where situations are mixed, superimposed one on one, appear and disappear. Home the goal of any joke is laugh a company have positive emotions, feelings. That's a joke he is, if the anecdote is laughable, then he has a future and he will be traveling across the country. Swarmed by offers, PCRM is currently assessing future choices.

And Many researchers argue that the anecdote has appeared as a historical story about the funny and the absurd actions of great men. He calls all people's rights, regardless of their status and size of the purse, makes fun of how poor and the rich. During Soviet times, the capital of humor was Odessa, and were the most popular stories on political topics. Continue to learn more with: McDougall Program. Only in this way people could express their opposition to communism and its leaders. There were times when telling a joke regime threatened to prisons and camps, but they continued to be produced and distributed. In today's world a lot of jokes about blondes, the new Russian. This is all due to huge the number of beauty contests, though everyone understands that hair color may not affect mental abilities girl and her logic.

Also, people made fun of rich class in the face of new Russian their luxury Mercedes 600-x. Great the number of people have people have tried to come up with new jokes, but only some succeeded. This happens only when you see a funny situation, you hear someone's silly talk. Jokes may appear spontaneously when no one expected. For example, during the performance of the actor lost track, and all heard his "beautiful and sophisticated" voice. " Now this person becomes the author of a new joke. To be honest, without jokes bored, they help to maintain a good mood, not only you but also your family and friends.

Simon Stadler

Four energy start-ups and a goal: together the energy market change the world with energy change, this is a Community task, are the three Polaris founder Jakob Assmann, Florian Henle and Simon Stadler. Together with their customers, their supporters and ambassadors such as for example the extreme climber Hans Kammerlander and in cooperation with other energy start-ups, they want to shape the energy future. “Markus Schulz of the start-up changers highlights: If we want to stop the climate change, we must work together.” “And he adds: the awareness in the management of resources is for the successful fight against climate change in the minds of all people indispensable energy.” Leopold von Bismarck, CEO (CMO) by tado, confirmed: collaborations and partnerships with like-minded people Companies, which products super complement each other, are very important for us to reach as many people as possible and to promote the energy transition.” Polarstern Polaris than does first energy supplier in Germany applies for each customer, the 100 percent green electricity or 100 percent eco gas, a family in a developing country, also to switch to alternative energy. This means that the families receive help in building an own micro biogas plant, powered by human and animal faeces there. The commitment of Polaris and its customers leads directly to a higher standard of living, reducing dirt and diseases. Above all, it is also an important contribution to the necessary global energy revolution. Because”, so repeated Florian Henle, co-founder of Polaris like again and again: climate and environment know no bounds. The energy transition can work ultimately only worldwide.” Changer changer enables anyone to produce even renewable electricity and thus its mobile information and Telecommunication appliances to provide. Business core is a scarce 100 gram lightweight solar module called Maroshi”and a wallet-sized battery, called Kalhuohfummi”. The device produces 4 watts of electricity per hour and makes it possible to communicate status updates about the amount of specially generated solar electricity directly through social networks.

The Phenomenon Of Man

Today we present a well-known site on the unknown mysteries of the unknown world. This site makes prominent front door of your unknown world and help you understand what's inside your world. When you have brought the pages of this sensational site, you are away; delightful and fascinating resource whose pages are filled with unique content. As you have probably noticed in the pages of this site contains articles, which will highlight to you some questions about issues not only unknown in the land, but some of the questions in the unknown person. In today's world there are more secrets and unexplained fenominalnyh phenomena.

And we're giving you a discreet opportunity to learn first what was once hidden under the stamp 'Secret'. Also, you can read many articles about the weird personalities and of unknown ability. Secrets of some of them will be posted on the pages of our site. With the help of our site you can find out who is a magician and assistant, who just wanted to earn money for your problems and diseases. Now you will not risk his family, and can access the true magicians and phenomenal people. Also on our site you can share your information and understand that you are a sorcerer or not. If you believe that a phenomenon, but your family and countrymen not want you to believe, and colleagues around you people just laugh, then you can contact support phenomena, which offers professional assistance and help to accurately and at 99, 9 per cent to determine: the phenomenon or phenomena you. If you are faced with something unknown and can not understand what it is, then you (in the case of capturing the phenomenon) may support this phenomenon by resorting to the help of our experts on unknown productions.

Amnesia And Alzheimers

This work will be an analysis of the different disorders are not attributable to a normal process of forgetting, such as Amnesia, and the different types, and temporal (temporary or permanent). Finally, treat the case of Alzheimer's disease, which is a cause of permanent amnesia more common in today's society. The Memory is essential for intelligent life. There is no better reason that this claim to be the choice of work to do a Las memoriae psychopathology. Discussion As part of the mnemonic is included, as counterpart, Oblivion. The function of this is to prevent data overload useless or of little use in the warehouse of memory. Following Ribot's laws, forget the latest first learned. A memory bit lost repeated evocative power.

A clear example, we have the case of languages: if not practiced, the words learned are being blurred. A novel stimulus that is associated by similarity, proximity or engrams everyday temporality, is less likely to be forgotten. And also the relationships of meaning rather than the facts remain poorly understood or confusing. It is easier to memorize if captures the main idea first and then the details. Repetition active interest and facilitate the concentration memorization. However, when memory loss is not attributable to a normal process of forgetting, it is stated that there Amnesia a "generic name. Amnesia we can define as total or partial inability to record, retain or recall information. According to the areas it covers, we can talk about various types of Amnesia: Amnesia Total, the individual loses his memory completely forgets his life.


