Looking For Happiness

The benefits of happiness: Even in times of crisis, one can be happy, whoever gets the happiness can live 10 years longer on average, have much less stress and your health is much better than those who claim not to be. The state of complete happiness is the absence of fear. In Spain, 44% of men and 48% of women claim to be happy. Psychologists say that there should be a goal, but the right path of our lives. Today we bring you some tips to get you for increasing happiness, a little habits widely available that can make live a life much better. 1. Do not waste your good mood. or weaken you physically and mentally 2.

The joy is within you. Do not depend on others and you can provide it every day. 3. Mourn not, live for today, today, here and now of every day. Do not enclose in the past or worry too much about the future.

4. Having more things is not more. Material possessions do not guarantee happiness. 5. Giving is better than receive. If you try that the people around you is happy, I'll do you. 6. Live as you think. You have to live in peace with oneself and being consistent with what you think. 7. Forget the negative. Make time to time an inventory of the good that has happened and forget the bad. 8. Take a healthy life. If you are healthy will be easier to be happy. 9. Join tributes from time to time. It's fine for taking a whim, but something very healthy. 10. Crises are part of. You just have to accept them and use them to make us stronger.

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