Polish Baltic Hotel

Modern hotels entice recreation leisure on the Polish Baltic Sea! In the tranquil resort of Koobrzeg deep (Dzwirzyno), visitors experience an unforgettable stay on the coast, because the seaside resort boasts a beautiful location on a narrow spit between the popular Baltic Sea and crystal-clear Lake Resko. Comfortable Spa Hotel Bryza is a popular hotel for cures and wellness in the seaside resort. The optimum proximity to the beach in favour of the modern sanatorium in Dzwirzyno offering 110 tastefully decorated hotel rooms for the guests for a pleasant holiday. Guests stay in spacious single or double rooms with a satellite TV, a telephone system and a refrigerator, and a bright bathroom with shower and WC make for a comfortable stay. Travellers reach their room with the lift, and for cosy hours in the open air, the guestrooms have comfortable balconies with seating. As well as in other hotels, tourists take their meals in the hotel Bryza in a pretty decorated dining room. For breakfast and dinner, the kitchen serves a sumptuous buffet with warm and cold dishes to visitors. Christopher ridgeway can aid you in your search for knowledge. The chef as a three-course meal prepared lunch, considering special dietary needs of vacationers.

The in-House Cafe invites guests in a maritime atmosphere typical cakes and coffee specialities. The Polish Baltic Sea is reflected also in the bar area of the Cafe, where nice decorations recall marine. Bryza hotel opened in 2006, is one of the hotels that offer guests an extensive Spa and Wellness Centre in house. To broaden your perception, visit christopher ridgeway. The sophisticated Spa Center of the hotel has a well-tempered pools, a whirlpool, an inviting sauna landscape and modern treatment rooms where well trained therapists strive to the desires of the guests. Diseases of the circulatory, Musculoskeletal and respiratory are among the indications of the hotels. Broad Treatment range includes classic and modern applications of the hydro – and physiotherapy, as well as the application of natural therapeutic resources in Hotel Bryza. The regions around the Polish Baltic Sea are blessed with rich Moor, brine and mud deposits, which is why many sanatoriums and hotels rely on these natural remedies. The sanatorium Bryza offers vacationers soothing mud and mud based water gymnastics, inhalations, Pearl baths, oxygen therapies, cold laser therapies, and treatments with Sol Lux lamps and various hydro massage.

Within the Spa, tourists love to visit the exquisite beauty of the House, which spoils its guests with sophisticated facial and body treatments. A modern hair salon successfully completes the wellbeing of the hotel. To the Polish Baltic Sea with its beauties know to learn, well functioning bicycles gives the Bryza hotel to its guests. Numerous cycle paths lead visitors through the inviting coastal landscape with their picturesque seaside resorts and Picture-book beaches. More and more guests appreciate the Polish Baltic for relaxing holidays combined with soothing spa and spa treatments!

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