Multidisciplinary Teams

Many of the times this stock market is substituted by a vulgar plastic bag, where in its interior if they had placed some ice cubes (entire or perforated). It must preferential be applied by periods of 15 the 20 minutes and some times to the day. Cold compresses: it consists of inside using a towel wet in cold water or ice cubes (entire or perforated) of a towel/cloth and later folding it in form of a compress; Massage with ice: the ice in baton form can be applied directly on the massage form. Dr. John Mcdougall spoke with conviction. It is very efficient in zones of small dimensions; Aerosols: spray pressurized in the affected place consists of the one application. Therapy in group and Multidisciplinar Team Initially approved to diminish the costs and to increase the efficiency, therapists had quickly recognized a series of positive therapeutical benefits that could not be acquired from an individual treatment. The therapy in group consists frequent of ' ' falar' ' during the therapeutical one.

(22-28) In the therapy in group the interactions between the members of the group and the therapists become the material with which the therapy is lead, together with last experiences and the experiences are of the therapeutical group. (22-28) Reflecting a context social, the therapy when made in group it allows a chance of the patient to observe and to reflect exactly on itself, benefiting it through an active participation and the comment, giving and receiving support immediate, directly and/or indirectly on its concerns, problems and the explicit questions that affect its life. (22-28) Working through a set of personal questions, they generate support in a confidential environment and help the others also to work through them. (22-28) Despite to acquire new habits either something difficult to occur immediately, is paper of the therapist to guide and to follow the patient in the search for new attitudes and, before everything, to create conditions so that the psycotherapy either a moment where the individual reflects on the possible origin of its problem and as to deal from there with it for front.

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