Marsa Alam

About the resort of Marsa Alam – a new, rapidly growing popularity of the resort, located on the Red Sea. The Coast Resort, is a huge beach stretching for many miles, with a large number of small coves, where a good time. The entire resort is divided into several zones, each of which priority is given to one or another form of rest. In one district, primarily engaged in diving because the bottom of the abundant coral reefs, sunken ships and a large number of exotic fish in another location, pleasant surfing and windsurfing. In Marsa Alam built many modern hotels, are of high quality service. At the same time – a small hotel in the Arab style. Endocrinologist understands that this is vital information. It does not build high-rise hotel complexes.

But nevertheless, we can find any number of price categories. Therefore, all taken together – And the beautiful beaches and great hotels, clean water and rich underwater flora and fauna, all this attracts more and more tourists. From the history of the past, this place was a small, unremarkable, fishing village. But after the cessation of hostilities, and peace was established and the Egyptian government decided to develop the tourism industry here has begun a construction boom. Was built tourist infrastructure, were allowed charter flights, and Marsa Alam is quickly turned into a city with a population of fifty thousandth. And then he became known as one of the best resorts. But the city has not stopped in its development, and continues to purposefully develop and flourish. One of the first hotels, distinguished by its beauty and unusual concept, which combines the beauty of nature and national character, became a hotel 'Kahraman Mars Alam '. The hotel is a complex of small houses surrounded by trees and greenery around which flow streams, with thrown over their delicate bridges.

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