Corral Del Rey

Later it listens if, however, to give pleasure, I go to tell to my history pra to it you to know itself. I am of the Land of Emeralds, been born in Corral Del Rey; I come of remote plagas, for valleys and mounts I passed; I come to refer to floated, in each curve of road a homesickness I left. Of my life the beauty I remove of this soil; I do not know to live of sadness kept in the heart. I bring in the gesture the nobility, in the voice I have the subtility of cantador of the hinterland. In the period of this andana I knew all the Nation; mine I sing livened up festana, generated rhymes of song. Pra to avivar the souvenir, while the cattle rests is spokesman of the hinterland. The afternoon as of harmonious habit beautiful falls. The Sun already diminishes the intensity of its shining energy, starting to emit brandamente poemetos of purprea luminosity, in a vibratory frequency that slowly goes if reducing.

The flock of birds congregated in the twigs of the trees raises to the space a cntico barulhento of louvor, each one its skill, being thankful per the day that finishes and greeting the night that already be-comes calmly threshing acinzentados rays, lining the soil before extending its delicate mantle. In the house of the farm, in one radinho of stacks, the young maiden who takes care of of its tasks hears a melody romantic interpreted for a feminine beautiful pair and sharpened voices: I sing in the mouth of the night to awake the stars of the sky; I supplicate they who come to bring me a dream with flavor of honey. I want a love dream me to wake up when dawn; I want to see the dawn with braada of Sun rays to alumiar you. I want to see you smiling in the pretty instant of the dawn. I want to feel itself loved, muse adored of this its life. I try I sing to ameigar it, to wait the enchantment of its to return; to be as the caress of the breeze that passes and the calm flower makes to unclasp. I want to decorate my body with beautiful words said by you; to hear of the orchestra, in the way of the bush, the beautiful serenata it to entardecer.

It knows that my life starts and finishes next to you. I want to adormecer singing, anticipating dreams d? another dawn. I sing it of the children of Mines if it propagates for the rivers, mountains and forests ovacionando the perenidade of this august encantamento. The shades of the night involve with ternura the life that rests while it remakes its indispensable energies. A soft breeze covers the folds of the etreo black veil making to wave it lightly and again to aquietar after each gust. In reinante silence they notice only dripping of the night watchman who permeia the atmosphere; a calm voice that, to the grumbles, concludes one prece singela: ' ' they sleep in peace, children of mine alma' '.

Cat Health

Cats who live entirely in are very different from cats, either semi or street life completely. The practice "natural" instinctive domestic cat to go for "walks" may involve a number of risks and dangers great for this cat to other cats in the area that are not cats and even attacking the health of people. Gradually, the kittens begin their "trips" to go delimiting a territory, when I grow up and be more confident with their environment, will have their own territory for sexual encounters, the search for prey and perhaps a fight with stray cats or other cats household in the neighborhood. The safest thing is to find dogs on walks, people, and cars that can endanger your health. Cats that have always lived within our homes, have a lifetime that can double the stray cats of (sometimes reaching 20 years). These "little walk" through the streets, especially the night, starting from 6 months of life, because that is when starts Cat puberty (this is the same for feral cats and domestic), but they should blame for this, because that was their way of life and has been transmitted genetically for thousands of years. That's why, whether or not feral cats and have the food available at home, can not avoid predatory conduct.

As we all know, those cats are exposed to many dangers, infections, diseases and stroke. Many think that this is a must, as a "test" of nature for the survival of the fittest. This may be true, but the city cat is a cat not entirely free, because it has established a certain relationship with the man, you create links so strong that domestic cats often become part of the family. For feral cats, the world is more "cruel" in some way, because that is not their natural environment where they can survive on their skills, in contrast, is full of hazards to which the cat is not accustomed and for which has not "evolved", as cars, cables, guns, appliances … Another drawback of feral cats referring to belong to somebody, but they like going out, is that the owner has little contact with them and sometimes it's hard to know when it is sick …

and the worst is when these diseases require constant attention and vigilance, but his repeated departures is almost impossible. Feral cats often suffer from eye diseases, hurt the legs and open wounds can become infected. The best thing is that cats "pet" stay more at home than on the street. While it is impossible to get a cat out in the street (as we talked earlier about their genetics) is the responsibility of controlling and preventing human living as feral cats, also carry out veterinary checks, vaccinations and give all especially if a female, be aware at times of heat and if possible to sterilize stray cats not pregnant.

