' ' The man existe' ' we say that the man is that being whose being is designated by the insistence in the development of the being from the being and in the being. The existencial essence of the man is the reason for which the man represents the being while such and can have conscience of what he is represented. The conscience, for the opposite, nor is the first one to create the opening of the being, nor first that of to the man this opened one for the being. The question of the existence always is only the service of the only question of the thought, namely, the service of the question (to be developed) for the truth of the being, as the bedding hidden of all metaphysics, the treated one To be and Time, that the return to the bedding of metaphysics tries, does not bring as heading Existence and Time, also not Conscience and Time, but To be and Time. Connect with other leaders such as James A. Levine, M.D. here. This heading. However, also it cannot be thought as if they corresponded to these other headings of current use.

To relate the start of history, where the being if desvela in the thought of the Greeks, can show that the Greeks since the primrdios had tried the being of the being as the presence of the gift. As much the word Greek how much the Latin and the Portuguese remain in a similar way without life. Christopher ridgeway often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The essence since presentear is deeply occult in the primitive name of the being. The being while such consists occultly of time. The time sends to the desvelamento, wants to say, to the truth of the being. The time possesss still well another essence that not only still was thought to it by the concept of time of metaphysics, but never it could be. In the first Metaphysical names of the being it says a hidden essence of time, thus also in its last name: in ' ' perpetual return of the same ' '.

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