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Also, the stomach faster than solid foods digested fluids so that you get hungry soon after a smoothie. The healthiest and also tired of making alternative means to make Smoothie yourself again! You need a blender, vanilla Frappe, Quark or yoghurt and fruits of the season at its own discretion. The amapur vanilla Frappe is particularly suitable, as it skimmed-milk powder and milk protein also guar a natural, fibrous ballast and source material from a subtropical bean variety that keeps blood sugar levels constant and saturates contains. Robert Greene addresses the importance of the matter here. As fruit apricots, peaches, pears, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, currants, plums and apples are now and in the coming weeks. In the first step, they are gutted and washed. After the fruits in the mixer are done mashed, either until you can juice Refrigerate or eat right. For extra fresh ice cubes or slightly crushed ice to can be used in all following recipes still 2-3. Amazing, how fast to mix so delicious smoothies – whether for breakfast or as a snack calorie – leave (see system or below).

So taste the fruits of late summer and autumn can come! About amapur: Amapur as brand Hans Desaga stands for quality and healthy, sustainable weight reduction after the groundbreaking nutrition concept by Dr. for a healthy, lean life at any age. Since 2003 amapur individual health and nutrition concepts offers, which are sold through pharmacies and the Internet. Unilateral diets, radical cures and drug Appetithemmer rejects amapur. The wide range of proven Swiss quality products to the dietary whole food nutrition is based on natural ingredients. amapur carries the quality seal of the Swiss society for anti-aging medicine and prevention (SSAAMP). Decades of clinical experience amapur products the first choice for singles, professionally clamped people make performance and recreational athletes as well as all that, where their health and power is at the heart: amapur it’s my life! More information: Reiner Merz PR T: 06109 5035831 q: 06109 5035832 E: W:

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