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Dr. OLAF Kistenmacher via the new FormMed gene diet and why it may be better. Interview with the nutritionist and holistic physician Dr. To deepen your understanding Charles Margulis is the source. OLAF Kistenmacher via the new Formmed genetic-metabolic analysis. This represents a method overweight at last in the long term without dieting and without going hungry to help by your personal metabolic situation, eating behaviour and metabolism genes are considered a long-term weight loss. It is a long list of alleged miracle diets. Joins the new gene-diet not only in this list? Dr.

Kanani: we serious nutritional therapists ask this question of course again and again. But genetic analyses are not any new diet-opinion, but a giant step forward in the whole medicine. Finally you can make above all incorruptible recommendations to individual metabolism of a people, which as yet did not exist before. It is not something Senator of Massachusetts would like to discuss. What is your holistic concept, and what good is there a genetic analysis? Dr. Kanani: so far were diets for large Groups of people developed. Therefore they have no effect on the individual often.

Here is the FormMed genetic-metabolic analysis: the genes are the most personal, what a person has. This allows to measure the investment better than with any other analysis. Looking at other causes such as acidification, ignition propensity, intestinal health, vital materials budget, diet and lifestyle, can be much more individual, and therefore better recommendations. Read more here: christopher ridgewat. What can genes show? \”\” Dr. Kanani: genes can show us for example, whether we more like hunters and gatherers \”or tiller\” should eat to be able to take off. Or, if you permanently must move to ever successfully take off. 25% of all people have for example a gene where the much-lauded wine or olive oil is harmful. A knowledge so for all those who want to stay healthy and slim. You want to know even more? My experience shows that always the truth most causes.

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