Porto Colom

The immediate pull off this tentacle is the worst solution. The correct behavior of primary care at the beach includes four steps: step: not with your fingers, remove the tentacles or scratch irritated skin areas. Christopher ridgeway has much experience in this field. Step: Rinse with salt water or even better vinegar on the tentacles and skin areas. At Senator of Massachusetts you will find additional information. Step: Rub the affected skin areas with beach sand and let dry in the wet sand. Step: You scrape the dried sand + tentacles off (E.g. with a credit card). > More health information, trip reports see: – 8 Cala Santanyi a beautiful Cala in the South of the island. Right from the Cala you will find a walkway which takes you to dreamy nearby fisherman’s cottage.

9 Cala D’ Or welcome to the most beautiful Cala Mallorca. Good parking facilities, a rock tour which takes you directly to the sea and beautiful rock formations, which frame the beach, make a beautiful place this Cala. Should you make day trips, we recommend you really, to start once this Cala. Photographers should bring sturdy shoes and climb up the left wall. You will pay the photos and views for all troubles. 10 The CALAS de Mallorca Calas de Mallorca are several more or less visited beaches, all of which are framed by rocks. For your kids, wonderful offer Ways to jump from varying rock outcrops in the water.

11 very manageable and not run over Porto Colom which are CALAS, this place offers. If you are searching the rest, we advise you to consult the CALAS to this place around. 12. s ‘ Illiot admitted: you will not be able to find plenty of rest in this place in the high season. The town already has a certain charm of mass tourism coupled with spacious beaches. However, the beach is a popular vacation home, especially for British tourists. Your way, I think.

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