Here The Stuffed Animals To Life Awaken

Press release of the young Internet GmbH Berlin, August 11, 2008 – today children grow up naturally with the Internet. According to the KIM study 2006, communicate, or 76 percent of the girls and 85 percent of boys to play at least once a week on the Internet. But the many offers for young Internet users do not meet the expectations of demanding parents. Bollykids is a cheerful and colorful virtual world where children can play and learn from 4 years without advertising and under high security aspects. At the heart of Bollykids are cute, friendly characters – Bollies. Each child chooses a Bolly stuffed animal that comes together with the unlock code home first.

With the unlock code, you can enable the Bolly online, give it a name, and enter the online world. Through the combination of the stuffed animal in the real world with the figure in the virtual space, the first steps in the Internet facilitates play & learn great emphasis is placed on, the young users various are in particular the youngest Skills, while they take care of their Bollies. So they know, for example, the importance of healthy eating sweets make their Bolly in the short term, although happy, but his health suffers. Thanks to the child-friendly and exciting online games, have the children not only fun, but train also their memory and playfully learn numbers. The Laws of Human Nature has firm opinions on the matter. Ad-free content the entire appearance of is completely free of advertising. The site is financed exclusively through the sale of Bolly – stuffed animals. With the purchase, users receive not only a high-quality toys, but also for 6 months access to the virtual world.

Thus the consistent quality and development is guaranteed the site will cease in the future on advertising. About is a project of the young Internet GmbH in Berlin, which specializes in virtual worlds for children. In addition to the gameplay is the playful learning in the foreground. After Panfu, the now Europe several million users Bollykids is the second virtual world for kids, the approximately 150-person team care. Bollykids was launched, in particular the younger children entering the Internet to facilitate and to give first media literacy in a secure environment. Bollykids press contact: Agnieszka M. Walorska phone: + 49 (0) 30-80 20 87 410 E-Mail:

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