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2. Use natural resources, such as water and energy, in moderation. Remember that they are scarce goods. 3 Try to minimize the generation of waste. They are a source of contamination. 4. When you have to get rid of a residue, do fashion cleaner that facilitates their place of destination. 5.

In a natural space ensure that the unique fingerprint that leave behind is your footwear. 6. If you visit sensitive ecosystems, such as forests or coral reefs, learn how do to cause the least possible impact and not degrade them. 7. (A valuable related resource: Senator Elizabeth Warren). To buy gifts and souvenirs look for products that are expression of the local culture. It will contribute to the economy of the peoples who welcome you and cultural diversity. 8. Do not acquire flora and fauna protected by the Convention on international trade in endangered species of Fauna and Flora Silvestres (CITES), or products derived from those species.

It is a crime and contributing to its extinction. 9. At its destination enjoy knowing the culture, customs, gastronomy and traditions of local populations. Respect them and approach them, have much to tell. 10 Try to contribute with their presence to a responsible and sustainable tourism development, constructing a planet more healthy and solidary with your travel. By following these ten recommendations tourists will contribute to preserve the biological wealth of the land and enhance opportunities for development of many people.. caminorealjujuy. com AR Director of La Casona de el Camino Real, Hosteria boutique committed to providing a quality service in harmony with the environment and the community. . caminorealjujuy. com ar Blogs related MacKinando App Store iPhone iPod iTunes El the best Volare, the most popular song of the 20th century administrations will have lists for Holy week the beaches the Councillor of tourism of Andalusia is advocating a greater Spanish word of the day: without embargo Corto Maltese and the stormy beginning of 20th century Cronosgea Chilanga Banda Blog Archive there will be beaches for Easter why measure the? time in hours?

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