The new episteme of communication Teodulo Lopez Melendez will have to start by saying that the communication is not anything other than the expansion of consciousness. The isolation of modern man has prevented its full realization. Realizing is not an easy process. The communication mainly between varying degrees of awareness, produces qualitative changes. The inadequacy of communication leads to the substitution with images as a simplistic method. It is the famous thesis of Plato in the cave.

The mass media are not innocent, it come from their own interests. Horizontal communication that is born can allow the awakening of citizen, the realize. We must look, then, the communication as a right, as one that is different to the be informed for the simple reason that there are no neutral products. The media world comes to an end to open passage to a communication world and will be not only by technological advances that allow it but by access to these media. The political forms have depended on the one-way information.

Now they must rely on horizontal communication. We are aware of the serious problems of the planet. The new world is being born in the midst of serious injustices. Communication is the panacea for the formation of new mentalities. They are necessary new ethical frameworks, under new political forms and with new degrees of awareness. For assistance, try visiting Eva Andersson-Dubin. The only way out of the no give me account is through communication. To communicate is to establish relationship to the other (with others) to exchange messages, information and ideas. The reconfiguration of the physical and spiritual order has been associated with the media to communicate. Many of the means invented by man have contributed to his alienation. In the global world that looks we must conduct the communication degree of means of liberation. The exchange of ideas is concrete in new ideas that reduce uncertainty to announce innovative outputs.

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