New Mexico Man-hours

So most of us have never experienced this process of pure 68 seconds of energy not contradictory. 17 + 17 + 17 + 17 = 68 seconds Abraham gives us the following information: 17 seconds is equivalent to 2,000 man-hours (almost a year of 40 hours of work per week) 34 seconds equals 20,000 man-hours (or almost ten years of work) 51 seconds is equivalent to 200,000 man-hours (or 100 years of work!) 68 seconds equals 2,000,000 two million! man-hours u horas-mujer (or almost 1000 years of work) If you learn to use this process of pure thought not contradictory for just 68 seconds, then hours of work or the action would become irrelevant. Here is a story of a person who used this technique of 68 seconds. I had a demonstration of how to create / manifest when he was going on vacation to New Mexico, some time ago, he was driving from the stretch of watermelon and realized that there was one thing I needed to do in Albuquerque and was to see a corre-caminos. Never in my life seen one and although he had already fun me enough that all week, watching all sorts of animals birds had never seen before, Eagle owls etc., but what had not yet been observed was a corre-caminos. So I was driving down the road with my friend Kate talked for 68 seconds about how wonderful the Road Runner, the funny thing is, how much that we would be able to find us with one of them and as well that we had spent those days in New Mexico. After this, we tacked on a curve, from which could be look a little closer and guess who… a corre-caminos! Kate turned on U and we spent about ten minutes, appreciating this wonderful experience, he or she, was cleaned was on the fence for awhile and we even had opportunity of taking a few pictures, front and profile, then jumped and raced to reach a lizard that is pierced his, then returned to the fence and flapped a bit in a move that seemed of mating and disappeared.

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