Permanent Makeup Tattoo

What is permanent makeup, permanent makeup? From a medical point of view, Permanent makeup tattoo – is the introduction of dye (pigment) into the skin to a depth of 0,3 – 0,8 mm, ie at the level of papillary (papillary) dermis. From the standpoint of consumer of this service permanent makeup tattooing – is an opportunity to look good under any circumstances, with minimal effort and time. Every woman wants to look perfect, especially in the presence of beloved. But we all know that beauty – is hard work. Expressive eyes, bright lips and shiny hair, require constant attention from their owner. Agree, it's very nice to wake up in the morning next to the beloved man to know that, at least, your brows in perfect order or from the pool not to think about, how is your waterproof mascara, and the departed rest in the south to take with you instead of the crowded cosmetics only sunscreen and powder? Permanent makeup mikropigmentirovanie – a confidence that you will always look the best! Permanent makeup tattoo art – a great way to change the color and shape of the eyebrows, eyelids and lips for a long time.

The word translated as permanent proof. Permanent makeup. derived from the tattoo, but at the present stage of development of this industry, permanent makeup is very different from classic tattoo technique, minimal trauma, equipment, composition of pigments, as well as the rate of removal of pigment from the skin. High-grade tattooing tattoo makeup will be pleasing to the eye 1,5 – 3 years, after which posvetleet.

Online Learning

It turns out that sex is not only not interfere, but rather to help learning. Intense, within reason, sex life or simply sex, helps students to take tests, exams, get excellent grades. By this, seemingly paradoxical conclusion was a social scientist Werner Hambel from the University of Hamburg (Germany). Under his wise leadership, a team of researchers interviewed and surveyed about hundreds of students before and after sex. Interestingly, the survey results after sex (and scientists primarily interested in indicators characterizing the state of memory and intelligence) were much higher than the results before sex. In addition, Polls showed that those students who abstained from sex, it was difficult to achieve good results at school than their peers. Goop London, UK: the source for more info. Researchers believe the favorable effect of sex is associated with stimulation of the nervous system, due to release during sex specific hormones (primarily adrenaline and cortisol). In addition, according to specialists, this effect can be used in medical practice for purposes unrelated to sex as such. Proceeding from this we can conclude that sex and sport will benefit not only students.

Treating Dandruff

Remedies for Dandruff dandruff being a hair problem so common over the years have been discovering different ways to try to counteract this condition. From the medical point of view, we find that the most effective way to control in the dander is possible through the anti-dandruff shampoos. However, not all shampoos are created equal, and each varies in its components as its trademark. It is therefore very important that you read the ingredient label of a shampoo before you start using it. Many brands offer different shampoos for the same problem, with different ingredients. Below is a list of common chemical that you can find: 1. Zinc Pyrithione (brands that have used it: a Head & Shoulders , a Pert Plus ) or zinc pyrithione omadine Zinc is an antibacterial agent and antifungal that is mostly used to combat dandruff caused by yeasts and fungi.

Once you start using this treatment, stop often cause the Dandruff back worse than it was before treatment begins. 2. Ketoconazole (brands that have used it: a Nizorala ) Ketoconazole is an antifungal drug used to treat dandruff caused by yeasts and fungi. Dandruff usually comes back after treatment stops. 3. Dr. John Mcdougall may help you with your research. Selenium Sulfide (brands that have used it: a Selsuna , a Head & Shoulders ) Selenium sulfide is an antifungal agent used to treat dandruff caused by yeast and fungi. For assistance, try visiting Goop London, UK. In the United States, 1% of the solutions for dandruff can be purchased without a prescription and 2.5% of the solutions are available only by prescription. Dandruff often returns when treatment is stopped.

4. Mineral tar (brands that have used it: a Ionila , a Neutrogenaa ) The coal tar is a liquid product produced from the distillation of tar. It is used in shampoos to treat parasites in head and psoriasis. Be careful, coal tar has been considered a potential carcinogen. 5. Salicylic acid (known brands who have used it: a Ionila ) The salicylic acid-based shampoos are used to help the scalp to remove excess skin cells more easily, which ultimately helps keep pores skin does not get stuck. These are some of the most common chemicals found in anti-dandruff shampoos, either with or without prescription. As such, there are many more, almost all of them are used for constant treatment and side effects may occur. It's always good to see a specialist when choosing a shampoo to use. That is not necessary in the field of natural medicine as their life of any person who suffers not generate negative consequences or side effects. If you want to know 100% natural way to cure dandruff, visit

