Peru Travel – The Empire Of The Incas

She is old, very old. The Kultir of the Incas and no less mysterious present customs and rites of this bygone people this Andean country, the cradle of the Inca of Peru’s cultural heritage makes it a highly attractive destination. Besides the highlights of Machu Picchu and Cusco Peru offers an incredible diversity of cultural sites, a gigantic landscape diversity, original rain forest and an enormous variety of indigenous peoples and languages. Immerse in the mythical world of the Incas and discover the land in a small group of like-minded people, individually or adventurous – according to your taste. Peru can be divided into three main zones, which have a different climate: Highlands, coast and Amazon. The best travel time can not be determined due to the different climates and high altitudes.

If you are moving in several of these areas, there are pros and cons to any travel time. We are happy to share more information in your travel planning! The currency in Peru is the Nuevo Sol. The change of course to the US dollar is relatively stable: z.Zt 3.2 Sol for 1 USD. The exchange rate for the euro is currently 4 soles for 1 euro. In the main cities of Peru, you can switch euros into soles readily in the bureaux de change. You can bring traveller cheques in US dollars. The change of course by the traveller check is always lower than in the cash as any bank or currency exchange requires a Commission for it.

We recommend you always in the hotels and bureaux de change the currency exchange and not on the bench. At the Bank, you have to get unnecessary snake and the change of course is the same. Of the credit cards Visa and MasterCard are the most common. Also the EC cards Maestro are accepted in the larger cities. Withdraw cash from the ATM, you have to enter your PIN number. In good restaurants and boutiques, you can pay with credit card. It is better to take any expensive jewellery. Valuables should be left in the safe in the hotel together with the passport and cash or traveller’s cheques. It is recommended a “Kanguruh” (pouch) to wear to hide the coins under the pants. In Lima it is warmest, roughly from November to April 20-30 degrees. In the higher regions it is cold at night right degree, depending on the month 6-10. During the day, the temperatures reach springtime values, ca. 18-25 degrees. From December to April frequent rain showers occur in the Highlands. Other things that should not be missed: insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, medicines and a small travel kit. In the unusual height, you will have some time to adapt. Keep in mind to go slowly and to stay hydrated. However, headaches and dizziness may occur. Leave on heights health check-up before the departure of your doctor. It is good to drink a cup of coca tea at these altitudes. For more information about Peru travel, see.

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