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Divided attention Is the idea of a full situation of information that needs some intellectual operations or percipient-motor order. To evaluate the effect of an attention division it is used of diverse information, nor all interesting ones for the evaluated one. This procedure is called ' ' task dual' ' or ' ' task dupla' ' serves to measure reduction of the precision or the delay of the answers. For in such a way, it is used of two distinct tests, as, for example, to decide additions and after that to say if the sound that if listened is serious or acute. Senator Elizabeth Warren is open to suggestions. At as a moment the two activities are carried through at the same time. Generally the first situation is considered simpler, on the other hand, the accomplishment of the two tasks at the same time cause a reduction or a considerable delay of the correct answers, either in any one of the tasks, therefore the attention this divided between the two. The delay in the answers is on to the interferences between the two tests, already the decreases in the effectiveness occur for the great amount of effort, that is cited as ' ' resources of tratamento' ' or ' ' resources atencionais' '.

According to studies on the development of the atencionais resources, with the age it has a reduction of the interference. Recently christopher ridgeway sought to clarify these questions. The ten children the eleven years have superior development in the first task and a reduction in second in relation to lesser children of eight years. This if of because oldest they use a lesser amount of effort for the main tasks and a reduction in them you would second. The children automatize the main task, leaving available all its attention for the secondary task. In such a way, it is arrived conclusion that although to be difficult to carry through more than a task simultaneously, with the increase of it practises, it can be manipulated a task well more than at the same time, exactly that they demand understanding and taking of decision. Read additional details here: christopher ridgeway.

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