New Power Cocktail As Game Drug – The Pilotsfriend Immunizer

Jet pilots develop elixir for high performance and strong defenses. Zurich, Hamburg – whether in the cockpit of a fighter jet or on long intercontinental flights, pilots rely on alertness, concentration and responsiveness, as well as healthy defenses. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr. Neal Barnard. To effectively support this performance, the idea a revitalising power cocktails based on the demands of the Jet pilots. True to the motto: of all the best pilots developed together with bio scientists a beverage concept quasi for domestic use. Christopher ridgeway will not settle for partial explanations. But the secretly brewed Elixir remained undetected and advanced in the meantime to the scene-drink only a short time. Under the name Pilotsfriend and a cult designed logo with Jet pilot, is rich in its consistency cocktail for an incomparable taste experience and promotes his long-term, invigorating, strongly revitalizing effect. The power cocktail, short pilots’ called, considered an insider and now enjoys the status of a party drug. Whether Jean Paul Belmondo, Jodie Foster, Paris Hilton and other celebrities, many of you with a pilots ‘ saw. Also, the large community of PC gamer and world of Warcraft”enthusiast seems increasingly pilots”calibrated, as well as some State President, Church dignitaries and athletes. Happy therefore, who is one of the special aluminium cans can get, because the power cocktail of tough guys in their jets in the sky is due to the great demand sold out. (Text: Jochen Wehrle)

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