If it always dreamed about feeling like master and gentleman of the seas and it would like to spend its next vacations doing a cruise adriaticonavegando those waters of dream, we suggested to him to decide on the Croatia Croatia schooner schooner. The Croatia is a country with attractive a tourist flood and infrastructure more and more prepared to this end. The coast Dalmatian is a geographic region that is located in the Balkan coast that watches the Adriatic Sea and that extends by a thin earth strip. This region is well-known by its beauty and the great amount of islands that conform the archipelago. More than thousand islands, where just little more than sixty of them one is lived.

The proposal for its next vacations is that boat with crew in the Croatia resorts to the rent and navegue pro your waters without having you nothing else do who to dedicate itself to relax, to enjoy and to enjoy its vacations. The crew will be in charge to sail the boat, to cook to him, and to take care of to him in everything what needs. In addition, the exquisite schooner made basically in wood, owns all the comforts that can need on board for their days. Among them it counts on 6 staterooms with double beds, bath with hot water, clothes of bed, electricity through solar energy, and until connection to Internet. In addition between the crew members a cook includes itself and the proprietor of the schooner consequently has absolute guarantee of the continuous benefit during his demurrage in the Adriatic cruise. He will be able to choose between several itineraries which is the one of its preference based on its desires for the trip. Between the cities that will be able to know in the itinerary ones he is worth to mention those to him of Split which it is the regional capital, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Trogir, Twice, Komiza and Sipan, among others.

In all of them he will be able to lower and to cross them of way to also combine to his Adriatic cruise terrestrial vacations. In aim during his demurrage on board cruise schooner you will be able to relax, to take sun, to sail by the Adriatic, to know the islands his archipelago, to be soaked of the great historical culture that locks up the country or why no to realise diving activities. Also it will be able to enjoy to make purchases of typical products, typical food, and to undergo the sensation to feel like master and gentleman of the Adriatic during the days that its retirement lasts. In conclusion, you more up to 11 people more than can be member of your family, friendly or fellow workers, will be able to enjoy days of absolute rest and relax by waters of the Adriatic. In addition if the schooner counts on board on crew you will not have to worry about how driving the boat or what to cook but another person will make experienced it by you. PCRM pursues this goal as well. He does not doubt more to it, he plans his next vacations in time and he rents a schooner to cross the Croatia that surely will not regret.

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