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New Years Eve Travel

Wellness holiday over Christmas and new year’s Eve 2010 in Poland: pure relaxation and wellness include a special time at favourable prices Berlin, September 2010 Christmas and new year. You can spend these holidays in a very special way. And a short break over Christmas and new year’s Eve in a spa hotel is a very special way to commit the most beautiful days of the year and the end of the year. It is hotels with luxury ambience, providing exclusive wellness services. Guests can enjoy a breeze of fresh sea or mountain air, hike or the atmospheric Christmas and new year’s Eve celebration at the Wellness Centre relax and pamper. Who is planning a holiday for Christmas and new year’s Eve, should look at the offers in Poland. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Because in this country, you can spend a nice and inexpensive vacation.

The Polish Spa Hotels have put together attractive Christmas and new year’s Eve specials for every taste. For those who celebrate Christmas and the new year properly and it also still perfectly want to pamper and want for those who experience the end of the year just two away from the big crowds. Here, guests expect atmospheric Christmas and new year’s Eve balls with accompanying live music or DJ, midnight fireworks, varied and diverse gourmet buffets, culinary delights over the whole holiday, great entertainment, free use of the wellness area and especially the magnificent Polish hospitality. Poland offers interesting in the Internet via the independent travel portal for a holiday over Christmas and new year’s Eve in selected Polish Spa Hotels. Sea or mountain lovers, whether with the family, as a couple or alone provider according to his preference and the budget takes place at the right offer for the most beautiful days of the year.

Poland – online Wellness vacation Agency Web: corporate information / short profile: specialises in the online travel agency Poland for wellness – and beauty – travel, health tourism and Spa in Poland. Get all the facts and insights with PCRM, another great source of information. Since 2009 Poland offers targeted for exclusive spa and holiday appropriate Spa Hotels and individual spa vacation in medical wellness and Spa Hotels. Poland relies on high quality standards. Thanks to insider knowledge, good wellness hotels and health resorts in Poland can be carefully selected. For providing the services, customers owe the Agency no fee. Poland is available in the Internet through the independent travel portal.


Farmville has become one of the online most popular games within the social network Facebook, this game relies on bring forward a farm. You will be solely responsible for crops and animals and farmer. You will have several plots in which you will have to cultivate and avoid them to break down, you will have to feed and take care of your cows, chickens and other animals to make them your pets, among other things. You can take this as a guide for Farmville deTrucos after which you will get increase your farm assets and be the best Farmville farmer. 1 Cheat farmville cheats Guide: should take into account the time that will take the harvest if we do not reach in time to pick it up, will it rot and we will have lost everything invested, why it’s important to calculate when demos start to sow. 2 trick: it is not recommended to save, here do not pay us interest so best thing is spending (or reverse, depending how you look) as much as possible. You should invest the money in trees, crops, animals, anything that makes that expand your farm. trick 3: Ten friends, send friendship requests to your friends (from the MyNeighboars tab).

More friends you have, if you visit them at least once a day earn experience helping them and money, which is highly recommended. 4 trick: when you start session can send gifts, don’t hesitate to do it each time you begin, will surely get back gifts. The good thing is that send gifts qualify for free. 5 trick: takes care of your animals, when they reach 100% of their capacity to produce various products such as milk, wool, eggs, which you can sell to sacer more money. 6 trick: build, buy buildings, as well as leave your most beautiful farm, you will acquire experience. 7 trick: more neighbors have more you can expand your farm, so you already know, to send invitations to all your friends! 8 trick: trees, when they reach 100% give fruits that you can sell, so now you know, plant much. 9 Trick: everytime you log in you get coins, so seeks to enter several times during the day if you need to get friends (friends have many advantages) can visit the next group, where there are more people looking for the same thing:. Enjoy the moment to stop one of the best free online games. Original author and source of the article.

