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MacGyver again shows nerves of the masters of improvisation has a few tricks up their sleeves Hamburg, 13.01.2011 / INPROMO / / the Swiss army knife in the attack and a family packing tape in the luggage: Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) is prepared for each yet so improbable situation and leads the cliche of the unworldly inventor gedankenschnell ad absurdum. The orders of his employer, the Phoenix Foundation, lead MacGyver on dangerous missions anywhere in the world. His ability to combine the most common items to effective tools, not rarely helps MacGyver from appearing desperate situations to escape. From February 17, the 4-disc box set in the trade is available and promises unconventional action, as well as a thrilling series finale with surprise around eleven hours. Fountain of youth, time travel and walking dead crazy arsonist, scheming Queens and mysterious Voodoo priests make the television heroes of this time with unprecedented challenges to the various Venues. In the course of the 14 new episodes, the travels in distant China, in the fabled Ammukash Valley, where people want to stay forever young. Also it will take him in time back to the Court of the famous King Arthur.

Here, MacGyver learns that the life of the Regent in danger is and is trying to fend off the threat. In the 7th century, things are completely different than in the present. The key idea at the right time has MacGyver ready? Worried him about the assassination attempt against ex-dictator Delarosa, which is clearly the handwriting of the greatest of professional killers Murdoc. His body was never found. Now, MacGyver must fear that his mortal enemy still among the living is and decides to go his suspicion to the bottom. The long-awaited final of the famous series of action since the first broadcast in 1987 inspired viewers in numerous exciting episodes MacGyver and years with his amazing inventions to one of the most popular TV heroes of the 1980s and 1990s become.

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