Defense Apply

With this question we initiated this article with a brief reflection of diverse forms to observe, to apply and to feel the martial arts, in diverse occasions we catalogued techniques, styles or teachers, with the efficiency of its arts or schools, when these are not feasible for us we rejected simply them we do and them to a side. Some techniques traditional and modern are designed for certain characteristics of people, when it is desired to apply to a tendency different from other people with different characteristics from the original ones to which they were adapted, can general certain hollows or spaces that can get to form it a little deficient, is for that reason that it is important to obtain a critical eye and to realise it of such form or so that not to modify it, to adapt it to the personal circumstances to correct those technical details that could cost us in the combat. another circumstance that we must take into account is in the form in which the defense is taught, since it is different to train it in dollo, with a mechanical movement where we have companion who already knows beforehand that he happened at the time of the execution of the technique, however or applying it in the real life or any other situation where she can move the opponent in a direction of which we had not anticipated, the surroundings can affect the put application can have a ground of different ways causing that the positions are not the optimal ones or simply changes of direction the attack to you of which or you were mechanized for defenderte of. A martial application within the defense person will depend on as much on the executant as well as on the circumstances to which they appear to him. The best form to as much apply one in the real life as in competition is adapting it to the conditions and modismos of each situation, definitively also counts the opponent to who this facing to him, regularly from its position and its form to take the conflict we occur an idea that as much experience has and that so prudent or reserved is.

Fashion for Large Women

Fashion does not stand still The fashion for women, like fashion clothing, constantly changing throughout the history of mankind. Men like it thin, as a 'hanger' women, then very very plump 'crumpets. " But, of course, the presence of or excess weight does not affect the beauty of a woman, it is only necessary to dress properly and be able to prove themselves. Want to talk about the plump women, in fact there are more statistics on the globe and that they are more complex about its shape. Importantly in the ability to dress up – self-confidence and quality sewn-fashioned clothes. Every woman dreams of a full men's attention, it is necessary to use what is given by nature, and this help our recommendations:-First of all you need to think about posture: to align the shoulders, raise my head and think about svoy irresistible.

You can not slouch, and lowered his head, thus giving their uncertainty. -It is important to lingerie. You should always follow that the laundry has always been good, and emphasized the form. -If you love , select them from the Waist inserts. -It should get rid of meshkovitoy clothes, because it is more accentuate the fullness. Clothing should not be tight, and leash with easy prilyagayuschey. Clothing should be a good fit, your father-in-time measure of the Bat.

-There should be a strong contrast of colors in clothing, should prefer dark colors, because they hide your weight. -In wardrobe should not wear clothes with a great figure and big bands. Skirts must be knee or slightly closing his free style. No bottoms, and mini. Try open-neck-Shoes must be worn with heels, but not very high. Suitable shoes with open toe. -Look good combination of dark top and light bottom, suit male type.

Party Gifts

So, to cater to such a fussy with a gift, you need to know it very well:) And in the U.S. even has a special holiday – Baby Shower. His suit just to future kid a bunch of different and useful things – from clothing to toys. 7-8 months of pregnancy – it's time to think about it! On the feast of friends are going to the future moms and jokes, funny bestowed hero for the day. Incidentally, the American practicality can learn: before any holiday, they are Wish List, the so-called "Wish List" so that guests are always presented with only what you need. We have a phenomenon not common (for how long?).