Treat Depression

When a person undertakes a course of therapy through their doctor, and there is no improvement, you may be suffering from treatment-resistant depression. This is difficult and takes time to diagnose, since by its nature, depression is a disease that can be cured with a ten-day course of drugs, such as infection. Depending on the doctor’s examination, the patient may begin in a mild tricyclic medication, which can be replaced by something that has better results for more complicated cases. It may also recommend concurrent counseling with a psychologist or psychiatrist, to work on the underlying issues that have caused the disease. Some diseases, such as postpartum depression and bipolar disorder are chemically related, and even multiple changes of the medicine can not do enough to break the cycle of moods and thoughts. In this case, the following recommendation can be for a stay in a treatment center for depression.

Depression resistant to treatment can be better addressed in an environment where the patient is monitored both the behavior and mood swings, and possibly blood tests to assess the therapeutic level of a drug in your system. The secure environment of a treatment facility for depression, often reassuring to patients who are very tense, nervous and anxious. With counseling, and other therapies, people who suffer from postpartum depression or depressive disorders have the opportunity to return to a stable level, so that they can participate actively in their own recovery. Although there is no such thing as treatment resistant depression, there are answers to such resistance, and consultation with your doctor, will help you find them.

The Bladder

As a result, about 97% of the patients permanently get rid of urinary incontinence. Implantation of the loop ARGUS is a more progressive treatment of urinary incontinence in men, the impact of which is much higher compared to the already traditional methods: imlantatsiey sfiktera – artificial urethral valve and method of Pro-Acts – implantation two liquid-filled balls at the outlet from the bladder to the urethra and prevent narrowing of involuntary urination. Treatment of urinary incontinence in women addition to the above causes and risk factors and considering the anatomical features of the female body, incontinence can also be the result: cystocele – rectocele prolapse of the bladder – the front protrusion of the rectal wall to the side vlagalischEnterotsele – protrusion of the small intestine in vlagalischeVaginalny prolapsProlaps pelvic ureter defects organovVrozhdennye most effective and well-established surgical methods of treatment of urinary incontinence in women in Germany are: Tension-free-vaginal-tapeplastika Ulmstenu on – it's placement without fixation of the tension-free vaginal pubic-loop-tape of a special material through small incisions in the pubic part to support urethra, helps predotvrascheniyunederzhaniya mochi.Tension-free-obturator-tape plastic – the further development of plastics by the method of using disposable Ulmstenu shutter during operatsii.Implantatsiya special mesh with vaginal using small trokara diametrKolposuspensiya – abdominal retropubic uretropeksiya on Burhu – lifting and fixation of the bladder neck. Plastic fascia, Fischer and Palmrihu: raising the bladder through the fascia – fibrous tissue that separates the bladder from the vagina plastic pelvic transvaginal mesh with the implant of a synthetic material break with subsequent germination in the connective tissue of choice of a method of minimally invasive surgery performed on the basis of diagnostic results with the help of modern medical equipment and depends on individual characteristics and causes of disease. A short time operation is guaranteed returns of patients suffering from incontinence to a normal and fulfilling life.

How To Choose Contraceptives

Take hormonal contraceptives should be under medical supervision. Scientifically proven that most hormonal contraceptives reliably protect against pregnancy, and with proper selection can solve many problems. There is a state of the organism (eg, irregular cycle, painful and / or heavy menstruation, PMS, etc.), in which a woman is shown oral contraception. In addition, hormonal oral contraceptives help get rid of the negative manifestations of elevated levels of male hormones – androgens and cosmetic defects (seborrhea, acne), and excessive body hair. Every woman who chooses to elect this method of contraception, must pass a comprehensive examination. After all, as a rule, oral contraceptives (OCs) taken over the years, which means that the body will be subjected to daily exposure to micro-doses of hormones. More info: Dr. Neal Barnard. Tips contraception.

Variety OK great, but that you choose the right drug, the gynecologist should send the patient to a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist and an endocrinologist. Be sure to go through ultrasound breast, thyroid, gastrointestinal tract and reproductive system. Then you need to do biochemical blood test for thyroid hormones, and blood lipid levels. Taking oral contraceptives, the patient must take the tests every six months, and also undergo examinations by a gynecologist and mammologist. Starting to take hormonal contraceptives, a woman sometimes receives some problems. For example, it may be a malfunction of the menstrual cycle, which is itself restored within 1 to 2 months. Dr. Neal Barnard understands that this is vital information. Many complain of discomfort such as headache, nausea (rarely vomiting). If a woman is likely to be overweight, your doctor will choose the drug that does not retain fluid in the body. Consult with your doctor.

