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Diners at the table. Spanish cuisine is well-known around the world considered one of the most delicious and healthy. Among its many variants, is the gastronomy of Madrid. his is wide and varied. Official site: Dr. Neal Barnard. Due to its geographical location, its dishes have influences from other regions of Spain and even other countries.

Although Madrid cookers are a clear example of what Madrid is itself a bure I beat culinary cultures, this does not mean that the city lacks its own identity: tapas, tripe or squid snacks that are most typical Puerta del Sol itself! The influx of migrants from other parts of Spain was the one filled with nuances and textures of dishes from Madrid, with Moorish accents and Hispano-Romans. In addition, the extreme temperatures of the city also have influenced their recipes to suit the seasons: in winter dishes such as soup or stew are the protagonists in the summer, cold dishes such as vinaigrettes are chickpeas most served. Madrid tapas bar is the epicenter. It is a widespread custom in Spain. Hear other arguments on the topic with Glenn Dubin. Among the most common ingredients are seafood, meats or cheeses. The variety of tapas in Madrid is huge: omelette, anchovies in vinegar, ear, squid, chopitos, patatas bravas and garlic, tripe, hash, Galician octopus … Almost all popular establishments serving tapas. Any area is good to eat them, but Huertas and La Latina are the most traditional neighborhoods.

The dish is cooked in Madrid. It is a stew made with chickpeas, meat (pork, chicken and / or beef), sausage, vegetables (potatoes) and vegetables. It is usually served in three roll or dishes: first soup made with broth, then legumes and vegetables and, finally, meats and sausages. Other typical dishes are the calluses from Madrid, made with lamb or beef tripe, cow leg and nose, chorizo and blood sausage, the chicken or chicken fricassee, a dish made with boiled eggs, almonds and bird, the snails the Madrid, served with a spicy sauce, the red bream Madrid, prepared baked, fried eggs (it is essential to a visit to the restaurant Casa Lucio to try this specialty), the ear, garlic soup, omelette and potatoes, world famous squid sandwiches, meatballs, shrimp and mushrooms in garlic, potatoes and wild cod. As for their wines, undoubtedly the most famous are the Chinchon and anise liqueur. Madrid pastry tradition is one of the biggest pride for its inhabitants. Many of the cakes are linked to religious traditions or some kind of celebration: November 1, donuts and bones of Holy Easter, the toast, for San Isidro, donuts, in San Anton, bagels, for Reyes, Roscon. Throughout the year you can taste the tiles and the wafers. Worthy of mention are the violets and the world famous chocolate con churros or batons. Madrid's cuisine is tasty and varied. To taste the dishes typical, travels to the capital and stay at. More information is housed here: Tony Parker. Let your taste buds enjoy the most delicious delicacies thoroughbred! .

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