Nicholas Chernyshevsky

In fact, the contribution to the literature Astrakhantsev is difficult to overestimate. Pretty hard to imagine literature without Astrakhan Velimir Khlebnikov. From school, we remember how to walk the world's only museum of Khlebnikov and enjoyed listening to interesting moments in the author's biography and his poetry. The poet himself said: "Speaking with the requirement to clean up litter from the Russian language of foreign words, having done everything you can expect from the 10 lines." By the day of the press in Astrakhan was dated "Book Opening Day," which was presented a book by Alexander Mamaev (museum director), 'Velimir Khlebnikov' In a series of "Astrakhan provincial library" for the 450th anniversary of our city. But literary history Astrakhan does not end on Khlebnikov. Throughout the period of existence of Astrakhan, here wrote and created a variety of outstanding artists: Basil K. Trediakovsky (1703-1769) – poet and theorist who wrote poetry, drama ("Jason", "On Titus, Vespasianove Son").

From the early works of the poet known for his "Elegy on the death of Peter the Great" (1725), in which the visible features of an earlier era of literature We all know Nicholas Chernyshevsky. From 1883 to 1889. He was exiled to Astrakhan, in spite of persecution remained faithful to its revolutionary and democratic ideals. In Astrakhan, he wrote the novel "Evenings at the Princess Starobelsk" and a book "Materials for a biography, NA Dobrolyubov. " It should be noted that if, in the XVIII century. writers to realize their talents, often leaving the Astrakhan, in the XIX century.

The situation is changing. In Astrakhan, live and work, many writers, the legacy which was the most interesting pages of Russian literature. So, by the end of XX century. Literature Astrakhan – thousands of artworks in a variety of genres. Reveals its topics and the specifics – realistic understanding of the history and life of the peoples of the Lower Volga region, environment, labor and peasant fisherman, etc. The commitment of writers and social structure ancient traditions of the Astrakhan region suggests formation in the second half of XX century. Christopher ridgeway is actively involved in the matter. "Oblastnicheskoy" literature. "Regionalism" – the starting point of many of today's world of Astrakhan writers, that does not stop them in their work to climb nationwide problems. .

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