Find free texts and images in digital form in print. Please send us a voucher copy. A recent survey by beauty24 shows two lingering trends: a spa services are increasingly reduce stress and on the other hand more and more Wellnessreisende looking for individual relaxation and seclusion. So what would be the perfect mother’s day gift for all mothers who bring successfully together in their everyday work and family? A beauty24 getaway with very much alone and anti-stress programme. Anti-stress days any stress is the clamped Mama fall off, if it is spoiled in Gillenfeld in Rhineland-Palatinate. The singing bowl massage triggers deep relaxation and well-being. At the latest, she kidnapped the foot reflexology treatment and the anti stress face treatment in another world.

“More information under: go/5789876 price: starting from 259 euro body and soul classic” a wellness weekend in bad Schandau promises relaxation for body and mind. The soothing highlights of this wellness offer are an exciting the senses Rose petal bath and a full body aromatherapy massage. Also which can be used Viva vital & medical SPA with Aurora bath and saunas to their heart’s content. There, MOM comes guaranteed completely relaxed home. More information under: go/5769672 price: from 191 euro time for me a very special experience awaits the MOM at the Castle Hotel in forest Hesse. The romantic ambience makes for an unforgettable short holiday with long-lasting effect. The champagne breakfast and the various Scrubs / massages relaxation not long is to wait.

For more information see: go/5773274 price: from 218 euro also beauty24 offers a special service for givers: is a Gutscheinkonfigurator available on the website. Here, you can select his favourite motif and write the name of the recipient in the form of a hint of aircraft in the sky or flowers on a meadow. About beauty24 the Wellness vacation Agency is one of the largest operators and intermediaries for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness holidays in Germany. Customers from more than 6,000 well-being feel programs in over 550 hotels choose the motto I live wellness”offer focusing in Europe. Beauty24 Spa is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the company with its committed for a healthy and sustainable life for years. This includes in particular a strong focus on regional offers. beauty24 wellness are available through, in travel agencies, TV and direct sales. The wellness consultant are their customers from 9 am to 7 pm the Wellness vacation hotline 01805 24 00 44 (14 cents / min from German landline, different prices from the mobile phone) or by email at as a guide to available. A constant quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The company was founded in the year 2000. Press contact: brand gold PR Manya Buschewski Gleditschstrasse 46, 10781 Berlin Tel. (030) 219-159 60; Fax. (030) 219-159 69

Service Prescription?

Long arrived the demand for service in the field of health. Senator Elizabeth Warren is often quoted as being for or against this. Successful positioning on the health care market of the future cannot do without service excellence. The deal making with the services provided by hospitals, clinics and physicians in the focus of critical viewing of service has moved since the discourse on health care reform”at the latest. Capped by a superb social system patients could take so far – largely free – medical services and certainly also once allowed bypassing with the scope, quality and success. Now in the age of increasing customer responsibility”in the health care sector: probed the customer, if the customer chooses, decides the customer …und of primarily the customer pays, suddenly focuses on aspects of the differentiation that promise added value and increase the profit for the customer the attention. Patients are no longer solely interested to maintain or restore your health, but increasingly on extra services”, by individuality, personality,. Relationship, relevance and in particular sense to the own welfare”can contribute.

From the previous compulsory health providers must suddenly optional wellness supporter”, should provide not only highly professional treatment results, but meet also insgeheime experience and entertainment needs of the customers. This includes not only the obvious inclusion in medical decisions, treatments and methods, but also the design of service atmosphere”, with personal needs, lifestyles and values the customers to take their doubtless bond. The patient of earlier days surrendered the regulations of the medical sovereign, the customer of today – well informed and with increasing entitlement attitude is as co-creator of the health service. Own experiences and social exchange in the network also sharpen views selection criteria of appropriate health care providers: customer orientation is a mere matter of course and Service excellence is worth already a recommendation. “Bottom line: A service recipe” not there yet. But an appropriate philosophy for healthcare providers would suitable, who want to position itself successfully in the future on a vast mass market and at the same time build on a reliable customer favor.

Themed Cruises Are sets the user-friendly travel shop is mainly due to a large pool of service since 2003 to the TMG group and can thus draw from an inexhaustible pool of possibilities. Through the cooperation with renowned tour operators you can find attractive early booking travel packages, as well as low-cost last-minute travel last minute. The travel office in Saarbrucken, Germany sets nationwide, especially on tours such as golf vacations, dive travel, handicapped travel, wellness, city trips, group tours and sports travel. The portal offers the latest travel deals, lots of information about the country and people, sightseeing and hotel recommendations firsthand. At the same time is also possible of the travel price comparison with all the information to your desired hotel. Because details are always as good as your timeliness, training and fact-finding missions be undertaken regularly, to perfect the own knowledge. In May 2008, and her colleagues travelled to participants of the travel agency Side in Turkey, to start an extensive pre-test place there. Were previous reviews in question and plumbed new, attractive tourist destinations which will now benefit the online offer. More detailed information and hotel recommendations, see contact: TMG travel agency Frank Schwegel Krughutterstrasse 82 D-66128 Saarbrucken fon: 0681-7094190 fax: 0681-702548 mob: 0151-51736914 email: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 E-Mail: Web:

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