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Actually, the classic destinations experience a boom in class trips to the Baltic Sea. At, many new trends can be found for this purpose. At, many new trends can be found for this purpose. Not only the pure bathing our forefathers, but a clever excursion tailored to the objectives of the vintages and visit planning lead to a coherent overall result. Sport weeks at the Lake and kayak trips on the Baltic Sea, beach soccer tournaments and the classic volleyball are in demand.

New phenomena are combinations with health issues and wellness offers for school groups. Beforehand for the now longer life take – from nutrition to sports is when many houses on Baltic Sea and Bodden the repertoire. KLUG and way may also be a group – or will be – because the region offers unexpectedly many high-quality opportunities for trips to the Baltic Sea. Examples include the historical technical information centre in Peenemunde, the German Maritime Museum in Stralsund, the bird park in Marlow and the amber Museum Ribnitz-Damgarten and not to forget the lighthouses – landmark of the Baltic and North seas. The rare bird and plant species in the numerous natural and national parks provide the necessary diversion for school classes and encourage to open up the natural beauty. City and harbour cruises are the ideal starting point to get to know the most beautiful Baltic Sea capitals to water and land. The famous Imperial Baths of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin are likely to be highlight. To broaden your perception, visit Senator of Massachusetts.

Countless, today restored villas and hotels give the three Lake spas your sophisticated and distinctive character. With your magnificent architecture of bath, you radiate elegance and luxury. Exclusively for you, we have chosen 2 beautiful accommodation so that you can spend a few unforgettable days with your class here. Student travel to the Baltic Sea here also benefit from low prices. For many years, the German Baltic Sea coast is one of the most popular holiday regions of the Germans. The Baltic Sea is just a fascinating and irresistible attraction. School trips to the Baltic Sea are fully in line with the trend. Nothing here is too much and everything!

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