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The most easy and effective solution to the problem – they trim. Sometimes the hair are ripped at the roots, it is not easy to detect with the naked eye. Here we need special equipment and professional assistance. Contamination of the environment strongly affects the hair. Carbon monoxide, all sorts of smoke, radiation, evaporation can not contribute to their health. Deteriorating not only hair but also the scalp. The only solution – is drawing special preparations for their care.

Small importance personal hygiene: when to develop in a room with air conditioning (which increases dry hair) and is surrounded by smokers, it is desirable to wash my hair every day a mild shampoo and do not leave home without a protective "screen" on the hair. Must always remember that the appearance and structure of the hair depends on the many reasons. Medicine, stress, infectious diseases, the physiological alteration of an organism associated with puberty, pregnancy, menopause, a negative impact on the structure of hair. Hair fade, become brittle and start falling. One of the most important conditions for hair growth is good nutrition. Milk products are very useful, because they stimulate the formation of vitamin "B" in digestive tract. A man grows by about 100,000 hairs, most of blonds – up to 140,000 are less likely to have brown hair – up to 90 thousand.

The hair on the head grows at a rate of 0,3-0,4 mm per day. The growth rate depends on age. Need bear in mind that hair loss by changing of the seasons naturally. Humble to the fact that with age the hair becomes less. The slow growth of hair tells mainly about the weakness of the nervous system, loss of hair – about hyperthyroidism; splitting hairs occurs from prolonged malnutrition, brittle hair – an indicator of intestinal dysfunction. When the hair begins to grow, they seem to be tougher, since they are short and equal length, hence the matter felt that frequent grooming makes hair thicker. In fact, the frequency of haircut does not affect the density of hair: the number of hair every person is programmed at the genetic level. Sedin – This is not a tragedy. Gray hair can only rejoice. The fact that the gray hair – a protective compensatory response of the body. The excessive nerve overload the human body reacts in different ways: someone they lead to myocardial infarction, someone has to gastric ulcer, and someone there just gray – the most innocuous response of the body and certainly, exactly, is the least painless. And if you confused white hair, then you can always find them paint. Often comb the hair brush! Good idea to alternate the combing of hair (especially long) comb, then brush, comb again – and so a few times. Ideally, if the comb is made from natural material – the horns or tree. Also useful to ruffle the hair, fluff up their hands. Hair at the same time necessary for them to receive the amount of oxygen, which contributes to breathing of the scalp. Once a week, always brush massage brush hair: Take a rare brush and gently release it from the hair and dust, then – a good rinse under hot running water. Dry on a napkin. Once a month to disinfect the brush. To do this, sprinkle it with alcohol or cologne and dry in the fresh air. Brush will be in perfect order, and your hair – shiny and beautiful.

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