Maria Elena Moyano

Runs the backdrop and begin to baste fantasy, creativity and hope, the work of six one-person worlds self-proclaimed sand and mats. Avenida Los Alamos, in Villa El Salvador, hides among its blocks a different from their neighbors House: it would go unnoticed but holding scenes of social denunciation on the facade. And still the arena his closest companion, this peculiar House Theatre is known as the center of art and culture Arena and mats. For even more opinions, read materials from Senator of Massachusetts. Its interior has been prepared with the intent of simulating an amphitheatre. Their side bleachers are now empty and over them lie mist scrolls each winter morning. Suddenly, an imaginary curtain rises. Mist penetrates the stage, dance entangled in the movements of a petite figure, moving to the same beat with that drives carefree – their juggling clavas.

As this activity was for him a secret skill, hid under the pseudonym of Nico. Since ago five years; Nico contemplates, diligent, their clavas rising sheltered by the fire. The flames subject to the tyranny of the wind draw hesitant silhouettes. The clavas alternate in the air and back into his hands, while one of them dares to fly higher: shines in the sky. Flames pegboards on eyes timidly inquisitors of Nico, until the torch falls. I started to juggle at traffic lights in the Centre from the ten because I needed to help my family. A few years ago, a member of Arena and mats saw me and invited me to join me, says trying to sketch a smile. VOICES after the BACKDROPS when Nico came to sand and mats, discovered that his art became a vocation and a dose of discontent became the potion that drove the founding of this collective, the work of six young, led by Ana Sofia Pinedo. In 1992, following the murder of Maria Elena Moyano, we decided to form sand and mats because we didn’t believe that everything that had been built in Villa El Salvador, with so much strength and organization, were destroyed by terrorist violence, He says while his hands are found and are accompanied by a dispassionate tone in the voice.

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