Psychological Defenses

A person unknowingly takes decision to deny all these feelings of detention, ie, displace them. Unconsciously decide what defense he used in the future (projection, a fantasy of grandeur, splitting ), what strategy is most effective for maintaining the effect of psychological defense and give confidence that the conscious perception would be limited only enjoyable. As far as you can see, the process of psychological defense is rather complicated and every time it comes to what is awareness of the need to avoid some unpleasant feelings. Here you can say this, that the explicit wishes, the ones I understand, those that seem meaningful to me are always accompanied by implicit (hidden) unconscious emotions. These differentiated protection processes prevent direct confrontation with conflict and make it more difficult to make informed decisions.

Speaking about the processes psychological defenses in cases of psychopathology, it may be noted that certain trends, which we choose within ourselves, do not allow us to more or less decent life, ie mechanisms for the protection of steel pathological. These trends, in this case are strong enough, and we thus we have not enough to ignore them. Explicit experiences, behaviors are the consequence and the expression of unconscious processes. The task of the consultant is how to realize their own mechanisms of psychological defenses, for which there is a proper analysis, intervision, but in addition, the therapist must recognize and protect the client. Analyst must constantly ask ourselves: “what are the consequence of the explicit action of unconscious processes? And how, using his or that behavior, condition, I can not support their own tendencies psihologichekoy protection and trends in the patient? “Working with this attitude transfer, when seen, this trend is linked to unconscious manifestations of trends in customer demands great knowledge and experience.


Depression is a very common psychological type box in our time, and can respond to very different origins and affect the person who it suffers in all and each one of the areas of her life, among them the labor. Indeed, many jobs are associated with levels of tension and stress that could be highly incompatible with a possible depressive state of the employee, and may thereby be compromised both their own security and the rest of people who surround him. Labour as the source of the depression between the aforementioned multiple origins of depression could find the own work performed by the individual. The excessive burden of assumed functions, high pressure, lack of motivation, frustration at the difficulty or impossibility of promotions, the precariousness of the post, bad times or competitiveness with other peers could be all of them factors that result in the same. Spend so many hours in an environment that encourages precisely this dissatisfaction, frustration and depressive thoughts can therefore be decisive in a depressing picture, something in most cases ignored by the person who suffers from it.

The true severity of this disease beyond cliches and existing stereotypes, depression can be a devastating disease to the person’s life. In the most extreme cases could bring a total abandonment of his life, being unable to work, eat, go out or even dress. He is estimated at up to 10% of the population suffers from some form of depressive character disorder, being cited as one of the main causes of sick leave together with cardiovascular diseases, with the losses that this implies for the companies. Having psychological character, their detection is more complicated, with what the person who has it could not be alerted in a first moment about the same, complicating its treatment as this progresses. And in that time period of lack of alert on the disease, failure of concentration than It could result in the worker could prove fatal. Sectors such as transportation, foundry, construction or heavy industry tend to have jobs that require great skill, and any lack of attention can seriously jeopardise its physical integrity.

Dead Sea Mud – Recovery Of The Organism

Medicine with a millennial history Did you know that the Dead Sea for more than 15 000 of its existence the deposit formed a thickness of about 100 meters! Dead Sea mud to 50% water, 45% of various salts and 5% of the biomass. C ancient times people use mineral mud from the Dead Sea for treatment of various diseases. Today, medicine has progressed, and we know almost everything about the composition and properties of therapeutic mud from the Dead Sea. Fangotherapy normalizes blood circulation has a positive effect on the joints, balance the endocrine glands, calming effect on the nervous system, stimulates the immune system. Dead Sea mud in medicine and cosmetology Dead Sea Mud is used to treat joint, muscle and rheumatic pains, have spasmolytic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, remove excess lactic acid from muscles after physical loads.