However, we too often "we order" for Gifts relatives and close friends. Holidays and we did. But for all the love for the future baby on your birthday so wanted to get a gift that is not associated with pregnancy! And a friend of mine told no one about their pregnancy until until it was already very noticeable. So, choosing the gift pregnant girlfriend should take into account this fact. Generally, all gifts to the future of mums can be divided into several large groups. First Party Gifts – Cosmetics for pregnant women. Any creams stretch marks, breast firming oil, shower gel, soap for personal hygiene – all that "chemistry" is very much needed a pregnant girl, she will remain in her "good form. But during pregnancy you want to be even more beautiful! So, "a set of tools for the mother – one of the most desired gifts for future mom.

The Mind

On the other hand, it is obvious that the child has the opportunity to play with their peers becomes diverse experience. Norway undertaken Experiments have shown that children who grow up apart from other children, even skipping two months in the primary school behind their peers in their ability to understand and accept other people's opinion on different things. Studies have also shown that children who have a good imagination, and have a higher intelligence, it is easier to learn and overcome all obstacles. Play is important because: During the game, the child learns to understand the world around us and themselves. While playing, kid opens himself realizes that he feels he understands what's going on; During the game generated value.

The game – a form of research. The game reflects the ideals of the child, who in his little world he adds from the adult world. So little by little forming position in life of the child; Play develops imagination, imagination and creativity. A white sheet into a robe doctor, the usual stick – the magic stick, a leaf torn from a notebook – in prescriptions, and a doll or teddy bear – in the patient. Such creative game – one of the main lessons for preschool children; The game develops the mind. During the game child is confronted with some problems and learn to express their thoughts in words. Playing, the child develops thinking, vocabulary and imagination; While playing the child learns to look for alternatives.

In the mind of a child often good ideas are born. For example, the umbrella that protects from rain, as if his turn – he looks like a ship. Children whose parents were not allowed to look for an alternative, usually served quickly panic and do not believe in the possibility of alternatives; improve confidence in the Games themselves.

Diamond Drilling

Currently, however, the most popular destination in the diamond drilling is considered to be carrying telecommunications cables, and in particular Internet communications. Typically, in residential work on drilling for Internet communication made in the ceiling on general grounds, which he later laid the cables in special plastic pipes. To carry out the holes in the floor decks are used the installation of diamond drilling, representing construction equipment for drilling holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, masonry. The main elements of diamond drilling units are: engine, frame, and its Chief cutting element – a diamond crown. To perform a different type of work included drilling installation of various capacities and configurations. That is why in the case of cables for Internet, experts of the Group companies "Adele" – the leading manufacturer of diamond tools and equipment in Russia, should consider the following features of the plants of diamond drilling: 1. Engine power and mobility of the diamond Drill installation.

When drilling holes in the ceiling under the Internet cable is recommended to use the appropriate drill installation with the engine from 1.6 to 2.0 kW. Drilling install a similar configuration have sufficient capacity to carry out the holes in the floor decks and mobile enough and easy to operate. Small dimensions and weight (up to 17 kg), and price make such installations the most effective in laying the cable internet. 2. Mounting frame (tripod) diamond drill installation. Bed drilling installation – is a support stand on which the engine and through which drilling machine attached to the surface (wall, ceiling or floor).


Catalog, therefore, should not only inform about the existence of a book in particular, but also gather different editions and translations of a work (Lubetzky, 2001a). This conception was to catalog beyond list function location, and was, therefore, necessary to apply new techniques in your organization, which involved new and more complicated rules for its compilation. These rules and the conception of Panizzi were the subject of strong criticism from those who argued that the role of the catalog was only the serve as Locator list. Thomas Carlyle, one of the most staunch opponents of Panizzi and his new rules, stated that the objective of a catalogue was to indicate that a particular book was in the library. To meet this goal, he argued Carlyle, not too many rules were needed, nor that these were complicated. You can not reason missing him, but he certainly did not do justice to the underlying question at 91 Panizzi rules.

