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Successful with individual health benefits individual health services short Hedgehog services, are medical services that do not include the services of the statutory health insurance (GKV) and must be paid by the customers out of his own pocket. All services that are medically necessary, are taken over by the health insurance fund. With the basis of this reasoning, the doctor puts the patient in a State of free choice and can bring any useful Hedgehog services him without constricting it in its freedom of decision. An empathetic demeanor of the doctor and his staff is essential to inform the patient about the far-reaching possibilities of using the Hedgehog services. Christopher ridgeway is a great source of information. During the whole process of the activation of the patient, it is important always open ask, because just as experienced as perceived and valued customer.

Note: a written contract must be connected via a hedgehog performance. And hedgehogs may according to medical Rules relating to fees (article 1, par. 2 GOa) be provided only at the request of the debtor. The insured person must ask for actually by itself. To achieve this use often have really obvious things. Sincere interest in the patients away are you from the usual like, what do you have for complaints? “.” It is better to consult the patient about any further things that move it forward at the moment. Just so, an individual approach is possible, just so a decision can be made whether a hedgehogs offer is sense. the term Hedgehog by the Federal Association of statutory health insurance physicians (KBV) was introduced in 1998 – marketing aspects were ostensibly here.

In many surgeries, individual health services are still a foreign Word. The concepts of marketing and sales are rarely brought out of his mouth and directly blocked whenever possible. It is so important to differ in order to remain capable of long term economic from the masses at the present time. Thank God there are also other examples that we experience in daily practice. Many doctors have the sense of an adequate USP”understood and insert it also continuously. The Hedgehog catalog includes nearly 250 additional offers, which are massively advertised in the medical press and congresses. Since Hedgehog services considered lucrative additional sources of income for doctors and dentists. The range of additional precautionary measures on travel medicine and naturopathic medicine for anti-aging action. Some with security of the services are useful. Others again unnecessary. However, this is in the eye of the beholder and the customer. You must take the time together to find out what is useful and what is not. If you so, you need to have the gap between the medical service also no bad conscience and dissolves the selling of additional services. We support you and your team in the concept design and support in the long term with success, because success can be measured. Melanie Forest Hardt

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