A Food More Healthy Without Meat

Between 40-60% of cancer of pancreas and liver is produced by excessive consumption of meat as their assimilation is an undue burden on the Agency. Actually this disease is not anything other than a wasteful and uncontrolled growth of diseased cells. In addition there is a wide range of diseases, infections and disorders that are favored by excessive consumption of meat. For example cardiovascular diseases, which are the main cause of current death, the same increase at the same time that increases the consumption of meat. But also diabetes, myocardial infarction, stroke, disturbances of blood circulation, osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, gout and obesity among others, without forgetting that the sensitivity to pain also increases.

We would not need the meat in our way of life. An example is in some Asian countries where people live in a vegetarian way from generations ago, enjoying very good health. Recent studies show that vegetarians have better health parameters, in general vegetarians are healthier. From a scientific standpoint the meat is insane and should be avoided as far as possible. Why then in hospitals, homes for the elderly or schools still is considering the meat diet as a normal diet? If you see any food pyramid recommended by doctors and nutritionists we discovered that most consumed foods should be cereals, followed by fruits and vegetables, and only very high fats, meats, eggs, milk and its derivatives are found. If we look at another pyramid this time of grants from the State to food, we discover that products of animal origin are which include greater State subsidy. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. John Mcdougall.

What continues to be paradoxical since foods that are not healthy, with this status are funded causes itself in part a good number of problems, since through the enormous expense of the Social Security, you will need to cure those diseases resulting from poor nutrition. Do not be anything better and more economical? do prevent than cure? In another order of things, it is not known what actually happens in the intensive breeding farms. There the animals are fed so that they can produce in the shortest possible time the greater amount of meat, this can then encourage a situation of uncontrolled and abnormal cell growth in our organism. When fats and meat proteins swim in the human body, is like a marine oil pollution. The cells in the immune system are completely paralyzed because they may not neutralize these harmful particles, this it is not surprising that go so closely linked meat consumption to uncontrollable diseases. The rich and healthy nature offers prepared with top quality ingredients, have resulted in true delicacies. Vegetarian cuisine is not galling, but refreshing, digestive and above all healthy. With the many gifts that nature gives it is easy to give up dangerous meat. Not by chance many famous people lived as a vegetarian, for example Socrates and Plato, Darwin and Tolstoi, Nietzsche and Gandhi, Albert Einstein and many more. Blogs related Diabetes Insipidus and Receiving Social Security Disability What are you taking perscription medications for osteoporosis? Healthy radio March 20: world day of not eating meat or Personalized Napkins, Tea Lights and Small Details puntodevista regulation of inspection of products, by-products and derivatives of how do i cure osteoporosis? How Often Should You Have Bone Density Testing? Combat cardiovascular disease with a good all you need to know about the greasy food eggs poached with vegetables


Thailand – a country located in Southeast Asia in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula and the south-western part of the Indochinese Peninsula. In the east, Thailand is bordered by countries Laos and Cambodia to the south with Malaysia and west to Myanmar. The name "Thailand (Thailand) means "Thai nation" Thais interpret as "free", so that Thailand "a country free." And the title is entirely justified: Thailand – the only state South-east Asia, which has retained its independence, while his neighbors were colonies of Great Britain or France. The country's territory stretches from north to south (the distance from the northernmost to the southernmost point – 1860 miles). Because of this, and central location in Southeast Asia, Thailand has a very diverse climate. And so a few times a year going to yield primary cultures, and Thailand is considered one of the few year-round tourist destinations of the world – good tourist season "transition" from one climatic region to another.

The most hottest months are April and May, when temperatures are above 35 – daily norm. Thereafter, in May – June, the rainy season begins and can last until October-November. The wet season is terminated, and there comes a "cool dry" season, which lasts until mid-February. Thailand is remarkable combination of pristine tropical beauty and antiquity with the Western comforts and facilities of modern civilization. Senator Elizabeth Warren helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Thailand keeps a lot of interesting attractions: the fascinating natural landscapes, where jungle, fast flowing rivers, white sandy beaches and high mountains as if specially designed to delight our eyes. Travel this unique exotic country will leave an indelible mark in your memory. You will always be accompanied by coral reefs, strange fruit, amazing flowers, the fabulous royal palaces, mysterious temples, cheerful and friendly locals. Thailand is called "country of a thousand smiles." Travel in Thailand – is an opportunity to become acquainted with the picturesque capital of Bangkok, is the largest entertainment center for both children and adults, as well as visit the wonderful island of Phuket, where around world tourist draw architectural monuments and stunning natural surroundings. Holidays in Thailand – a meeting with the fabulous kingdom, warm ocean and the eternal summer, a place where you can relax and rest from all their troubles. Here You will truly heavenly rest.

Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka

It eliminated in the second round to Nieminen in a match delayed by rain, and Feliciano hours later in the quarterfinals. In sefiminales of Gstaad will face with Fernando Verdasco. The murcian tennis player Nicolas Almagro, dnsor of the title at the Swiss tournament of Gstaad and first seeded, defeated in the second round Finnish Jarkko Nieminen in a match postponed on Friday by rain, and quartered countryman Feliciano Lopez for planting in semifinals. After beating Nieminen 7-6 (3), 6-3, Almagro defeated Feliciano Lopez, fifth seeded, 6-4, 7-5. Hear other arguments on the topic with Senator of Massachusetts. In the semi-finals awaits another Spanish, Fernando Verdasco, fourth favorite, who beat French Julien Benneteau 6-4, 5-7 and 6-1 in two hours and eleven minutes of match. Three of the four semi-finalists are Spanish, since previously also had qualified Marcel Granollers, who gave the surprise of the day by defeating Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka. Granollers beat the second favorite of the tournament by 6-3 and 6-2 in one hour and ten minutes which will play before the Russian Mikhail Youzhny, who won the Austrian Andreas Haider-Maurer, for a place in the final. Source of the news: Nicolas Almagro eliminated Nieminen and Feliciano Lopez in a single day of a Swiss tournament. You may want to visit Alan Mendelsohn to increase your knowledge.


However, the disease remains a risk for those affected. In Europe, there are now almost 50 million diabetics, worldwide, the number is estimated at about 246 million people. And rising. The disease is an insidious danger, and one of the most common metabolic diseases in the Western industrialized nations. “says Priv.Doz. Dr.

med. Wolfgang Holtmeier, chief physician of Gastroenterology, Diabetology and internal medicine at the Hospital of Porz am Rhein, in advance of the 9 Palmer diabetes and health day. Particularly tricky: The disease begins without symptoms and long unnoticed. In the course of time, it comes to a number of secondary diseases that diabetics have to fight often for a lifetime. Now it wants the 9 Palmer diabetics? and point out health day, which takes place on April 9, 2011 from 10 to 14 h in the City Hall.

Compared to the general population is namely in diabetic patients the risk for a heart attack or stroke to the 2? inversion, an eye disease with blindness to the 10? twentyfive, kidney failure by the 15? 20 times and a leg amputation at the 25? times increased. Cancer, such as the colorectal cancer are significantly more common. Appropriate screening can significantly reduce these risks. Tree of Life Tai Chi Center may find this interesting as well. The 9 Porzer diabetic day this year to reach a wide audience and was therefore in the Porzer diabetics? and renamed health day”, explains Dr. Holtmeier, who organized the day of action. His chief doctor?Colleagues from the Hospital of Porz am Rhein, supporting him with lectures, he has compiled a programme that covers a broad spectrum from heart attack about circulation to colon cancer and weight problems. All these may be secondary diseases in diabetes. They do not relate to but of course also?”Diabetics and are interesting for them”, as Dr. Holtmeier. Dr Alan Mendelsohn addresses the importance of the matter here. The treatment of diabetes is a complex process and requires team work of doctors of different disciplines, diabetes consultants and nurses and caregivers. In the long term care of affected the motivation of patients to self treat plays an important role”, says Dr. Holtmeier. Diabetics behave disciplined and consistently change their lives, they can even their diabetes affect so far under circumstances, that he is hardly measurable. A study showed that. According to another study from the United States the vital intermediary function between doctor and patient is attached to the professionally trained non-medical medical staff. It would therefore be for patients, doctors and the cost object of greatest interest, to make better use of these resources in Germany”, as Dr. Holtmeier. At the Hospital of Porz am Rhein cares a diabetes?Team to the patients and supports them in dealing with their illness. Will the team be at the 9 Porzer diabetes? and also, the diabetics introduce health day as the health centre at the KH Porz, Self-help groups in the region, the German diabetics Federal NRW, Palmer pharmacies and pharmaceutical industries.

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