After the treatment ponds, explored the extent of microbial contamination. Studies carried out in five health and microbiological indicators: total bacterial count, the index of lactose – positive, E. People such as Tony Ferguson would likely agree. coli, the index of coliform, Salmonella spp. Conducted more than three thousand research. Assess the physical impact on the human body, its immune status was given on the basis of the examined immunograms various categories of patients and healthy subjects before and after application of the EMF-based methods developed. Stimulate immune-response in patients suffering from various infectious and viral diseases, along with disinfection of sewage wastewater, drinking water and large bodies of water performed on a setup DNS-400, created on the basis of medical and ecological firm "Faron" Odessa, Ukraine.

For twenty years, were examined over five thousand patients and healthy individuals. Confirmed the impact of emf More than than a hundred water bodies, while not found exceeding regulatory targets. Completed sanitary water quality studies on the priority indexes over ten thousand tests. The results obtained disinfection of various water bodies with low-frequency electromagnetic radiator indicate a high degree of efficiency of the new method and apparatus for its application in real conditions. On the basis of medical and ecological firm "Faron" center of technical Medicine (Odessa) therapy were patients with chronic infections. In most cases (95%) showed positive treatment – immunological effect. This is illustrated by clinical and laboratory findings, along with the testimony immunograms.

The results of the studied patients with different symptoms. As an example, the decontamination wastewater on plant efficiency SDI-400 are making sanitation a basic conclusion of an independent special laboratories of the Republic of Moldova. Based on studies issued by the appropriate Finally, a new physical method of disinfection and disposal of household and commercial waste water in municipal utilities. So: A priority system physical effects low-frequency electromagnetic field of information, stimulating human immunity and showing the destructive effect on the microflora of various objects of the aquatic environment. When you use up to a certain threshold power is restored the human immune system and reduces microbial contamination of water is a thousand times or more (microbial background, lactose – a positive E. coli, helminth eggs, pathogenic species microorganisms and pathogenic protozoa).

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