Health And Slenderness

As is widely believed that the positive value of physical exercise on health, it should be noted that physical exercise can also be matched by a series of negative effects, especially when performed in an inadequate way the imprescisi n in the type of exercise, volume, frequency and intensity of your performance and goals we will achieve. Positive value of exercise in the slim body of anelderly Hollywood overtraining, the sharp pressure from the media and advertising in ideal physical appearance, not only reflected in eating disorders in women, such as bulimia and anorexia, but is also affecting the men through a variety of disorders called EDNOS (eating disorder not specified).Also known as “vigorexia” or “muscle strain” the disorder is an obsession with the body that affects most to the men and takes them to exercise excessively in order to tone your muscles more and more without ever to a state of conformity. People affected by this disorder come to feel that exercise is not doing enough and even eat and drugs such as anabolic steroids to achieve the image you want. These people may stop going to events because they do not feel comfortable with your body, come out of their jobs for not wanting to interrupt the exercise and in fact continue exercising even enduring pain and injuries. As happens in anorexia, this condition ultimately affects the image of the person who acquires a muscular appearance but still does not show because he feels ashamed of himself and believes that his body is not muscular enough yet.Generally, to obtain appropriate adaptive responses to exercise in adults it should be noted that minimal stimuli do not produce adaptation, intermediate provide optimal and maximum responses can lead to dangerous situations. The planning exercise should be conducted every respect, but giving preference to the development of resistance, flexibility, coordination and muscle conditioning. It may be desirable to enhance a muscle group deficit at the start of aerobic conditioning. Not adequately rehabilitate the muscles needed can lead to recurrent injury and abandonment of fitness programs. When the individual takes time without doing a sport or have not ever done, caution will be taken at the beginning of conditioning, stress intensities recommending soft, about 3-4 METs, with slight increases every 3 to 4 weeks. Supervision by a trained professional is necessary in this group.Whether the recommendations are made by technical staff to individuals considered in isolation, as if done from public health services through campaigns or health education programs, it is necessary to clearly define the objectives to be achieved, the type of and recommended exercise intensity, frequency and duration. The program always well advised to age, sex, health status, constitution, physical and personal interest. By indicating a program of physical exercise is necessary to consider some key variables in order to the proper conduct of the activity.

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