For Panizzi, the object of a catalog were not books in both individual and independent entities as he understood them Carlyle, but something more complex: each book was a particular edition of a work, a component within a set of different entities individual that they represented a common intellectual content. The catalog could not run out to inform the user of this book (this particular edition of this work) is in the library. It should go beyond, showing all editions of a work available in the library. For this reason, it was necessary that the catalog meet somehow all editions and translations of a particular work, so that if a user was looking for a book in particular, you will find it, not as an independent entity, without ties with each other, but in the context of all the editions of the work. Panizzi raises two functions for the catalogue: the identification of individual publications or editions, and the meeting of all editions of a work (Lubetzky, 2001a).

The Syndrome

Patience in esoteric dose is so I have to cry every day, when not only not awaken me neither the Sun nor the birds but the work of the side which hammering not only the Mediatrix, but all my contiguous senses that had to learn how to awaken to the shocks. And the compliments of his workers, when teenage daughter who suffers even in the brain, comes out in mesh to my yard. To avoid having to pay the insurance by teeth to none of them. Patience is that I have to have my lover, that for your birthday gift to my son a dog, with which Jack, my daughter and I have to live in a: two environments. There is no other than patience, but I am without health and nerves.

Especially when I get on msn: absent with notice and without notice, or busy because I’m making a note, or seeing a movie or going to the bathroom, and there are those who talk to me equal and interrupt me thoughts. Patience because I cannot hear and understand all the members of the House shouting at the same time. Patience when more than one in my house, asks me where revoleo that at the crucial moment of the question, they do not find. Patience is what I have to remember at the same time as I remember phrases saying to my mom and my dad, when he waged my children’s rights and threatened: when I have a son, note that warned that he would have a son and not two, won’t be as bad as you guys together. Because the truth, I become the Witch of 71 and walk the catalogue of ultra-fast and evil witches of all my children’s stories more than the monstrosity that touched me by son.

I implore for patience, when at the exact moment I decide to throw the dog, it wags its tail, cozily, above with which forgot all his misdeeds example: annihilate me how much cord slippers, with included footwear, running around the House and ends up staying the dog, the cat, Parrot I need and I think that it is not because as sings yayo: interned at the Parrot. While the Parrot absorbing my secondary title in small bits only because he suffered from the syndrome of boredom. Patience when my daughter demands to answer him at the very moment in which I’m writing the final sentence of the note I had that deliver yesterday. What else asking to not be patience?, when I’ll get my savings and my piggy is working on and not by me precisely or suffer the exhaustion of the whole family. Patience to tolerate that after both outdo me to baptize my kids and choose their names, people call Tared and stupid, and vice versa, every two seconds overdose of patience is what I appeal when I try to channel the energies of my son in productive things, example, I do sweep the animal House that did in the garden, chased by the dog and the cat and not bar me how much pot there is over his head with the handle of the brush. And patience, finally and after is what I pray to understand some things that, despite what has been lived, still seem to me incomprehensible. Patience for me and for the world. Because I conclude all the lights that patience is health. And chan, chan, salute here.

Internet Index

When you need to find information on the Internet is more than likely that first thing does is connect to a site such as google or yahoo or msn. But such see did you not know that these sites that are specially designed to help us find information by Web media are known as search engines. A Web search engine is used to look up information on the World Wide Web. The search results are usually presented in a list that is sorted by relevance. The information may consist of a combination of web pages, images, videos, information and other types of files. Like the famous google search engines generally work through the creation of an index.

An index is basically like a database that is created by two separate programs. The first program known as a spider (Spider) search all over the Internet and catalogs all the pages that exist on the Internet and also catalogued changes in pages that they are already in the index. Then another program known as indexer (indexer) reads these documents and creates an index based on the words contained in each document. Each search engine uses a proprietary algorithm to create its indices so that, ideally, only meaningful results for each query are returned. When you visit a search like google engine, you enter at least one word to run your search. This word is compared against the most recent index and the results are presented in the page in order of relevance.

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