Mud have a general relaxing effect on human health: lower blood pressure, relax muscles, help relieve stress, reduce the excitability of the nervous system. Dead Sea Mud indispensable in cosmetology: remove toxins, cleanse pores, remove dead skin cells, absorb excess sebum, nourish the skin with minerals and moisture, which improves the metabolism in skin cells, smooths wrinkles, slows the aging process. The skin takes on a young, fresh and healthy look. Mud therapy – an effective way to combat cellulite, has been used successfully in complex methods of struggle against excess weight. Mud helps restore natural hair color makes hair strong and beautiful, strengthens hair roots, eliminates dandruff, seborrhea fighting. Therefore, hair products based on Dead Sea mud is so effective in dealing with problems with hair and scalp. Mineral Dead Sea mud is used for cosmetic purposes to the whole body (except face) as a topical application on the painful parts of the body, muscles and joints, as well as a hair mask at treatment of seborrhea and increased hair loss. In recent months, Elio Moti Sonnenfeld has been very successful. Notes on Being an active mud therapy treatment, the mud is contraindicated in any etymology bleeding, fever, loss of strength, poor health, with pregnancy.

Mud treatment can not be combined with the simultaneous intake of alcohol. Refrain from smoking for an hour before applying the mud, and one hour after application of the mud. When applying the mud to avoid irritated skin (sunburn / open wounds). People with heart or blood vessels, with systemic problems with the pressure, severe lesions and diseases of the joints and spine tumors before application of sludge should consult with your doctor.

Parkinson’s Disease

Drugs for Parkinson’s disease: levodopa (Doping, Larodopa). Anti-ulcer drugs: cimetidine (Tagamet), ranetidina (Zantac) and famotidine (Pepcid). Anticoagulants: Coumarin and Heparin. Agents gout: Allopurinol (Loporin, Zyloprim, Zyloric). Anti-arthritic: penicillamine, auranofin (Ridaura), indomethacin (INAC), naproxen (Naprosyn), sulindac (Clinoril) and methotrexate (Folex). Derivatives of Vitamin-A: isotretinoin (Accutane, Roaccutane) and etretinate (Tegison, Tigason). Anticonvulsants / antiepileptics: trimethadione (Tridione).

Antidepressants: tricyclics, amphetamines. Beta blockers for high blood pressure: atenolol (Tenormin), metoprolol (Lopressor), nadolol (Corgard), propranolol (Inderal) and timolol (Blocadren). Antithyroid drugs: carbimazole, iodine, thiocianato, thiouracilo. Other: Blood thinners, male hormones (anabolic steroids). Alopecia Areata is a common disease that causes hair loss in patches, in the scalp and other parts of the body. It affects men and women of all ages, although most young people. Here the affected hair follicles diminish significantly its production of hair, they become very small and produce a hair that is rarely seen. These follicles are in a state of numbness and at any time can return to work after receiving an appropriate signal.

Some people develop only a few bare boards that are replanted within one year. Sometimes you lose all the hair of the head (alopecia totalis). In other people, you lose all body hair (alopecia universalis). It is believed that alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease in which the body mistakenly produces antibodies against hair follicle (Autoalergia). Nervous factors may precipitate the disease or prevent its improvement. The treatment involves applying minoxidil, cyclosporine, steroid creams or anthralin or injected cortisone into the bare. In selected cases UV treatment or application of dibenciprona on injuries in order to produce an allergic eczema that stimulates the follicles to sleep.

Ciba Laboratories

In 1952, Skeggs recognizes two forms of angiotensin, the first a decapeptide called angiotensin I and degradation by a converting enzyme (kininase II) formed an octapeptide called angiotensin II. In 1957, Ciba Laboratories, Schwyzer made polypeptide synthesis and Gross suggested that the renin-angiotensin system was involved in the regulation of aldosterone and observed that very small amounts of synthetic polypeptide or hyponatremia increases circulating renin in humans stimulated aldosterone secretion. However, he never demonstrated that plasma renin levels were correlated with levels of blood pressure in essential hypertension. Only in the late 1960s with the discovery by a team of researchers at the University ofBuenos Aires, Nahmod et al. They describe the polypeptide angiotensin I and II occurs at plasma and glomerular no requirement that this is synthesized at tissue level (Nature, 1969, FEBS 1970) luegoa finding that synthesis in many tissues such as brain, endocrine glands, blood vessels , immune system and primarily in cardiac tissue, which in addition to continuously synthesize in-vitro was the organ containing the highest concentration of the polypeptide. Nahmod et al., 1975 for the first time demonstrated by immunofluorescence that the peptide is distributed in discrete areas of the Nervous System Central, located in nuclei of the hypothalamic region circumventriculares areas that are involved in regulating blood pressure, water intake and sodium on the release of hypothalamic factors that control the release of neuro-pituitary hormones, also focusing on limbic area in the amygdala and the brainstem (nuclei of these that are related to behavior and the regulation of blood pressure).

