Ovarian Cysts

Many of us don’t know ovarian cysts and have little information in this regard, the first everything there is to know that they are ovarian cysts; ovarian cysts are tumors that occur in the ovary and found full of liquid, and are characterized by presenting abdominal swelling and menstrual disorders. At the moment in which the vast majority of women presented this problem will surely be scared and will not know what to do. Ovarian cysts are very common, so if at some point you get an ovarian cyst you must not think you’re the only gives you so don’t feel sad or something similar. It is very important that when you present a cyst of ovary, you enter into panic, you simply must seek treatments for you to disappear them, now tell you what are some of the home remedies so that you can eliminate ovarian cysts. The advantage of the home remedies is that you can prepare them from the comfort of your home and in some cases are more effective than medical treatments. These are some of the natural treatments to combat ovarian cysts: two pounds of beet 1.Consigue, afterwards make it a beet juice; then you get half a liter of honey cane molasses revuelves with sugar beet, after that, put in a glass container the juice you did beet and cane molasses, tops it and keep it in the fridge. After that you have to drink three cups a day, a Cup in fasting and the other two cups after meals. You must do this for two months.

This recipe contains many vitamins, minerals, iron, I folic acid and magnesium among others. This recipe has multiple properties in the Elimination of tumors. And as you can see his preparation and the way in which you must consume it is quite easy. 2 Get honey, lime juice, tequila and Aloe Vera or aloe vera pulp. Then, each ingredient get a Cup, or that. A cup of honey * a cup of lemon juice * a cup of tequila * a cup of Aloe Vera pulp or alore vera after you have that mixes all the ingredients in the Blender and made in a glass with lid container and put them to the fridge overnight. The next day, you take a drink on an empty stomach. That do you every day only in fasting. My name is Carla Diaz, I have a page to help all women with his problem of cysts of ovaries and in the page may find treatment for ovarian cyst. For more information visit.

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