Technique To Strengthen The Chest

Pump up the pecs: Bottom of the breast / Formative exercise / Seals and clearly identifies low breast Technique Lower back benches at 30-45 degrees below the horizontal. Lie on a bench and uprites leg raises in the platen. Head, shoulders and buttocks are pressed to the bench, back straight (do not bend at the waist, and vice versa – is not round up the back). Grasp the barbell grip just below the shoulders.

Remove the neck, with a focus and squeeze it up. Hands straight. This is the starting position. Inhale and hold your breath, slowly lower the bar to the bottom of the breast. Elbows all the time looking to the side.

Hardly rod touches the chest, immediately change the direction of bars and squeeze it up to the starting position. Having overcome the most difficult part of the lift, exhale. Each repetition (Lowering and lifting rod) holds a continuous and smooth motion, without stopping. Returning to the starting position, pause briefly and then do the next repetition. Tips Do not use excessively heavy barbell. It can force you to pause at the bottom point, and this creates the risk that the focus will shift to the load on the triceps muscles of the chest. Powerful exhale after passing the most difficult stretch of track during the bench press (lifting) rods – a key moment of proper breathing. Exhaling, you thereby reduces blood pressure in the head region, which is high enough for this exercise (this is due to breath holding and the fact that the head is below the pelvis).

Part-time Job Or Full-time Job: Equal Rights For All!

Have the same rights as their counterparts in the full-time side Jobber? Many employees in a part-time relationship believe that they have not the same rights as your colleagues employed in full time. It is a misconception to think it was only the second choice as a part-time force (this also applies in the part-time job). Basic it means that part-timers are equal him full-time colleagues. And thus also not left behind must be paid overtime in the part-time job? Of course appropriate supplements available to in overtime, so if you work longer as agreed in your part-time job. However this applies also only if full-time employees also paid their additional services get. Compensation: What income is available to you? “Also if you just” have a part-time job, are entitled to the same pro-rata pay, as your employees full time colleagues. The lower workload nor that only”part-time work is an argument for a worse Payment.

Earlier the labour courts saw it differently. Namely, it was assumed that someone who has a part-time job as a second job in addition to his main profession, already sufficiently have secured its existence by this. Accordingly a lower compensation was approved employees in the part-time job by the courts. This view is now outdated. Equal rights for part-time workers with regard to the payment of his performance is firmly anchored in the present case-law. What is with Christmas money, vacation pay, etc.? Special payments such as Christmas money, holiday allowance, jubilee benefits or similar to but only pro rata are also part time employees. Because the 400-euro-based employment is also a form of part-time employment, this applies also to these employees.

However the first pleasing on the contrary can revert to as special payments can cause, that you have the income limit for your There are part-time job. Sick pay in case of illness? In the case of illness, the same principles as for full-time workers, and that without any conversion apply to part-time workers (so even for those with job for mini or MIDI job). Even part-time workers who are entitled to sick pay in case of illness, regardless of whether they are subject to social insurance contribution on income tax card or within the framework of a social security free minor employment. Just like full-time employees, the entitlement to remuneration runs up to a maximum of six weeks. Subsequently Allerding no further payment in the form of sickness benefit is for workers employed by the health insurance fund. Regulations to also terminate upon the termination of the principle of equal treatment applies to full-time and part-time employees. In the part-time job, the same provisions as for full-time employees apply to you. Enjoy exactly the same employment protection as their full-time colleagues. However, be aware that, if the employment was from the outset (for example in the form of a short-term minor jobs or seasonal employment), accordingly not must be terminated. This agreement shall automatically terminate with the time limit. In this sense, now the newsletter ends. Best regards Carsten of Safty photo: DOC Raven media –

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